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  1. If a 9 year old post shows up on the first page, there has to be an index problem
  2. Not surprising that people are losing interest in Stick's column, as it seems like he has too. Just seems to be going through the motions now, not that he was ever really insightful about Thailand. It is just that we all read everything when we live here, and his site does not really add much anymore.
  3. For those of us who live here, this guy seems to be viewed as the most articulater observer http://www.somtow.org/2010/05/dont-blame-dan-rivers.html Thoughtful guy, and a Thai educated in the west, so he seems to see things in a more robust way
  4. Thanks for the update on those smoking bars. No doubt, people will call the number for reporting them Good work!
  5. Sorry that I have been absent from this thread for a while - just too much time getting laid here in Bangkok! I find that I have more endurance now that I am not breathing in second hand smoke too, so more enjoyable too! All the best to the rest
  6. Yes, a classical answer for a group of mentally handicapped fraternity. For anyone else, a cry for help
  7. For me, about two hours. Before that, three hours and a half. I think that I am slipping having lived in Thailand too long. If I manage to stay out of smoky bars I should be able to blow 2-3 nuts a day, wouldn't you think?
  8. Personally, I have nothing against lepers and have never seen a phone number to report lepers either
  9. Your review is very thoughtful and balanced - thanks for the contribution. I might add a few other factors which I consider positives: People go to AC to get women; you will not see many foreign couples, gawkers, backpackers or fudgepackers. Mainly mongers looking to get laid by women and little else. The Filipinas are warmer than the Thais (and I live here and speak pretty decent Thai). They are more simple, open and surface emotional. Some may not consider that a positive, but I like the "less cold" veneer when I am paying for sex.
  10. Heading over to Angeles and was wondering if anyone had any recent report on the amount of smoking. No doubt, they will follow the lead of so many others and place bans on smoking in bars, but last time I was there (spring) a good number of the bars were really smoky. Is there a law and does anyone have the reporting phone number for offenders? Appreciate the info! Thanks
  11. You can also try the Beergarten on soi 7 as they seem to have smokers almost every day. I don't think I will call the number on them, as it does not look like too many of the customers could spare the 2,000 baht. Lots of girls around now, but the the pickings are not great on soi 7. The supply-demand balance is clearly moving to our side everywhere, with the rain, the high cost of plane tix, and the protests. Lots of available girls, though
  12. Somehow Frede is a bit more understandable. I do hope that you get to have a cigar on the 29th. If you don't, there are always the ladyboys. Stay away from the Churchhills, though. Would not want your jaw to pop out
  13. I do not go to meetings on Fridays, I go to bars with no smoke and find girls to bang. Based on the quality of your posts, I doubt whether hearing what you have to say in person would compete with my present rituals. Of course, if there are people smoking in the bars I just call this handy little number. Maybe I will wait around for the cops, maybe not. If you hear giggling when you pay the fine you will know that I stuck around to watch. My barfines always are willing to wait to see that.
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