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  1. Always have done ... since the year 2,000. In fact he has probably been to more nanapong dance contests than anyone else, apart from ourselves. He's also been to many of the old nanapong private parties we used to organize.
  2. Well I admit I got it wrong (not the first time!!). The place has opened up as a gogo despite no gogo licence. The place is owned by the same owners as Corner Bar and if you know the ownership structure of that place, you will understand how they have been able to get away with it!
  3. It will never become a gogo - no new licenses will be issued to a new venue.....bar beer maybe but never a gogo
  4. Most nights it's 2:30 am however as others have pointed out, the police occasionally come along earlier and tell the bars to close.
  5. Yes you can. When you come off the expressway at Phetburi Road, turn left (it's the only way you can go). Get into the right hand lane and go for about 500 metres or so. Turn right at the lights and you are now on Sukhumvit Soi 3. Get in the far right hand lane, and when you get to the lights opposite Nana Hotel you can turn right on the correct side of the road to join the Expressway
  6. If it were me, I would stay on the Bangna-Chonburi expressway until you reach At Narong junction and then take the Ramintra - At Narong Expressway until you see a sign saying Sukhumvit Soi 50. Drop your friend at Tesco Lotus (which is right at the exit and has a skytrain link, and then rejoin the expressway where you got off. Follow the expressway signs for Din Daeng and then you will be back on the Don Muang Expressway which is where you need to be heading. It's a route that takes you "two sides of a triangle" but it is the easiest way to get off and back on again the expressway if yo
  7. Try Tables Restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Erawan. Lobster Thermidor is their signature dish and great though not cheap
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