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  1. I know what you mean. All cameras have edge enhancement so they can make wrinkles and slight flaws seem worse than they are whereas these girls with their smooth skin ususally look great on camera. Basically what I did was experiment with the best angle and then play with brightness and contrast and lighting. I am starting to get used to what I consider an ugly mug on camera. Having had a bunch of 20 something Thai girls tell me "you look hansum man" has helped me get over it. In general, I don't really think they care that much what we look like or how old we are. They seem more interested in our Passports and wallets than anything else. As far as looks it's like picking a puppy for them. They have already decided on the breed so they will love which ever one comes along. A lot of them say right in their profile they don't care what the guy looks like or how old as long as he has a good heart yada yada. Probably a bit of lip service but not entirely BS either.
  2. Absofriggin lutely! I'm way ahead of you. More like 15minutes. I'm even arranging to have a buddy call me after 15minutes to make it seem more legit. "Oh, gotta go meet a friend and help him with something, sorry". I have webcamed with every girl I plan to meet so I know what their face looks like. Bit harder to get a read on the body. Very important to webcam because some of these girls are posting pictures that are 10-15 years old sometimes.
  3. Well I am about 2 weeks into my little experiment and I could easily have a date with a different GTG every night of the week when I am in BKK in a few weeks. It's kinda scary actually because it seems after only 2 webcam sessions a lot of them decide we are now BF/GF and that's that! They seem to just fall for me far too easily. Many are early to mid 20 somethings falling for me. ME, mid 40's, thin on top, thick in the middle. Go figure. Lot's and lot's in their 30's. I could have a different date every day of the year with 30 somethings. They are nurses, shop girls, business owners, students, teachers. You name it. The hard part is going to be trying to juggle them all without them finding out about each other and without having to lie my ass off. Exclusivity is a big thing with them but if they think I am going to spend all my precious time in Bkk with just them even though I hardly know them that is their problem not mine. I won't BS them though. A little white lie here and there to keep from hurting their feelings but I won't do anything to give them dilusions of marriage and living the good life in some far off country or whatever after only a couple webcam sessions and hanging out with them for a few hours in Bkk. Lot's have their MSN on at work and I have webcamed with a few. These girls are mostly all experts at MSN. They are teaching me how to use it....LOL! That always amazed me about Thai girls. Some may basically have little or no education and may not even be able to add 2+2 but they could be experts at configuring and using a new high end cell phone or advanced MSN Messenger tweaks. I guess it's all comes down to motivation I am mostly concentrating on Bkk girls since I won't have time to be going all over the friggin country and don't want them busing in only to find I don't like them or whatever but I am stuck with them for a whole week. If I had time I could spend it all just travelling around the country meeting these girls. Some are friggin drop dead gorgeous university students. Early to mid 20's. Basically I would have the keys to the kingdom complete with my own harem if I wanted. This has sure opened my eyes to the possibilities. It has also made me appreciate the elegant simplicity of mongering. Much less complicated when the money and intentions are all up front.
  4. is directly because of because this is a mongering board after all. Could have fooled me with all the GTG, relationship, and marriage talk on this board. Of all the boards this is probably the least monger oriented. Not saying it's good or bad. Just sayin.
  5. Hey I'm one of the worlds biggest cynics about this stuff too. Here I am about a week in and the results are....well frankly AMAZING! I am quite certain the guys speaking badly of it or kind of not saying much are trying to keep it quiet. Right now I have about 15 girls who all want to be my 'tour guide'. At least half are guaranteed almost 100% positive regular girls with regular jobs or students. They webcam me from their office desk and/or I can see when they log into MSN. The others seem like regular girls but I have not verified one way or another. Many of the bargirls are pretty easy to spot. When they post pictures in their profile of them in a hotel room sitting on the bed or getting ready to leave it is pretty obvious (yes there are several profiles with those sorts of pictures...LOL!) I have 2 separate unrelated 18yo's who webcam with me in their school internet room. The uniform, other students in the background, the supervisors/teachers in the background. They both want to be my 'tour guide'. I think with those they really are maybe thinking they will get something financially out of it but they definitely are students. Too young for me so I won't pursue it but they contacted me not the other way around. I have another 25yo university student. She webcams me from her dorm room. Her hours are definitely that of a student. Of course there is always the chance she could be working in a fishbowl in the evenings. In Thailand you never know. I have another one that is 100% guaranteed totally normal everyday girl. She travels almost 2 hours every day from the suburbs to her job in an office near downtown. I webcam with her at her home. She is sweet as hell but very limited english. She wan't to be my gf but is very scared (rightly so) that I will butterfly. I am really scared with that one because she is just too damn sweet. For whatever reason these girls just seem to decide they are going to be your girlfriend at the drop of a hat even without your agreement and once that happens you should not be talking to any other women and that is that! This seems to happen after only a couple webcam chats! It's bizzare! So those are just a sampling. I have ones from near the Laos border, Surin, all the way down to Hat Yai near Malaysia and all points in between! I am not spending much time on those because I know it is not realistic for me to get out there. I'm just concentrating on BKK girls who seem a bit more realistic about it anyways. They see Farangs every day so they are not quite so facinated by the idea of a Farang boyfriend. The girls further out from BKK are like shooting fish in a barrel. So that is the easy part. The hard part is how to set realistic expectations and filter out the really emotionally fragile ones. I don't want to leave any wreckage behind, just leave it as you found it sort of thing and hopefully leave them feeling better than when I found them. This is a dangerous thing for people with weak moral compasses. You can do serious damage because a lot of these girls really are delicate flowers that fall in love way too easily. It's a whole other side of Thailand that's for sure. Not something to be taken lightly because if they do sleep with you it will be because they see it as taking it to a higher level. A level where exclusivity is mandatory in their eyes and probably where they are already imagining what your kids will look like and what their names should be. It would be a very low life move if anyone went into this just looking to bang a bunch of GTG's but I think this is great for someone looking to have a serious relationship. Try be nice and honest...please.
  6. He has a bunch of ads including Google. You can make quite a bit on advertising. It's all about traffic. He has an alexa rank around 110,000 so that's pretty decent traffic. More than enough to pay for the hosting plus some pocket money.
  7. Stickman sure gave TLL a raving review. http://www.stickmanweekly.com/StickMarkII/ThaiLoveLinks.htm A bit too rave. Perhaps some business relationship there? Anyways gave it a shot and within 24 hours of putting up my honest profile ("just want to have fun") I have gotten over 30 "interested". Half are in their 20's (I'm well into my 40's) and maybe half of those have (supposedly) university degrees and good jobs. Worth a shot I guess.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I can't handle that stupid incessant 100watt disco music blaring out of 50watt speakers at the best of times. I'll make sure to avoid that place.
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