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  1. Stickman

    New Zealand Thread

    Bingo, give that man a medal.
  2. Stickman

    New Zealand Thread

    New Zealand has suffered from a seismic shift to the left and the rampant and rabid left-wing dominated media attack anyone who dares speak out. New Zealand used to be a place where you could voice any opinion and no-one would question you for it - so long as it was clearly expressed as an opinion. That has changed markedly in Kiwi society and makes the place feel much, much less free than it did not so long ago. To give you an idea of how crazy it is, I met with a very successful and wealthy businessman in Auckland a few weeks ago who wanted to talk to me about a unique Internet-based marketing idea he had for a few product which he thought my background writing about racey stuff might be suited to. Before I had even sat down he launched in to a tirade about Trump which had me quickly tuning out. I just nodded and didn't say anything, and chose not to reveal that I am in the small minority of New Zealanders who admires a lot of what Trump is doing. This guy is a wealthy, successful businessman and I would assume most likely a centre-right voter. Yet the way he started the conversation off about Trump with some really ridiculous comments really killed our meeting before it got going. I knew I would struggle to work with someone whose views had been formed by the heavily biased and extremely left-leaning Kiwi media. I don't care what anyone says, in mainstream Kiwi society you have to be very careful what you say these days. That's one reason I tend not to venture in to mainstream society because I know my views (which are NOT extreme in any way) would not be appreciated. The Kiwi public have been brainwashed.
  3. Stickman

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Thanks a lot for reviewing this. I'd probably have never otherwise have known about this. I spent WAY too much time on my Commodore 64 when I really should have been out chasing skirt....that is probably a contributing factor of why I ended up in Bangkok! Looking at the list of "stars" in this movie, it really takes me back to the days when we used to hoist the jolly roger!
  4. Stickman

    Best Ways To Manage Your Traveling Money.

    Pay for flights and hotels with credit card from home. Paying for these with any decent credit card will automatically activate travel insurance. Take currency from your homeland to Thailand and exchange it at Vasu or Super Rich where the rates are excellent. Have a credit card or two as a backup. That's the way I do it and never a problem.
  5. Stickman

    New Zealand Thread

    I'm not sure what this is all about and don't really follow many threads closely at all these days. New Zealand is not perfect, far from it in fact. But it's home and it has a lot more going for it than going against it. If you want a quiet, peaceful and largely stress-free existence then New Zealand is a pretty good place. If you want excitement then it's far from the best place on the planet! Like I say, it's home.
  6. Stickman

    New Zealand Thread

    100% with Coss on this. Gangs aren't an issue here for most people. Over in our sister city of Hastings you see plenty of patched gang members around and when you walk past them they will invariably raise their eyebrows at you in a silent greeting. Unless you're a magnet for trouble, no issue with them for Joe Public.
  7. Stickman

    Wifi Iphone Gps?

    Install the Google Maps app if you have not already, and go from there!
  8. Stickman

    New Zealand Thread

    The cost of living in New Zealand is relatively high yet the country is towards the bottom of the lost of OECD countries when it comes to earnings which makes it a double whammy. Houses cost a bomb, rents are high and even groceries can be crazy priced. There's a bit of a running joke in New Zealand that if you want to buy New Zealand wine or New Zealand butter cheap, go to a supermarket in London (where they are cheaper than in NZ!).
  9. Stickman

    New Zealand Thread

    Cripes, Coss, are you living in the heart of Otara Town Centre? I didn't know such cheap rents existed in Auckland!
  10. Stickman

    New Zealand Thread

    Like everywhere, New Zealand has its pros and cons. Take an extended holiday, travel around both islands and see how you like it. Think hard about exactly what you're looking for - while New Zealand excels in so many ways and for many ,it is paradise. But to others it might suck. The biggest downside is the cost of living which is very, very high. Houses cost crazy money in any major city and unless you have a large nest egg and / or a salary well in to 6 figures you're going to be renting - and that is silly money too. Local produce, meats etc. are of a very high quality but also very, very expensive. Eating out - small Asian eateries aside - is also very expensive and drinking in bars in New Zealand sets you back silly money. Regardless of the lifestyle you're looking for, I'd say only consider moving to New Zealand if you have the skills to secure a 6-figure income and / or you have a large nest egg. Having moved back to New Zealand after 17 years in Bangkok, I am happy here.....but being frank, a lot of that is because it's home - where friends, family and things I identify with all are. There's much I like, but the cost of living is just plain crazy.
  11. Stickman

    Itsmedave Arriving Soon

    No, they're largely a thing of the past - but free wi-fi can be found all over the place, from farang pubs and bars to coffee shops to malls etc.
  12. Stickman

    Prices 2018

    Stickman ist hier. I said what I had to say and have not changed my mind. I still think it's more an issue of service level and not knowing what you're going to get than price. No disrespect intended when I say this but that's what I believe and am very unlikely to change my mind hence there's no real reason for me to post any more about it.
  13. Stickman

    Prices 2018

    Do you really think the issue is the money or the poor levels of service? I think it is the latter. If a lady charged you 5,000 baht for long-time and you had a couple of outstanding sexual experiences, she was sweet and tender with you, stayed all night and she did not hurry to leave in the morning, is that not worth 5,000 baht? Personally, I think that's more than fair value. I really think the issue is less the amount of money the ladies charge these days, but more the crap service and the false promises and being let down by a really poor experience that is the issue.
  14. Stickman

    Ah, The Good Old Days ...

    I don't remember any real change happening around 2005. After 2009 i.e. from 2010 onwards then yes, I think attitudes changed markedly but up until late 2009 I thought Thailand nightlife remained a compelling product.
  15. Stickman


    I know a lot of people complain about the cost but I think Sky isn't such a bad deal for rugby fans - there's A LOT of home-grown rugby programs from the rugby talk shows to the first XV matches to really excellent coverage of all local rugby. Many complain about the price of Sky TV but I think in terms of the big picture it's not *that* expensive. The main problem in NZ is not the prices of things like Sky, but the cost of housing which is now at levels so high that you don't have a lot of money left over for other stuff - which makes it seem expensive. If you'd paid half what you did for your house, your mortgage would be much less and all these other things wouldn't seem so expensive.