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  1. Literally a post 10 years in the making. I remember reading this topic when it was first created in 2008. I thought the title was funny so I opened it up and quickly realized that I also wanted to bone Tussinee. And now, all these years later, through many life changes and changes in Thailand itself that this ode to Tussinee is still here...it is somehow comforting. Now I have no idea what Tussinee would look like today (or even if she is still alive) but I realize that all of us, in our own way, want to bone Tussinee. Some of us get close sometimes, while other times it may feel like Tussinee is boning us. But, in the end, my wish is that all pf you, in your own way, and in your own time, will eventually get to bone Tussinee.
  2. Sorry to miss you too, John...let me know if you are back by late July...maybe for the dance contest in Pattaya
  3. I can be texted at 702 808-8333
  4. I believe the place is called Hanrahans on soi Nana at 7pm Friday. I'll be taking off tomorrow night. going through LA and China so I won't be online again after that til the 4th after we arrive.
  5. Thanks...give OH my best and let him know I've been thinking about him please.
  6. I've been in email contact with Khun Kong who lives in Vietnam now...said he might be able to make it next Friday. Where is Old Hippie? Has anybody had any sighting of Gummigut (George)...we used to be very close and then he disappeared. Nervous Dog still around?...we were neighbors for a time and our kids played together. He was smart enough to send his babies upcountry for the clean air as their lungs developed...I was not that smart and now my little girl has asthma. Tim (also known as Jay L. who gave me a job once) will be in town too but may be outside of Bkk on that Friday...can't remember his screen name anymore...I think it might have been the Thai word for asshole or something like that. Will there be a table set up for us...where should I go when I get there?
  7. Sounds like his liver was, indeed, pickled
  8. Looking forward to Hanrahans on Friday the 6th...also my friend Nick hosts a quiz night at his bar The Pickled Liver on Suk soi 7/1 on Thursday nights, so I will be down there looking to find a team to play with...if anybody wants to join and isn't afraid of running the ladyboy gauntlet in that area, I will be there for the pub quiz on the 5th.
  9. I do not plan on using it for calls from back home...basically for photos and so my family can reach each other (for example, when my wife heads up to Kalasin while I am in Pattaya) I was concerned that there might be a charging issue with the different voltage/wattage, that we might fry our US phones if we just got an adapter. I think last time we came out we just got some cheap used phones for the month, but that was many years ago. Our hotel in Japan apparantly provides a smart phone for all of its customers to use. I have a Samsung Galaxy 7, Dee has a 9+, and Katherine has an 8. Are there still lots of internet cafes around for me to check emails and stuff?
  10. would you guys recommend we bring our us cellphones and gt a power adapter/converter, or just go to MBK and buy some cheap phones for while we are there...do they still sell the second hand phones for 500bht like they used to?
  11. That picnic looks like it could involve the outside...I would prefer Hanrahans
  12. Friday, July 6...7pm work for everyone?
  13. Hanrahan's would work for me. I'm not as much a fan of long walks as I used to be.
  14. PM - My last trip back to visit was in 2009...I think we got together then for dinner/drinks. I moved out of Thailand in 2007. Amazing it's been so long. If you guys need anything from the States let me know. I live in Las Vegas now. Dee and I are both doing well, and our daughter, Katherine, is now 13 and will be headed to 8th grade. All 3 of us will be coming back to Bangkok.
  15. According to your link, KS, Woodstock is permanently closed on Thong Lor...I wasn't looking to go that far out anyway. Seems like most of the old haunts are closed or moved way uptown...I'll just shut up now and let you guys who live there find a good place.
  16. I always liked Bourbon Street (eek, they moved out of the area too), Gullivers, or the Londoner (also seems to have moved). I'll be staying at the Manhattan on Suk soi 15 on that date. I have not yet decided where I will be staying once we get back from our week in Tokyo. I almost pushed the button for the Grand President on Soi 11, but there were so many recent negative reviews of that place...scared me away. Seems to have gone way downhill. I'll be so happy to see you again, Pom Michael, Flashermac and KS...sorry you can't make it Coss.
  17. I just got a message from Father T that he is hosting a new DC at the Dollhouse on July 21 in Pattaya...I plan to be there as well!
  18. Wow...I used to be on this board on a daily basis and now I guess it's been years since I last posted. Yeah, the family and I will be coming back for a summer trip and I would love to see some of the old gang again. The 6th would work fine for me...just let me know where and when exactly. I guess the old Friday meetings at Gulliver's aren't happening anymore. Is that place still open? Of course, my favorite (and this is really going back) is when we used to meet at that restaurant in NEP where they had Far Side cartoons above the urinals. Long gone now...but Glory Days they were.
