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  1. You can get your picture taken with Munchie for 100bht at the zoo if hes awake or not interferring with himself.
  2. I not sure about annoucements on the aircraft before landing at Bangkok. If so then we need to do it for all destinations. Australia Perth: dont go to Nth Bridge or Parklands you be beaten up by a gang of aborigines or Viets. Scotland: dont drink in local bars or else you will be nutted by a large drunk scotsman. USA: Dont walk anywhere after dark etc Uk: Dont eat the food
  3. Coffee, tea or me darling! (Qantas rote training method)
  4. Quaite Arse use to have thumb cuffs. I reckon just a threat from one of the stewards that hes go to roger you and you will sit down!
  5. Re air on aircraft Old Hippy is half right. The air is constantly replaced and circulated. There is no oxygen added to it. The oxy generators are for emergency only and will only last for 15 minites. The air is taken from the compressor sect of the engine conditioned and pressurises the cabin. Aircraft at 35000 feet will have a effect cabin of 6-8000 feet. Hence you do suffer from slight hypoxia and dehydration. Hence dont drink booze or coffee on board just heaps of water and you should be right. Only trouble is I mix my water with scotch!
  6. zob65

    Any New Jokes

    Well Munchie you are getting a bit tame lately so I thought I would wind you up a bit. maybe its just age, your getting on bit you know!
  7. zob65

    Any New Jokes

    Munchie went to a fancy dress party just in his pants no shirt etc. The host asked didnt you want to dress up? I did replied Munchie. What are you then asked the host? Im a premature ejaculation beamed Munchie. I dont get it said the host. I just came in my pants replied Munchie!
  8. Average 2-3K per bill and night total of 8-12K and thats with very few BG drinks and no bar fines. When Munchie and the boys are in town 12-15K nights are not uncommon. Munchie tried to keep a record of what we drank but ended up pissed and the record went out the window!
  9. From 22 to MBK, interesting the shops and bars you find.
  10. I do teddy, I do do ! but only when you buy me scotches and pay my bar fine!
  11. I dont know what you guys are drinking in DB but cut it out your losing the plot!
  12. Ah Teddy you nasty price of work. We are most loved in LOS, we are not just another faceless penis as you have been. We have option of dieting, but you are dead set ugly, with face that only a mother could love, and there is no options left for you. Stop annoying me as I must get back to Mc Tavish of the Glen!
  13. Ah you never mentioned a prize! I will combine it with my other prize that i shall win from you as soon as I work out how to cut off one of my legs before weigh in!
  14. I kind of realised that Munchie , Its called taking the piss. As you were doing having people look for Abba songs!
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