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  1. Literally a post 10 years in the making. I remember reading this topic when it was first created in 2008. I thought the title was funny so I opened it up and quickly realized that I also wanted to bone Tussinee. And now, all these years later, through many life changes and changes in Thailand itself that this ode to Tussinee is still here...it is somehow comforting. Now I have no idea what Tussinee would look like today (or even if she is still alive) but I realize that all of us, in our own way, want to bone Tussinee. Some of us get close sometimes, while other times it may feel like Tussinee is boning us. But, in the end, my wish is that all pf you, in your own way, and in your own time, will eventually get to bone Tussinee.
  2. Sorry to miss you too, John...let me know if you are back by late July...maybe for the dance contest in Pattaya
  3. I can be texted at 702 808-8333
  4. I believe the place is called Hanrahans on soi Nana at 7pm Friday. I'll be taking off tomorrow night. going through LA and China so I won't be online again after that til the 4th after we arrive.
  5. Thanks...give OH my best and let him know I've been thinking about him please.
  6. I've been in email contact with Khun Kong who lives in Vietnam now...said he might be able to make it next Friday. Where is Old Hippie? Has anybody had any sighting of Gummigut (George)...we used to be very close and then he disappeared. Nervous Dog still around?...we were neighbors for a time and our kids played together. He was smart enough to send his babies upcountry for the clean air as their lungs developed...I was not that smart and now my little girl has asthma. Tim (also known as Jay L. who gave me a job once) will be in town too but may be outside of Bkk on that Friday...can't remember his screen name anymore...I think it might have been the Thai word for asshole or something like that. Will there be a table set up for us...where should I go when I get there?
  7. Sounds like his liver was, indeed, pickled
  8. Looking forward to Hanrahans on Friday the 6th...also my friend Nick hosts a quiz night at his bar The Pickled Liver on Suk soi 7/1 on Thursday nights, so I will be down there looking to find a team to play with...if anybody wants to join and isn't afraid of running the ladyboy gauntlet in that area, I will be there for the pub quiz on the 5th.
  9. I do not plan on using it for calls from back home...basically for photos and so my family can reach each other (for example, when my wife heads up to Kalasin while I am in Pattaya) I was concerned that there might be a charging issue with the different voltage/wattage, that we might fry our US phones if we just got an adapter. I think last time we came out we just got some cheap used phones for the month, but that was many years ago. Our hotel in Japan apparantly provides a smart phone for all of its customers to use. I have a Samsung Galaxy 7, Dee has a 9+, and Katherine has an 8. Are there still lots of internet cafes around for me to check emails and stuff?
  10. would you guys recommend we bring our us cellphones and gt a power adapter/converter, or just go to MBK and buy some cheap phones for while we are there...do they still sell the second hand phones for 500bht like they used to?
  11. That picnic looks like it could involve the outside...I would prefer Hanrahans
  12. Friday, July 6...7pm work for everyone?
  13. Hanrahan's would work for me. I'm not as much a fan of long walks as I used to be.
  14. PM - My last trip back to visit was in 2009...I think we got together then for dinner/drinks. I moved out of Thailand in 2007. Amazing it's been so long. If you guys need anything from the States let me know. I live in Las Vegas now. Dee and I are both doing well, and our daughter, Katherine, is now 13 and will be headed to 8th grade. All 3 of us will be coming back to Bangkok.
  15. According to your link, KS, Woodstock is permanently closed on Thong Lor...I wasn't looking to go that far out anyway. Seems like most of the old haunts are closed or moved way uptown...I'll just shut up now and let you guys who live there find a good place.
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