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  1. 11 minutes ago, buffalo_bill said:

    Gentlemen, my confidence in public statements of the wise Thai government is virtually endless. I am therefore still worried about the numbers that are available from Johns Hopkins saying 29 new infections yesterday totalling 2800 alltogether.

    Does anybody know about the secret that keeps numbers ridiculously low in the kingdom? Burning joss-sticks?

    Good personal hygiene, hot climate, healthy population, less virulent strain 

    and Thais aren’t constantly slobbering over each other like Italians 

  2. 10 minutes ago, chocolat steve said:

    Hajj to Mecca will be even more so. 

    Well it won’t happen until the borders are open.

    Probably not very interesting at all.


    unless you mean something else?

  3. - 29 new confirmed #COVID19 cases (2,672 total)
    - 96 more discharged (1,593)
    - 3 more deaths (46)

    so how will they go about loosening the restrictions?


    Provence by Provence, keeping the borders closed. Getting the internal economy open again?

  4. Won’t be long before all the restaurants are closed in Pattaya. Police are already doing the rounds and closing places at random.
    there is one beer bar near to me that is operating almost completely in plain sight, they aren’t even pretending to serve food 

  5. 10 minutes ago, checkbin said:

    Prayut devolved power to order closures elsewhere to provincial level. 

    Chonburi provincial government has ordered closure of all entertainment venues 18-31 March 31st, 2020.  Pattaya go sleep now. 

    Bars are still open this afternoon, I guess they are claiming that are restaurants? 

  6. I went for a dump in Pattaya City hospital this morning (emergency measure due to oysters last night)

    I was surprised how quiet it was. You would never know there was a pandemic going on 

  7. 2 hours ago, Coss said:

    Glad to hear this, I had fond mammaries at Orchid Inn...

    Wot yer reckon is the best of the two, Central Park Tower? or Orchid Inn? I have a couple more weeks in Angeles in my bucket list.

    Central Park is twice as nice, but twice the price. 
    Id look to stay there again due to the big rooms and the jacuzzi. 

  8. Spent the last week in Angeles 

    1st 4 night at Central Park Tower andantes 2 at orchid inn.

    both were very good, pure mongers places.

    Walking street seemed quiet and everyone said it’s low season. But the girls were extremely accommodating and I liked the 24 hours nature of the clubs and bars.

    only downside is that I think one of my companions has given me a water infection and you can’t get amoxy without a prescription here.



  9. 11 hours ago, panadolsandwich said:

    I don't know why I feel so gutted.  I've got a EU passport and an Australian one.  It doesn't really personally effect me at all. 

    I have to be reminded that this is what Britain wanted.  So there it is.  I'm not going to say anything hateful like you made your bed, just that, well, best of luck and nice knowing you - mostly. 

    The sooner Australia is made a republic the better.  And no doubt Scotland is thinking the same thing.

    If leaving the E.U. was hard enough, imagine how hard Scotland leaving the UK would be


    Customs Union, Hard Border etc?


    People have learned absolutely nothing 

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