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  1. Completely demolished.
  2. The MO with iPhone spyware is to install the software on a new phone and give it to the person who is the intended recipient of the surveillance as a gift with the software already set up. Did that happen in this instance? Who knows. There could be another explanation in this instance, of course...
  3. Stickman

    Somboon Seafood

    Yes, on Suriwong Road, not far from Patpong.
  4. Stickman

    Somboon Seafood

    Pricey, but good. Must admit though, I have only been once and it was some years ago.
  5. But how much longer will the common market remain? Holland looks like it will go and probably all it needs is for one other largish country to pull out and the dominos will tumble....
  6. Parties seems like rather not strong enough word.... I have a lengthy video I shot at one of them, runs almost an hour and a half. I showed it to a friend here in NZ not so long ago and he commented that it was better than any porn movie he'd seen!
  7. Here you: http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/StickmanWeeklyColumn2013/Nanapong.htm
  8. I haven't stepped foot in the UK since 1994, but I hear a lot from English friends about how the UK has changed since it became part of the EU and I can only say that if it was my country I would want for us to be the masters of our own destiny and not have our hands tied by being part of a union with a number of other countries. I cannot imagine what it is like for a country that has to allow outsiders in and cannot do anything about it. That makes zero sense to me. It's not like the UK is a tinpot place with few people or few resources. I'm of the strong opinion that the UK should leave. Sure, there might be some pain in the short-term but the Brits are resilient and will get through it and, I think, ultimately be better off. Give Europe the bird, I say!
  9. Stickman

    Hiv Test Bkk

    Actually, the weather in soi 10 was very nice this morning, clear skies and not as hot as it has been.
  10. You're a Beachhaven boy, right? We're darn near neighbours....
  11. Stickman

    Hiv Test Bkk

    Oh, I enjoyed my time in Bangkok, no doubt about that.....but just wanted a change. All good in soi 10 this morning?
  12. Stickman

    Hiv Test Bkk

    A million miles? Probably more like a couple....
  13. For rent / housing, Auckland is more expensive than Bangkok. For cars, Auckland is much cheaper than Bangkok. For eating out, Auckland is generally more expensive than Bangkok (at the low and mid-range places) BUT go upper mid-range or high-end and Auckland is both much cheaper and, I truly believe, much better. In Bangkok, if you don't have a lot of money you can still lead a sembance of a life *if* you're prepared to go Thai-style when it comes to accommodation and meals. If you wanted a high-end lifestyle in Bangkok where everything was Western quality, Auckland is definitely cheaper. In comparing New Zealand's biggest city with Thailand's with regards to the cost of living, it really all comes down to the lifestyle you wish to lead. It might be cheaper in Bangkok, or it might not. But for sure, the days when you could categorically say Bangkok was cheaper are over.
  14. Stickman

    Hiv Test Bkk

    The big hospitals like Bumrungrad (Sukhmvit soi 3) have top notch laboratories and you should have the result within about an hour.
  15. A friend drives a taxi in Wellington and makes very good money - around $NZ100,000 per year. He seems to enjoy it.
  16. ....maybe because some of the staff at Hooters are hotter than most of the girls dancing in the plaza?
  17. I wonder if Immigration has come to realise that there are some retirees getting this declaration from the embassy who don't actually have the 65,000 baht + per month income they purport to have. MANY stories of folks getting retirement visa extensions but they barely have a pot to piss in. There has long been a flaw in the system whereby all you had to do was make a (false) declaration at your embassy to get a letter which Immigration accepted. Maybe that's where the problem comes from?
  18. Stickman

    Apple V Fbi

    If only it were that simple. Governments are made up of people - and people often have their own agendas. People may be dishonest, corrupt.etc. Citing the war on terror has become this big catch-all that governments attempt to use to persuade the ignorant masses that extending their powers and eliminating your privacy are entirely justified. I am not convinced by the governments' claims.
  19. The signature I had at my Farangland bank dates back to the mid '80s. When I was in there recently they asked me for a new sample and the new and the old bore no resemblance whatsoever. That said, you hardly sign for anything in banks here these days - everything seems to be electronic, even within the branches.
  20. Very sad indeed. Nice guy, always fun, always smiling.
  21. It's the lead item on a major New Zealand news site this morning. http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/76600297/unusual-suspects-kiwi-among-elderly-tourist-bridge-players-arrested-in-thailand
  22. I get the feeling that some people are frustrated that some things which should really improve haven't, and some have in fact got a lot worse. I also get the feeling that the investigation in to the murder of the two Brits on Ko Tao and the outcome was a catalyst for a lot of the anger being shown by foreigners. For me, personally, I lived in Sukhumvit soi 16 for years and I used to walk through the Asoke intersection every day and I used to get stopped by police all the time and hassled - and saw the same happening to many others. That really put a downer on things for me and while there was no single reason that caused me to eventually say, "I've had enough, I am out of here", there were a lot of contributing factors and this sort of thing and the feeling of general unease I had simply because I was a foreigner was amongst them.
  23. What is it with oil and gas industry workers earning shitloads of money but often being broke? Admittedly, I don't know that many guys who work in the industry but if there is one commonality amongst those I do know it is that they make a lot of money - tends to average out at close to $200,000 per year...but they never seem to have money and it's not like they're asset rich either. A couple of mentioned to me what you say here - that contracts are much harder to come by and the contracts they do take up don't pay anything like they used to. One mate used to earn $1,000 a day and now earns $600 per day. I'd be delighted with that sort of money and if I earned anywhere near that I'd have gazillions stashed away....but some these guys seem to never be more than 3 months away from being totally broke. What gives?
  24. I note they raided two venues, Sensations and 808. 808 has had problems with the police before but I never heard of anyt problems at Sensations. Was this as much about making a statement at the venues concerned as much as anything, I wonder?
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