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  1. You can get your picture taken with Munchie for 100bht at the zoo if hes awake or not interferring with himself.
  2. I not sure about annoucements on the aircraft before landing at Bangkok. If so then we need to do it for all destinations. Australia Perth: dont go to Nth Bridge or Parklands you be beaten up by a gang of aborigines or Viets. Scotland: dont drink in local bars or else you will be nutted by a large drunk scotsman. USA: Dont walk anywhere after dark etc Uk: Dont eat the food
  3. zob65

    Any New Jokes

    Well Munchie you are getting a bit tame lately so I thought I would wind you up a bit. maybe its just age, your getting on bit you know!
  4. zob65

    Any New Jokes

    Munchie went to a fancy dress party just in his pants no shirt etc. The host asked didnt you want to dress up? I did replied Munchie. What are you then asked the host? Im a premature ejaculation beamed Munchie. I dont get it said the host. I just came in my pants replied Munchie!
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