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  1. I don't log on much anymore and post even less, a few years ago I got so sick of all the banter over American politics that I left the board and lost interest.
  2. Here is a “Cheap Charlie†story I observed first hand Thanksgiving 2012. (Names are being withheld because many board members know some of these people) One of the bars in the Queens Park Plaza Soi 22 was having a FREE Thanksgiving event for all that wanted to come. Being a regular there my friends and I loaded up and went to the bar at 13:00 when they opened to spend money and show support. Dinner was being served at 19:00 and there was a beautiful full spread of American and Thai food. Here’s the CC part, about 18:30 the balloon chasers showed up circling the table like a flock of vultures most ordering water, soft drinks OR NOTHING. I overheard one of the patrons say “this was the only day of the year he came to the bar.†So at 19:00 a few nice words were spoken by the owner and the feeding frenzy begins in earnest (of course after the owner had chased some eager beavers away trying to eat early.) Then the biggest CC action of the day, every day at this bar happy hour ends at 19:00 this day was no different. I watched a REGULAR customer I see in there at least 3 time a week go on a tirade because he had to pay full price for a drink while stuffing his face with FREE FOOD! I was so ashamed I left because of the way people were acting. These actions are what Cheap Charlie’s are to me. S1
  3. Don't really know the names but they are the ones on the ground floor in the center area, my friend said you can't miss them! S1
  4. Hi MK I did 3 months for a company in Iraq after the troop pull out in early 2012, at my first R&R I said screw that and left. Security there is a joke can't spend money if you are dead. Coming back to BKK in April. S1
  5. I received a Skype from one of my friends that lives in BKK, he informed me that you can now buy a braclet for 600 baht and drink in six different Nana ground floor bars from 1200-1800 everyday. This covers all drinks not just draft beer and bar brands, that's a cheap afternoon. Lady drinks are 90 baht. Whoof, S1
  6. Down to 48 hours now start flying tomorrow :content:
  7. Er-RAHHHHHHHHHHHH We definatly need to go fishing this time
  8. 4 days to go be there Friday :content:
  9. Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai P.O BOX 14703 Dubai United Arab Emirates Phone: 011 (971) 3518518 Not fancy at all but the bar down stairs you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a whore of all types. Less than $100 per night which is cheap for Dubai. S1
  10. Back in BKK in 23 days!!! Tell the girls to rest up the lessons will continue!!
  11. That's great wish you were going to be around (not in a GAY way) After being away from LOS for 7 months I'm planning on some hardcore drinking and mongering! WHOOF S1
  12. Tell the girls the lessons will continue in: Time until Friday, September 24, 2010 28 days 689 hours 41366 minutes 2481987 seconds
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