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  1. Was very happy to find that for 1000 bht i could fuck one of the girls in SOL in one of the boothes. A really creepy Indian guy stood a bit too close to us and pulled himself off throughout.
  2. .. a beer bar girl I know. She is 36, looks younger, has had a kid and is open to anything. Age, looks, not important, but lets have 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 nose etc, eh?... The action will get pretty rough to be honest, so not for the easily offended / prudent. PM me, cheers
  3. i notice baronbonk quoted my tale in Sukhumvit Eye this issue I have one question, where is my royalty cheque???
  4. Went in 10 bars tonight and smoked in every single one of them, sadly no cunt bothered me so i could not re-use me line. Hey ghelseth, if you see me smoking somewhere come and say something to me, ill send you a pic by pm so you recognise me
  5. I would let him indeed get away with it, especially if he was wearing a cravat. I just cant stand guys who come here for 2 weeks in the year and feel duty bound to share their "wisdom" with one and all. Im a lot less angry about this than it appears in type, btw.
  6. Well i live here, and im not going to let a fucking tourist (wearing shorts, would you believe??) tell me what i can and cannot do in my local when i am having a smoke with the fucking owner. A few more beers inside me and i would have kicked him up and down soi 4 until i got bored. As for ghelseth, i sense you may well get a lot more trouble than you bargained for if you start telling tales to the excellent and not at all corrupt Bangkok police force...
  7. I had a loudmouth Aussie come up to me while i was smoking in a bar a few nights ago. He was in his 40's with a nice little issan lady he had picked up from the plaza. "did you smoking in bar's is illegal in Thailand now?" he enquired "yes, and did you know prostitution is also illegal in Thailand?" i retorted that shut him up, cunt
  8. I dont know you of course, but i think you have done and really brave and important thing by revealing this (and by getting tested in the 1st place and not just living in denial and passing it on) I was just gonna post how you are more likely to die of old age rather than an HIV related illness, but u stole my thunder. I hope you keep posting here and hope these asshoole "macho" barebackers will take note. Good luck to you , if u want a pint anytime gimmie a shout* *please note this is not an offer of a date lol
  9. Nah, he got the 1st test done somewhere in eastern Europe, Moldova i think, then lived in SE Asia then went back to the UK after 7 years Thats probably not the whole story, just how he tells it.
  10. Very sorry to hear your news, i dont wanna give you false hope or anything, but my friend was tested as HIV positive, had it confirmed 3 months later, went thru hell and back for a long time Then 7 years later, he had a blood test for something else and it was found to be Hepatitis C he had, rather than HIV
  11. Yeah it is a lot more ummmmmm, whats the word?? Seems quite easy to loose it there, more so that Bangkok. For me anyway
  12. Great read that, just got back from my 1st weekend in Pattaya.......didnt get a wink of sleep and really paying for it now, but what a weekend it was!
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