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  1. panadolsandwich

    Germany Thread

    So that's where we are at? I spent the whole of last night suturing people in emergency in the hospital. This is in the relative calm of Australia. I had thought better of you until I read your disgraceful sentiments. People are easily influenced. I suppose I was wanting you to be a nice guy - you've made some entertaining posts with that characteristic style of yours. You've just gone and ruined it all. Bigotry I won't stand by. And who gave you the wherewithal to stand up and say these things? You should be happy that the rest of the world is considering your application for readmission to the human race. That is if you consider Germany yours, which I find pathetic. I have to deal with violence, hatred and vitriol all the time. I just don't see why I always have to deal with the aftermath of your rhetoric, the blood the pain the death. I want to ask you a very genuine question - why? Because at this stage, there is absolutely nothing you can do or say to justify what you've written.
  2. Just enforce the law. Arrest, blacklist and deport them. If cost of deporting them is a problem, I'd definitely donate to the cause. Also, whilst you may deplore the sale of 'free' hugs - no one of any intelligence would believe that for a second - it's prostitution. The blindfold is so they can't be identified in the news.
  3. panadolsandwich

    Germany Thread

    Thanks for your well informed post. I think why Finland does so well is because they encourage critical thinking, limit school hours and let kids be kids. Here's an odd idea - teach kids how to learn. Ask them interesting questions. Get them to think. Years ago I was on one of those old minibuses going to my village. It was a hot day, but the air con was superb. The roof panel above my head was missing and it revealed an ingenious plumbing system built entirely out of rubbish - old plastic bottles, off cuts of hosing, plastic pipe, even strings of rattan. I was mightily impressed, but saddened at the same time.
  4. panadolsandwich

    Germany Thread

    What you have successfully identified, is that the problem is largely cultural, not intellectual. You may forget that you benefited from an excellent education (as displayed by your excellent English that you keep needlessly apologizing for). I agree with you, it must be hard to come to a country and assimilate effortlessly. Rather then write them off as low IQ individuals, why not educate and train them? I find your description, "Many lack the ability and also the will, e.g. in a company, to align themselves and subordinate, to follow instructions of a superior, etc..." more than a little bit disturbing. I completely disregard IQ tests. When I interview junior doctors I talk to them. I might ask them what a gene is or some other innocuous question. I generally get an informal response. Then I ask them for a technical response. Just an example. Most fail btw. But what I'm looking for is how they react - do they bluster?; do they foolishly try to string me along?; or do they simply admit they don't know? What I'm looking for is honesty. It's fine if you don't know, after all you're a junior person. I was one not so long ago. The answer often depends on cultural issues - some cultures won't ever admit they're wrong. Particularly hierarchical ones - sound familiar?
  5. panadolsandwich

    Nasiadai will be back again

    https://tradingeconomics.com/australia/gdp-per-capita Btw I don't count Switzerland because they are a tax haven. In fact you can find all sorts of lists that include Luxembourg, Bermuda, Monaco, etc. above Australia. But what do they really produce? Come on Stick, I thought you were smarter then that - and to quote the CIA is odd. If I were you, I'd be more worried about all the US billionaires that openly brag about buying up New Zealand land and settling there when the US finally explodes. NZ should tell them to fuck off and go and fix their own country. They are the migrants you should fear. Not the refugees who will literally be subject to genocide if they return to their homeland. And btw are just as smart as you and I.
  6. panadolsandwich

    Usa Thread

  7. panadolsandwich

    Usa Thread

    No, the CIA installed the mad ayatollahs. Iranian women are hot. But more to the point; Iranians have an exceptionally young population that want more freedom, fed up with sanctions. A classic move from the US would be to get the CIA to enact a coup. Except it's delirious with the current leadership, dictatorship. It's a real conundrum - how to fuck over a new generation of Iranians. And by the way, the US has proved in an emphatic way that if you don't want your country invaded, the best thing is to have a nuclear program. It's very simple, the young generation simply want a guarantee (which they had), we don't develop nuclear weapons and we get along. If I was Iranian, I'd be developing nuclear weapons ASAP. Either that or getting Russia to umbrella them ( and that joke isn't funny anymore).
  8. panadolsandwich

