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  1. Always have done ... since the year 2,000. In fact he has probably been to more nanapong dance contests than anyone else, apart from ourselves. He's also been to many of the old nanapong private parties we used to organize.
  2. Well I admit I got it wrong (not the first time!!). The place has opened up as a gogo despite no gogo licence. The place is owned by the same owners as Corner Bar and if you know the ownership structure of that place, you will understand how they have been able to get away with it!
  3. It will never become a gogo - no new licenses will be issued to a new venue.....bar beer maybe but never a gogo
  4. Most nights it's 2:30 am however as others have pointed out, the police occasionally come along earlier and tell the bars to close.
  5. Yes you can. When you come off the expressway at Phetburi Road, turn left (it's the only way you can go). Get into the right hand lane and go for about 500 metres or so. Turn right at the lights and you are now on Sukhumvit Soi 3. Get in the far right hand lane, and when you get to the lights opposite Nana Hotel you can turn right on the correct side of the road to join the Expressway
  6. If it were me, I would stay on the Bangna-Chonburi expressway until you reach At Narong junction and then take the Ramintra - At Narong Expressway until you see a sign saying Sukhumvit Soi 50. Drop your friend at Tesco Lotus (which is right at the exit and has a skytrain link, and then rejoin the expressway where you got off. Follow the expressway signs for Din Daeng and then you will be back on the Don Muang Expressway which is where you need to be heading. It's a route that takes you "two sides of a triangle" but it is the easiest way to get off and back on again the expressway if you're not sure of the area. The quickest way is Sukhumviy Soi 3 exit. You will actually get off on Phetburi Road (not Sukhumvit) and will have to make your way to Sukhumvit from there. A few U-Turns will be required to get you back the right way to the expressway. Hope that's clear as mud.
  7. Try Tables Restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Erawan. Lobster Thermidor is their signature dish and great though not cheap
  8. farangman

    Techno Music?

    I'm not overly impressed with Insomnia. A new place has opened in the basement of the Intercontinental Hotel at Chitlom called Club Mixx that has two rooms, one playing House, the other Hip Hop R&B. A lot better in my opinion. They have an affiliation with the Fashion Channel, so lots of models go there especially on the weekends. http://www.mixx-discotheque.com/
  9. I have been to Queen Victoria on Soi 23 in previous years and never been disappointed. So for those people not looking for up-market type places, here is the menu for this year: Christmas Menu Serving from December 20th: Roasted Pumpkin & Thyme Soup with Gruyere B165 or Prawn Cocktail with Seafood Sauce B220 --------------------- Roast Turkey & Roast Pork with Stuffing B399 Cranberry Sauce Sausage & Bacon Roll Roasted & Creamed Potato Brussel Sprouts Glazed Carrots Cauliflower Florets Minted Garden Peas --------------------- Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter B175 Mince Pie Glass of House Wine B135 [color:red]Set Menu B875[/color] Or as Individually Priced Areas available for private parties
  10. Yes the old "They Did It First" argument. The UDD already rejected the offer of elections by year end by the current PM.
  11. farangman

    Nana Plaza.....

    It's not really a safety issue for the beer bars to be knocked down. I was told by a board member last night, which I later confirmed with someone "in the know" that the space is going to be utilized for something else. All will be revealed in a couple of months apparently.
  12. Personally I would never use Bumrungrad. It believes its own self hype and I have heard many negative stories about the place. It has basically become a production line with very poor doctor/patient relationships. I use Sametivej hospital for all my family's health matters and i am more than satified.My daughter was born there and they really do believe in building on-going relationships with patients rather than just being a pill dispenser. Bangkok Hospital also has a good reputation,, Bangkok Nursing Home is ok as well as being a little cheaper. IMHO Bumrungrad has an underserved quality reputation and it slightly annoys me when people automatically assume it's the best hospital in Bangkok.
  13. Baccara has been open 2 days now. The only bars still closed (as of last night) on Cowboy are the Arabs bars.
  14. Ownership is more or less the same .... as to marketing, I wouldn't really call it marketing but more of a public announcement. In fact, I have previously asked for stuff to be removed from message boards. Even if it is marketing,...why not?
  15. 555 Look for a guy with spikey hair!!
  16. Not Dollhouse in Cowboy.... we're open from 4pm til curfew!
  17. For you guys who are suffering withdrawal symptoms, I am pleased to announce that Dollhouse Soi Cowboy will be opening from 4pm to Curfew for the next 3 days. Obviously if things get a bit slacker tomorrow or Saturday we will be open until as long as possible! Cheers farangman
  18. Most bars in the main try to keep out Thai guys, mainly because they could be: a) undercover police boyfriends of the dancers who could get jealous when they see their girl working c)or they could just piss off farang /japanese /korean etc customers. As was pointed out, sometimes it is difficult to refuse when they enter with a farang.
  19. The incident you saw was a result of an earlier fracas on Friday night between Thaitanium the Thai rap artist and his entourage and the security at Spice Girls. A couple of chairs were thrown, but on the whole the Arab's security were quite restrained, and the incident was over in a minute or so. The "celeb" quickly scuttled away. However on Sunday a couple of his entourage went back looking for some sort of retribution, but were hopelessly inadequate.
  20. But what you probably don't realise is that there is only one bar on soi cowboy that actually owns the lease of the property it is located in. The rest of the bars are leased from Chinese Thai families that were originally living there carrying on their own businesses for generations and generations before. There are still two or three private businesses run by the Thai Chinese families on Cowboy, plus one private residence. Therefore exerted pressure by early closing, piss testing etc would have no affect whatsoever on land ownership. There is a reason why these Chinese Thai families have maintained ownership - they would rather leave the land do absolutely nothing rather than sell. Just look at the plots of land either side of Sukhumvit Soi 6, which have been empty and delapitated for 15 years or so. Look at the Rajah hotel wing which was empty for a decade before it was recently done up. Look at Patpong which is still owned by the same Chinese Thai family right in the heart of Bangkok's CBD. It would be at the very last resort they would sell up no matter what the offer is. Now multiply that difficulty by 40 to 50 leases on Cowboy and it is highly unlikely that anyone could exert any power to force owners to sell.
  21. Star of Love hasn't been around for 5 years or so. I guess the OP is confusing it with Star of Light.
  22. The man in question has just bought two more bars on Cowboy, namely Joe's Bar and Tony's Bar. I guess he'll be knocking the two into one and create another one of his "McDonalds" gogos and start charging his higher prices. Cowboy is rapidly losing its character.
  23. No idea about that one .... I heard all the rumours at the time but apparently he has denied it all happened. Who really knows....but even if it did happen, he's walking around a free man now without an apparent care in the world.
  24. Well 2 out 4 of your bars isn't bad I suppose!! The Arab owns Our Place, Midnite, Kiss, Deja Vu, and Spice Girls. He is Iranian American, never goes anywhere without his possee of Thai bodyguards and is probably the most hated man on Soi Cowboy.
  25. The Mall is called SM Mall on Clark. It's made a huge improvement to Angeles but it does have a lot to improve on. The floating bars in Subic are not as raunchy as you've been led to believe I'm afraid. Yes there are girls there but nothing over the top goes on there. More like beer bars on water I would say.
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