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  1. Divorce in NZ is easy, especially if it is not contested. The big thing to be aware of is that there is a 2-year stand down period. You must show you have been separated 2 years before the divorce can be signed off by the court.
  2. These types of words are called "collective nouns". A search online doesn't seem to come up with the correct collective noun for a bunch of mongers...
  3. This is really tragic news. Soongmak was really popular with everyone who knew him and damn, he was young. Can't have been more than 41 or 42. I'm shocked to hear this news.
  4. It is a remarkably good article in that it is accurate and there's not the usual OTT nonsense we so often see in articles about Thailand's nightlife. As far as any danger goes, there's absolutely nothing in there that helps to identify me. Well, there is a description of me, but that's the one part of the article that is not exactly accurate and could apply to many guys in Thailand.
  5. Italian is my fave, but French would push Thai to third in my list of favourite foods.
  6. Have had the misfortune to see what I guess are the same photos...not good! This old duck is still hanging around the Thermae most nights too, although she seems to be outside rather than inside.
  7. Siam Exchange and Super Rich and Vasu have almost identical rates - always better than the banks. It should be noted that Super Rich branches often have different rates with the best rates at the main branch at Pratunam.
  8. Baht seems to be dropping in value. Down about 2% in the last week against the dollar...
  9. In the arrivals hall at the airport both AIS (who operate One2Call) and DTAC have service centres. You can go in there and get a SIM sorted and your Internet plan turned on. The staff are really helpful and speak good English - it's probably better to get it done there than a branch in town where they are less geared towards assisting foreigners.
  10. Yep, once we start to see it for what it is, there is a lot of sadness. Some of it comes from the girls' lifestyle and their time in the bar industry, but some of it is just simply that a lot of these girls come from really messed up backgrounds and have horribly messed up lives.
  11. There are many plans. I just did a quick search online but could not find the right page for them. I use a DTAC plan which is 199 baht for 100 hours per month. That's my Internet backup plan and allows me to check emails, news etc when out and about. AIS seems to have similar plans.
  12. Another Wellington-born Kiwi here but like you, Auckland is home. I quite like Wellington. It has a charm to it, is easy to get around and the people are much nicer than you find in Auckland. Throw in the Rugby World Cup and it could be lively for a while. But yeah, top 10 in the world? Hmmm....
  13. Hardware House is a chain with a number of stores Bangkok and country-wide. I have bought a few bits and pieces from them over the years - never a full system though - and they have always been helpful and easy to deal with. They've been around a long time so they can't be too bad!
  14. Just a bit further down from the Golden Bar.
  15. YES, a re-entry permit can be used for a tourist visa, but typically isn't. You will get 60 days permission to stay when you enter the country on a tourist visa which can be extended for 30 days which is not such a long time, hence people typically don't use a re-entry permit with a tourist visa. Most people with a tourist visa who exit the country and want to return quickly will get another tourist visa or just get the 15 / 30 day permission to stay at the border.
  16. There are a few guesthouses in that price range, some down by the water, and some in sois off the main road that goes through town. I've only ever seen one in that price range and I wouldn't let my dog stay there...
  17. Truth be told MANY places offer good rates for monthly stays in Pattaya in the low season. You could check out many of the hotels, or even go for a condo - check the Pattaya Mail or Pattaya Today or some of the notice boards around Pattaya, such as at The Avenue Shopping Centre. It really comes down to your budget. Some hotels will do a monthly rate for well under 10,000 baht a month...
  18. Stickman

    "New" Nana Plaza

    Construction continues at Nana Plaza.....a Christmas tree has been erected To answer the OP's question, nothing has changed on the ground floor of Nana and it remains empty. The word was that a beer garden would be built but we're into the high season and....nothing! Whether this is due to some sort of delay through lack of consent, or a decision has been made to leave the ground floor as it is, I really do not know!
  19. With the land deed being registered with the Land Department in Thailand, I imagine that they're going to have to involve lawyers in Thailand. And lawyers in Thailand, foreign or Thai, *should* be less expensive to use than British lawyers. As such, I would think it might be easiest for him to get in touch with a law firm in Thailand (that has Westerners on the staff).
  20. Trink's website didn't last long. He still does book reviews in the Bangkok Post. I have not seen him around for a few years but hear he can still be seen at the July 4 do. I interviewed Trink in 2004: http://www.stickmanweekly.com/Weekly/weekly170.html
  21. Who knows if one day in the future past overstays might be held against you. You never know...! For that reason alone I would no even think about doing it!
  22. Just change the order of the network in your wi-fi settings so that it connects to your preferred network first. Easy
  23. For those who want the gossip, the next (and final) hearing will be in early February at which place the defendant can present his final defence - of which he does not seem to have one. Within a month or so the verdict will be read and. Presumption is that a custodial sentence will be the outcome. It will be interesting to see if at that point it makes the mainstream media...
  24. I tend not to comment on this whole NotStickman issue, the primary reason being that most people do not actually know what really happened nor what was going on behind the scenes. Most of what you read on forums about the whole issue is BS from the misinformed, but then the same can be said about most threads on most Thailand-centric forums, can't it? The last I heard was that NotStickman was basically fucked and that it was just a matter of time before he would be locked up. The real estate agent he defamed was going all out to get him and it was just a matter of time before NotStickman would be in jail. I don't know if he is there yet or not, but as best I understand it can't be far away. What do I think? I don't really care. I have much more important things going on in my life. Stick
  25. Bangkok Baking Company at the front of the Marriott and Bourbon Street both do a good eggs Benedict. For me, Bourbon Street's is preferable
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