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  1. Friend who nevr visited BKK asking the question. I always take a cab, but that hour may make cab and airport bus stuck in traffic. Train means transfer at makkasan (?) What would you recommend for a newbie?
  2. Trying if a new thread works better
  3. Phil, i agree with Coss, go to LP, and hold fire on your mongering until you get back to LOS
  4. trying a few more, my net connection is crap. failed, try again tomorrow
  5. Yesterday, we dropped in to see Nervous God (or whatever his latest incarnation on the board is today) and his delightful wife. As usual we were welcomed very graciously, and offered a fantastic Isan meal. But before that, he took us on a motocy ride in the neighbourhood (Sawang Daeng Din), to take a few pix. I haven't had the time yet to tweak these pix, (only just got back home in Chonburi) but thought I'd post a few for your edutainment.
  6. Had a problem attaching a picture
  7. Novabath brand, five jets plus handshower. 4 years old , not used last 3 years. As new condition. Situated now in Bang Saray, 20 km south of Pattaya. Ph. Case, 0854393351 12000 Bt or near offer
  8. I'm getting GPS for in the car for Christmas, just don't know which brand, type etc. Know nothing. To be used mainly in Thailand (and Laos if possible.) Don't want to spend the earth, but I want it to be reliable and user friendly. Maps need to be in English. Anuone here have any experience? Most recommendations seem to be for Garmin. Don't need all bells and whistles. Where (in LOS) to buy?
  9. Further to a previous post. part of our load would go airfreight. We booked UPS online, opened an account, booked from door to door, filled in the details, printed out the barcoded labels for our 5 boxes, attched them, inserted packing slips,Gave pick up addres and ph.no., paid via credit card and received electronic confirmation request for pickup had been received by UPS. then nothing happened..... 3rd day after supposed pick-up date, we phoned them. No trace of our request, "UPS Thailand doesn't use UPS international website system........" UPS international website, listed Thailand, allowed us to fill in paperwork, and sent confirmation. WTF!!!! Now, after a few hours phonecalls and emails, more or less resolved. I won't use them again. TIT
  10. I am going to do a mail-out of books, single as well as batches of 5 or ten at the time. I am looking for strong wrapping materials, corrugated cardboard, single or multiple layered, bubble wrap, small boxes etc. Unfortunately, the bubble wrap envelopes sold by Thailand post are not strong enough, made of flimsy paper. Can anyone point me to a supplier of such packaging, preferably Pattaya region, but BKK would be OK, too.
  11. Yes, enjoyed Ghost writer. Just saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" at RCA last night. Brilliant, wondeful atmosphere, great story, and very pleased to see a non Hollywood movie. Tomorrow last day!
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