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  1. Hey Jungle, Good to see u r up and well. You seemed to have risen the topic of HIV to another level on this board. Good for everybody! Thx There is quite a number of guys out there (everywhere) who refuse to use condoms as they "dont like" them as if they DO like contracting hiv. With that they leave their responsibility to the one they wanna fuck. Is she hungry for the money? Or just horny? That makes her vulnerable. THese kind of guys tend to not think about consequences to others either. Their ego blocks out that THEY can be the carrier themselves, it doesnt have to be the sexworker. It takes a lot of disrespect to sexworkers and women in general. And disrespect towards yourself? As far as I can see is the problem with not being able to keep an erection when getting a condom on is ALL IN YOUR HEAD (no pun). I notice that the idea of having to put a condom on is a turn off so erection out the door but if you keep the excitement by thinking of hot sex its no problem to put one on. It is a prob when you think its a prob. One of my lovers is physically challenged. When i make my little love sounds he will keep his hardon going while putting on the rubber when i dont there is a problem...
  2. St. Louis hospital. Great dental surgeons and great care. Not cheap but not expensive either. And one of their female surgeons is single: cute, sexy, smart and well-travelled. What else do you want?
  3. Poor Limbo!! Guys you are not very nice!!! I have to come to your rescue but what to say? It does reek of gayness these Friday night meetings....afterall you go for the girls but are with the guys...I think I better shut up, not to loose a friend. Must say found it a pain in the ass to go and find the guys in Gullivers since I was adviced to go to the right side but there are no bootz there. When you come in, turn left till you come to the far end left corner. There is an elevated floor there with a boot table on each side of the corner. I felt really embarrased to ask so many ppl if they were from the NP site. I had to do a lot of explaining and didnt get anywhere. Was just about to leave but went for a pee first. Not wanting to contain my enthusiasm to catch up with the sex crowd I kept embarrassing my self with all these silly questions about NP when you are so close to NP itself...Till I basicly stumbled over the bootz and there they were!!! Maybe the manager of Gullivers wants to help with directing personnel.
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