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  1. It's posts like this that demonstrate well why I tend not to post on the forums any more. There's so much misinformation - and this is a really good example of it. The sad part is that people read stuff from people on forums who don't have a clue what's going on and they believe it. Worse still, they repeat it, often twisting it further or adding false comments such as "my friend who knows KS or Stickman or whoever said that......". As for this forum's name change, that came several years later and was nothing to do with KS being scared or anything like that. It was due to a completely different and one which KS need not explain nor justify.
  2. Nick's "Patpong Bangkok's Twilight Zone" is a brilliant work, just totally utterly brilliant. I never saw Dean's original book but picked up the version he published 10+ years ago. You really can't compare the two books as they are totally different. Nick's is a very dark and honest look at the nightlife and what happens to those who fall in to it while Dean's is a celebration of Thai women.
  3. I like Nick a lot. I haven't seen much of him in recent years although we did catch up a couple of months back. In many ways we shouldn't get on because we're ideologically poles apart, are both head-strong and not shy to say what we think even when we know it won't win us any friends - and might even have the complete opposite effect. What I particularly like about Nick is that you can have a good, deep debate on issues in this part of the world and walk away as pals, just as you say, Flasher.
  4. The evening was showered in sanuk....
  5. Hard to say. I ran a bunch of photos from a 2001 dance contest and the most recent dance contest in my last column. I don't think it's clear that either group is prettier than the other and one thing that struck me (and surprised me) was the heavy tattoos one girl had back in 2001. I always think of lots of tats as being a recent thing...obviously that's not quite right.
  6. The Nanapong dance contest held in Club Electric Blue 2 weeks ago was brilliant in every respect. The night had an atmosphere that was every bit as good as the past - and may have even exceeded it. Comparing events that span eras is like comparing the great rugby or football players of today with the greats of the '70s - it's just not possible to make an accurate comparison. I will say that in terms of shock factor (I prefer to call it pleasant surprise factor), the most recent Pong event exceeded anything before it. In terms of fun, it was as good as any night I have experienced in a Bangkok gogo bar. Ever. I think you will find the origanisers and all those who were lucky enough to make it along would agree.
  7. Yep, at a beer bar in the vicinity of Dynasty Inn, I hear...
  8. No, it's complete BS. It is open as per usual. Stickman doesn't know what he's talking about....I hate Stickman!
  9. There was concern in the Thonglor district. On Saturday night the manager of Royal Oak was taken away after they were selling when the other pubs in the vicinity - Londoner, Dubliner and Robin Hood all were not.
  10. Soi Cowboy last night. Open, but quiet.
  11. The wait at HCMC Airport this week for visa on arrival has, at certain times at least, been quite long. One friend waited an hour and a half so I guess his flight arrived at the same time as others. That makes one consider the embassy option. If money is tight, a visa online actually works out a bit cheaper.
  12. The area around the Pullman Hotel is full of bars, a mix of Thai-style nightspots i.e. pubs where guys and girls go, along with some spots where only men venture. This report is 3+ years old but includes descriptions and photos of some of the bars in downtown Khon Kaen. http://www.stickmanweekly.com/StickmanBangkokWeeklyColumn2010/KhonKaen.htm
  13. The number of foreigners in Korat has increased markedly over the past several years and there are a few bars the local expats (a mix of English teachers and retirees) hang out at. Most are within walking distance and just north of the YaMo statue which is basically the middle of Korat City. If you speak Thai and are happy going to bars where Westerners seldom venture to, try SeubSiri Road which is a few kilometres south of YaMo. It's very close to where Billy Buffalo stays at the Sima Thani Hotel. There are a number of Thai-style bars, ranging from brothels, to karaoke joints. The women there are very much to the Thai man's taste and English is not widely spoken. Still, foreigners are welcome. Drinks and food are cheap - very cheap compared to Bangkok!
  14. I'm curious about this. At which point would you suggest handing the money over? When the officer approaches you as you're walking through the green channel? As he approaches, pull it out and wave it in the air while saying "Song pun, paw mai?"
  15. Levis jeans were one of the most cracked down on counterfiet products in Thailand many years ago with the parent company ultra vigilant in prosecuting those who sold them. While I don't make a point of shopping for knock off brand name clothes, I don't remember seeing fake Levis in a very long time. It should also be noted that a lot of the "copied" brand name clothes in Thailand are not copies at all, but just any old shirt or trousers with the brand name sewn on!