  19. Wow!!! The dance contests were just about my favorite thing in Bkk. I must have been a judge in five of them in the early 2000's. It was good to be a judge. So awesome they are returning. Wish I could too.
  20. HH has been asking for the progressives (libtards?) to come back out to play...so let me begin by "sticking my head back up" as we gear up towards the next elections. Missed you guys in the US politics forum...and I think the reason the GOP are surging in the polls right now is that there are somewhere between 10 and 20 of them all in the news ganging up on our President while he really hasn't started campaigning. With the economy as it is and the level of hate speak out there from the right...I would be a little nervous of I were a right-y that they aren't much further ahead. Once Obama joins the battle and gets his extremely potent campaign machine going, those polls could change quickly. The GOP field is a tough one for them...because there are no great candidates...they all have major problems either with their base or the independants. Romney, the frontrunner, seems to be hated by everybody who knows him...and whle most Republicans aren'r religeous nutjobs...most religeous nutjobs are Republicans...how many of them will sit home than elect a "cultist" Mormon? One who was the architect of the heavily demonized health care plan that eventually became known to the righties as "Obamacare" But the others are so much worse. It is almost funny to watch the press not say a negative word about the likes of Bachmann and Santorum because it will be so much fun to show how extreme (insame?) they really are, if they make it to the next level. Only Pawlenty seems likeable enough at this point...but not the most exciting guy in the world...would he wilt next to the rock star he'd be going up against? Gingrich is already toast, Palin is more a joke than last time, and Cain, the pizza man...well, again most GOP'ers arent racist...but most racist's are GOP'ers. Plus, the gambit that he would pull the black vote from Obama would work about as well as last time when they thought Palin would pull the women from the Dem's. Of course, there's also Huntsman (who?) and Perry...he the man who recently contemplated having Texas suceed from the union. That should go over well with independants (heavy on sarcasm) Plus, they don't seem to have any plans other than going back to what worked so well under GW Bush (even heavier on sarcasm) On the positive side (to my way of thinking) Obama can point to: Killed bin Laden (Bush couldn't do it in seven) Job growth in each of the last 15 months (and counting) Universal heathcare (he can trot out people who've actually been helped by the law such as restrictions on carriers denying coverage for preexisting conditions and say "what happened to the death panels the GOP kept talking about...guess they were lying to you again" There is the defense against Ryan's push to end Medicare for future seniors (namely me) Other things pointing to an Obama second term...all those young voters who turned out for him can be joined by another generation of first time voters. ...a hugely surging population of Latino's who are frightened by the Republican governors in Arizons snd other states may turn out even more hevily for Obama. ...teachers and union workers who are being attacked all over the country by the right will be even more motivated to stop this tilt to the right. ..and so much more to come... Enjoy yourself now HH, because when the battle is truly joined things maybe looking quite a bit different. As fir me, I'll be your huckleberry...
  21. As a former reviewer for this site, I feel; compelled to give my favorite movies of 2010...keeping in mind I have not yet seen The King's Speech, The Fighter, 127 hours, or The Town (four things I hope to rectify soon) 1. Black Swan (had me literally gripping my seat and affected for quite a while after I left the theatre) 2. Inception (still not sure what happened...but fantastic visually and love that you may actually have to think) 3. True Grit (finally actors as opposed to movie stars and singers in these iconic roles matched with a great Coen Brothers production) 4. The Social Network (interesting story that is not best picture worthy, but better than it should be) 5. Toy Story 3 (still has the magic) 6. Tangled (odds are my now 6 year old daughter affected me on this, but again way more fun than I expected) 7. Karate Kid (Loved it when I was 14, love it when I'm 41) 8. Machete (an orgy of sex, blood, and macho flesh wounds...guilty fun) 9. Red (great to see old friends in a fun new actuon adventure) 10 Salt (Angelina still has it)
  22. I found the website because he is the one who was on Howard Stern (which is totally not gay) As for the ruling...which I took to mean that doing the ladyboy is gay while doing Buck Angel is not...with all due respect I believe that Buck Angel's video's (is which he has men fuck his pussy would be located in the gay section of your local Blockbuster.
  23. I do defer to OH as the ultimate resource...however, looking at these pictures might mean I've got some gay in me because if I had to get it up for Buck Angel...don't think it's possible http://www.buckangel.com/gallery/images/1.jpg
  24. Thanks to "gay" week on Howard Stern, we have a new conundrum. Stern had a former woman on who had sex reassignment surgery. She now has a moustache, big muscular arms with tattoos, a bald head...but she kept her pussy! So the question is this...which is more gay... Sleeping with a beautiful girl who is feminine in every way except for her horse cock, or a manly man who happens to have a pussy. Who would/could you do...Angelina Jolie with something extra, or Vin Diesel with something missing?
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