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  1. I see you like your western classics. I don't see any Anthony Mann westerns in your list. He is my favourite western director. Every movie he did with James Stewart (Winchester '73, Bend of the River, The Naked Spur, The Man from Laramie, The Far Country) is great, as are The Tin Star with Henry Fonda and Man Of The West with Gary Cooper.
  2. A list of best iPhone apps published today by gizmodo.com: http://gizmodo.com/5676549/the-best-iphone-apps
  3. Google this sentence and it will yield exactly 1 search result, LOL.
  4. If you're into Jaco Pastorious, check out Mark Egan in this video. He was a member of the Pat Metheny Group. Here they play "Jaco", not hard to guess to whom this song is dedicated! Hs-HwuZwKkE
  5. I always find it difficult to explain pc soltions, to other people, but why don't you look here: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/windows-7-libraries-%E2%80%93-and-why-you-want-them/ It explains how libraries work and how you can add maps to them. First let me explain why you want new maps in your libraries. Now you have your data saved on your c-drive, and it's ful. So what you want is to move your data to the d drive. In order to move the data so you can find them later, give the maps appropriate names. I have maps for downloads, pictures, videos, documents, software and ebooks. Create maps on your d drives with those kind of names. Now you have created them, add those maps to the libraries in windows 7. You add the map D:\music to your music library, your d:\downloads to your download library and so on. Now you have created multiple maps for one library. Now start copying files from for instance c:\users\username\music to d:\music After you have copied all your files to the appropriate library maps on your d-drive, you can delete your data on the c-drive and free up some necessary hard drive space. Also make sure you don't let your software safe files to your c-drive, but to your d-drive. You can usually change this in most programs by changing the standard map to save files to. Good luck!
  6. I have Windows 7 as well and I have just 27 GB used on my c drive. I think it is unlikely you have used a 100 GB more just for your programs. So probably you don't save your data on your D-drive, but on your c-drive. Why don't you look at the windows libraries, google how to add some maps on your d drive to your libraries and make them your standard maps for storing your files in your libraries. Second, hunt down your data on the c drive and copy them to your d drive yo your just created library maps.
  7. Sorry, I was just trolling. I really would like to try an iPhone because the user interface appeals to me, but I have steered clear of one, because I am uncomfortable with the fact that Apple likes to control what you do with your iPhone. I would only buy an iPhone if I could decide if I wanted to have flash or not, play avi's and mkv's instead of Apple proprietary formats. I will leave this thread now and leave it to the active iPhone users to share their apps with you.
  8. I am jealous. That's two great movies I have already seen that you are still unacquainted with.
  9. i liked it, but it is definitely not for everyone. It's a slow moving film, but I thought it was beautifully photographed, and it managed to keep my interest up. Other movies I recently watched and I thought were very good: The Ghost Writer: a 70s style thriller, slow moving but very interesting, well written and acted. For people who like 70s thrillers like Three Days Of The Condor and the Parallax View. Gone Baby Gone: Boston based thriller directed by Ben Affleck, based on a novel by Dennis Lehane of Mystic River fame. I thought this movie was even better. The Town, also directed by Ben Affleck, also set in Boston. Not as good as Gone Baby Gone, but still very enjoyable. This guy can really direct!
  10. I think your rules are spot on, this is about all you can do. It is still no guarantee for a GFE, though.
  11. I just saw Harakiri (1962). Black and white, Japanese (anti-)samurai and very talky, but it completely blew me away. Brilliant film. For those of you that occasionally have patience for an old film, this one is worth your time.
  12. Not bad, but mine is bigger... BTW, loads of people here have a faster connection than mine. What I am satisfied about is that the advertised speed is 30 mbit down and 3 mbit up and I consistantly get speeds approaching the advertised speed.
  13. Just saw Inception. It's never a good sign if at the start of the movie they need to talk you through the basic principles of what is actually gonna happen next, otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to you. That kind of defeats the purpose of making movies. Give this one a miss.
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