    Nasiadai will be back again

    There is a lot to go over here. Migration has made Australia a world power. We currently have the highest GDP per person in the world. We are positioned nicely in Asia as a very powerful force. At an Indonesian cabinet meeting the PM exclaimed that if Australia decided to they could drop a half tonne bomb on this very desk. We benefit from migration in multiple ways. It's good for our economy. It's good for our society who seeks to understand the world. We make connections with all parts of the planet. Of course I disagree with our no boat policy - which is simply not humanitarian and voids our UN obligations to refugees. But I can't abide by your assessment that refugees are "85 to 95%" IQ. You might be surprised by this - but you are not a master race. In fact, it will probably take Germans more than 100 years to simply apply for readmission to the human race. And surprisingly it will be the immigrants that will act as that catalyst. Finally (because I can't help myself), "the ultimate expression of deeper fundamental Infantilization " is coming from the Sigmund Freud. Your comments remind me of wish fulfillment's and underlying repression. As a projection, infantile forms a central tenet of the Oedipus complex. Whilst I disagree with most of his theories, this one strangely concurs.
  9. panadolsandwich

    If you like watching porn, don't study medicine

    Oh this is advice for our clueless friend Muff Richardson, the ephemeral but enigmatically reoccurring friend we all have. And besides, who doesn't like Muff. I even own a guitar pedal called the Big Muff. Richardson keeps a low profile, but keep an eye out for the guy - he's a bit clueless (but in a good way )
  10. Indeed, I was watching this Japanese video - this chick has white creamy skin, large natural boobs, an hourglass figure, very beautiful eyes - the type of model you see standing beside a super car in a bikini at a car show. When as the Japanese do, they'd gone through all the sex toys, even examined her with a speculum, I'd jotted down a laundry list of STD's that required immediate treatment. None the least of which were genital herpes, syphilis open chancre, genital warts, no doubt chlamydia. The presence of these diseases amplifies the risk of transferring HIV of course. And these clueless Japanese guys are examining it all, and then queuing up to pump their junk into her. Oh well, som nom na I suppose. So you can understand, I'm not a particularly big porn fan. It's not that I'm against it or anything, it's just so tawdry as to be depressing. My advise, especially if you have your beer goggles on, leave well enough alone, and if you must, put two condoms on your todger (even that isn't as safe as you think).
  11. panadolsandwich

    Thailand finally has a government!

    But where is the invisible hand in this?
  12. I always fly Eva when coming from LA. In my opinion the best economy air service. This guy took advantage of it. Although Karma can be a bitch. I don't really like people fat shaming people. Around 30% of people in the Western world are classified as obese. Processed food is a big problem. When it's cheaper to buy a hamburger and fries, rather then a cabbage or a stick of broccoli is it any wonder? Having said that - this guy was clearly exploiting his obese status and the kind service of Eva to somehow get some species of enjoyment out of it. That fact that he irreparably mentally damaged these young girls didn't bother him. He should have been arrested when the plane landed for sexual harassment.
  13. panadolsandwich

    Stray puppy rescued swimming 200 km off shore in Thailand

    I'd suggest taking him even further inland than Khon Kaen. The Thai lotus garland (or is it marigold, I never remember) around his neck was a nice touch. He looks overjoyed as well. Good Boy!!!! He would be useful for transferring consignments between neighbouring countries.
  14. panadolsandwich

    I believe in love here

    Besides all my life is just a series of compromises anyhow. Accept bigotry. Accept racism. Accept Xenophobia. It's a sham, and I accept it all. There's no reason to cower to authority. I've got everything I wanted. I feel no pain - because apathy is the only thing I experience.
  15. panadolsandwich

    I believe in love here

    So was Flashy, but I'm presuming you were young guys with devil may care attitudes. I'll happily walk into a wretched hive of scum and villainy simply because I can. I walked through the slums of Cambodia actually wishing someone would rob me. I simply just made friends. Yes I know friends in low places. Most of the high places are really the people that have deep chlorine breath and were all the time my enemies. All the time what I mistook as friendly pats on my back, were merely the hands that pushed me further and further down.