  16. I like the diversity of Patpong and feel it just has more "depth". Whereas Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy today feel rather like sex shopping centres with shops where they really only want you to step inside if you're a genuine buyer, at Patpong I like the variety of the area, the choice of decent places to grab a bite, and places to just hang out and relax where you won't be made unwelcome because you're not going to be buying.
  17. These officers aren't police at all, but "tessakit", or city hall / municipal officers. They do not have the same powers as police at all. There's a network of them in the area you mention, as well as down by sSukhumvit sois 31, 33 and near Emporium. They are looking for foreigners who litter. Their MO is clear to anyone who has spent time watching them. They spot someone who could potentially be an offender i.e. before the foreigner has committed an offence and follow them. They follow foreigners who are smoking who they know may discard the cigarette butt on the street, or foreigners who are eating a snack who might throw the wrapper / bag on to the street. With so few trashcans in the area and with Bangkok hardly the world's cleanest city, many just throw their rubbish away. As soon as something is thrown to the ground, the tessakit officer approaches the person and takes them to the table or small booth where the offender is shown a laminated copy of a document outlining their offence, along with the requisite fine...
  18. I don't look at this forum so often these days but it was that time of the month...and this thread caught my attention. Shark is reasonably well known in Pattaya, kind of like Glitterman is, and when a friend mentioned he knew Shark I asked him if he could have a word and see if he would be willing to have a chat with me which I would run in the site. He was willing, and that is what we did, have a chat. It was a chat, nothing more. Shark's views of Pattaya and Thailand aren't revolutionary, but they give an insight into a man many in Pattaya recognise but know little about. If you hadn't seen him or weren't aware of him (he caused quite a stir on the Pattaya forums in the past) and just read the transcript of our chat, there might not be a lot of meat there, especially if you have been living in or coming to Thailand for a long time. Still, the Pattaya crowd seemed to get off on it and the piece polarised many. I cannot verify everything someone says to me. You take people at their word and hope that what they tell you is true. I don't doubt that people I have chatted with have embellished stories but I am not going to go back and edit every last little thing. Sometimes I receive emails from people claiming someone I have chatted with has lied. It's impossible to know who is telling the truth. Having a chat with someone and running the transcript is an easy way to put together a column opener. If you have an open mind you can learn a lot by listening. For whatever reason, I find many people in Thailand get upset at what other people say and just have to disagree. I just know if, for example, I interviewed John Grisham about writing a novel, or Steven Spielberg about making a movie, people would say they knew better. I know that some weeks my column contains bar industry news not found elsewhere and from time to time I get big scoops before the news appears anywhere else. Some weeks the opening piece generates more interest than others. But there are other weeks when not be much is going on, or I might miss stuff, or the column might just be flat. I try to produce something interesting and engaging each week, but some weeks it doesn't come together. That's just the way it is. Finally, I have to comment on the choice of the title of this thread. I just did a check on Alexa which is an impartial website traffic measurement tool. It is not truly accurate but it is a good indicator and one used by many companies when trying to gague the traffic of a website. StickmanBangkok.com is ranked around 80,000. What that basically means is that there are 80,000 more popular sites on the web. It has been around this level for a long time which is not indicative of a site in decline. I wonder how well Thai360.com ranks? I guess it has much more traffic than Stickman, but hey, it's a forum so that would be expected. People come back a few times a day whereas at Stickman a lot of readers just visit once a week. Oh well, I do my best...
  19. I don't think I am the vindictive type and I don't think anything I wrote could be construed as being vindictive, especially given everything that happened. Have you perhaps inferred something from the article / situation that is not there? I received a massive email response to this article - 200+ emails on Monday alone - which is probably twice as many emails as I have received for any other article I have ever written - and A LOT of people thought I should have done much more. A LOT. Despite everything he did and all the problems he caused, I did nothing to him. If I now take a small amount of comfort from seeing him suffer over a situation he started, a situation he was asked to stop and could have ended a long time ago, but refused to presumably because his emotional investment in it was so deep, am I really that bad?
  20. I thought the other side had already been told.
  21. Yeah, they "why" still escapes me too. Speculating, jealousy perhaps, but then I don't even think that is right. I think the guy was just a bit off in the head...
  22. He has traded in South-East Asia for North Asia...
  23. I don't think that is the reason at all. Rather, I think the name change was more about an advertising mix up...
  24. I agree that reverting back to the previous domain name is the way to go. And the name Nanaplaza.com will attract a perpetual flow of new users which any board needs to survive.
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