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  1. Only have one in BKK and thats Taffy's Hairy Pie Club, the rest are long gone
  2. I'll have to tell that to a few of the local, doubt they will see the funside of it.
  3. BSTaucer, Limbo was just looking forward too his new shoes. It was no gay reference it was rather to his nationality. Limbo. (pay back for the stuck in Angola cracks). Don't worry I'll have mine back on in 11 days
  4. Simple reason, it gives me an escape into some sort of normality while working away from home. The site also lets me communicate with like minded people when in places where there is no one to communicate with. I donated as a thank you and to help make sure the site continues. For long lasting return, value for money and pleasure, best $100 I ever spent. Big thank you to all the guy?s that participate, make this board a friendly and interesting place to visit. May it long continue.
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