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  1. I stick to girls who have an iphone 3S or less, they seem the most desperate.
  2. I have managed to find a couple of girls on lovesideline.com who brought their uniform along with them. 1 of them was a real cutie, very well educated, great English and working for Dtac in the marketing department. I had to ask why someone in her position was dressing up in her old uniform and sucking my cock for 2000 bht and she told me she borrowed money from some guy to buy a new phone and had to pay him back by the end of the month. Mobile phones are bangkoks sick buffalo's, apparently.
  3. All my SCB and Bangkok Bank cards have been EMV for 3 years now.
  4. This is top of google search for "Thai emo escort" more news at 11
  5. If Anyone sees a tall punky Thai girl in the Pickled Liver, don't be a pussy like me. Get her number and send it over. (This is not likely to happen, I know)
  6. This girl was quite something. 5ft 9ish. Red semi Mohawk thing going on, great gym toned hard body, studded bracelets etc. She could only be great in the sack. Going to punk nights and trying to deduce who is a freelancer and who might smack me in the mouth sounds like a hard night.
  7. I saw a guy with an amazing Thai Punk girl in Pickled Liver the other night, there was no way she was there "for free" does anyone know where one can find Punk / Emo escorts in BKK? cheers
  8. This Saving 50 baht crap should be left to lonely planet etc 50 baht...
  9. This happens to me every year on the way to work. Some scowling Falang drenching me with water while the Thais smile, wave, enjoy themselves and avoid spraying me. Most Thais genuinly seem to love Songkran, enjoying the whole period, whereas most falangs seem to think its just an excuse to act like a 5 year old.
  10. Do you need to have 10 pounds of high explosives strapped to your chest to really get the most out of that fantasy?
  11. If you see somebody lugging a teachers desk into a room at the PB hotel one night, stop and say hi.
  12. I can guess how it will go. I'll start crying after 10 minutes and tell the girl I love her. Old habits.
  13. Oh I would love a girl in a Singapore Airlines uniform . I'm new to role play, If I dress a girl in a Uni uniform, should I give her homework etc? How far does one take these things?
  14. Not for going to University in, it's to dress up a BG. (For sexual purposes)
  15. Can anyone reccomend a BKK hotel with an in room jacuzzi? (girl friendly, obviously) Thanks
  16. Why do people post frede? When I post? If frede is some other poster and you think I'm him, you are wrong. I'm sure the mods can confirm it.
  17. Yeah? That's great, I'm pleased for you.
  18. Anyone fancy a 3some with a BG this week? An Eden / Tulip sort of girl, so something a bit hardcore. Straight, no bi stuff please. Looks, age not important. Serious offer, have done this a few times.
  19. Has anyone got Dao's contact details by any chance? She doesnt seem to be at Tulip these days. cheers
  20. Well i really needed a pee, so i suppose it was more of a relief than a pleasure.
  21. Im not broke, im just sad for the world. Because its gone shit.
  22. Yeah thats true. Although he says he pays 1000 on the forums. I love this thread. Self described "suave" and "savvy" traveller explains to the great unwashed how to save 50 baht on a taxi. http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/154-arriving-in-bkk-and-need-taxi/ Local dont agree. What do they know? Yeah yeah, a tranny forum.
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