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  1. What a sailor. I remember sailing my boat to Koh Chang and my good old Thai captain seeing Koh Khram Yai off Sattahip and saying "Koh Chang?" Not quit there yet, Oh well the capitan didn't know what he got himself into and neither did I. Good old times.
  2. Only in Thailand...What couldn't you excpect from people that make fun of disabled in tv shows etc. I heard there used to be a nazi themed bar in Ratchada, does anyone know is it still there? I would want to see it in my own eyes.
  3. I got myself tested recently for HIV in the HIV counsil here in farangland (free, anonymous, quick test) and while waiting for the result I discussed about the chance of catching the virus orally and yes, the tester told me about the latest studies which show that receiving oral sex as a male is practically safe but giving it to a woman is considered risky behaviour. That definitely made me nervous thinking of all the possible HIV+ girls I have put my tongue into since I last got tested. Well the nerve wrecking 10 minutes was over and the test showed negative. She made the wait a bit easier though by showing me how to protect myself next time. Take out scissors, open a condom and cut it. Wohoo a nice little pussy cover for safe munching. I just couldn't help myself thinking I won't share a bed with a Thai woman and scissors.
  4. trooper

    Koh Chang

    Most visitors come directly from Bangkok. It's not a whoring destination even though there are plenty of beer bars. Very few good looking girls and and those few know their value .Scandinavian and other European families have outnumbered backpackers there and ofcourse these days you cannot avoid Russians where ever you go...
  5. trooper

    Koh Chang

    There is also a direct airconditioned boat to Koh Kood from Trat riverside but I'm not sure if it runs daily in October. I've used it the other way and it took about 2,5 hours. Koh Kood is a total getaway, but I wouldn't risk going there for holiday during the rainy season.
  6. trooper

    Koh Chang

    Koh Chang is definately my favourite island in Thailand. But be warned that in October it can be VERY rainy, the worst case scenario is that you will be stuck in a flood and can't leave your bungalow. Better not to book anything in advance, just go to Thailand and check the weather forecasts and in case it looks bad head elsewhere. And edit...yes it's not an unspoilt paradise island anymore. It has changed a lot in recent years and soon can be compared to Koh Samui. But at this stage it's a good combination of island living and all those things tourism brings (services, nightlife, restaurants etc.)
  7. I have had few kinds of motor boats and yes I gotta say I agree. The bigger the boat, the bigger the suffering. If I was a millionaire I'd never buy a yacht, I'd rent one whever I needed. Lot less headache. But having said that, living in an own catamaran changing places whenever I like....hmmm guess I'm still a dreamer.
  8. Mine is just 36 feet open tour boat with small cabin and canvas roof, but very suitable for fishing and snorkeling trips in Mu Koh Chang. Actually what got my interest in White Lotus is the fuel cost. Even my boat, which should be very economic takes around 8 liters of diesel/hour at 8-9 knots cruising speed so I'd be very interested to see a wooden boat that runs for 5 liters. Wooden boats are absolutely stunning but knowing many who own one, everybody are complaining about high maintenance costs and the work those boats require every year. For the interested, check this website www.kohchanggamefishing.com
  9. It's not interesting story if I don't tell all the things what has happened (which I don't do in open forum) but to put it short, I finally got the boat 10 months late from what we had agreed on the contract so when deciding to getting a boat built remeber that contracts are just ink on the paper in Thailand. I got away with it easily, I know many who have lost fortunes in boat building deals.
  10. I had a dream, got a fiberglass boat built in Pattaya, almost lost my sanity during the process...Now after two seasons of doing more than 100 fishing trips with tourists, would I do it if I knew everything what's going to happen after signing that contract with the boat builder...No, but I'm happy I did it then, the dream became reality.
  11. I can visit Bangkok for shopping, non p4p nightlife, nice dining and things like that but everytime I end up in Soi Cowboy or Nana area I just wish I was in Pattaya. Bangkok was great when I was younger and really enjoyed the normal nightlife with students and normal day-working Thai girls but p4p has always been too mercenary for my taste there. That said there are two massage joints Akane and Sazanka for which I haven't found rival in Pattaya yet.
  12. I know many guys who have visited Phuket and promised they never go back. It's a package tourist trap. Actually Phuket doesn't really differ from many European beach destinations except there's better sites for diving and lots of Asian people and the scenery is tropical. That said I liked the place. Didn't actually do much else there than eat, dive and sleep and shagged a couple of beer bar girls. Beer bar girls were better than girls in Bangkok beer bars IMO.
  13. That's excactly what I've been thinking when reading these posts. In Finland there is quite a lot of guns globally measured per capita but most of them are in the countryside and used for hunting and you need to pass strict controls to get a licence for a shotgun. I don't know anybody who owns a handgun in a city except criminals or some absolute jerks. I've been trained to use a rifle in the army like most Finns but there simply isn't that kind of fascination to guns that people would actually want buy one home.
  14. Yep they definitely don't eat sewer rats. Or maybe in Bang Kwan prison they still do I've heard from many people that these rats that are grown in rice fields are actually quite tasty.
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