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  1. What a sailor. I remember sailing my boat to Koh Chang and my good old Thai captain seeing Koh Khram Yai off Sattahip and saying "Koh Chang?" Not quit there yet, Oh well the capitan didn't know what he got himself into and neither did I. Good old times.
  2. I got myself tested recently for HIV in the HIV counsil here in farangland (free, anonymous, quick test) and while waiting for the result I discussed about the chance of catching the virus orally and yes, the tester told me about the latest studies which show that receiving oral sex as a male is practically safe but giving it to a woman is considered risky behaviour. That definitely made me nervous thinking of all the possible HIV+ girls I have put my tongue into since I last got tested. Well the nerve wrecking 10 minutes was over and the test showed negative. She made the wait a bit easier though by showing me how to protect myself next time. Take out scissors, open a condom and cut it. Wohoo a nice little pussy cover for safe munching. I just couldn't help myself thinking I won't share a bed with a Thai woman and scissors.
  3. That's excactly what I've been thinking when reading these posts. In Finland there is quite a lot of guns globally measured per capita but most of them are in the countryside and used for hunting and you need to pass strict controls to get a licence for a shotgun. I don't know anybody who owns a handgun in a city except criminals or some absolute jerks. I've been trained to use a rifle in the army like most Finns but there simply isn't that kind of fascination to guns that people would actually want buy one home.
  4. Yep they definitely don't eat sewer rats. Or maybe in Bang Kwan prison they still do I've heard from many people that these rats that are grown in rice fields are actually quite tasty.
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