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  1. Okay good - that's a relief. Hi Shibuya, yes what you are referring to is the monsoon and typically the wettest month is October. It's caused by melting ice in the Himalayas which wends their way to the sea mixing with warmer waters in the Indonesia archipelago. Gradually the monsoon will progress down under putting out bushfires and sparking renewal for all types of flora and fauna. In the top end we start to see it in late October, but more likely November. When it comes it can destroy roads and bridges and if you are unlucky leave you trapped at work until it lets off (or alternatively lucky because you can't get to work).
  2. Surely I'm misreading this - are you saying the sea level isn't getting higher? I hope not. It's scientifically proven to be getting higher. The polar ice is melting - where does the water go? There is a global network of tide gauges, satellites designed to monitor this. Also with global warming the oceans are thermally expanding owing to the property of water to increase volume at higher temperature. There is absolutely no question the sea level is rising. Go talk to the good people from Kiribati who recently purchased land from Fiji because their land is going to disappear. In fact I hear land is cheap there, why not buy some and take advantage of all the suckers who believe the sea level is rising? But as I say, I hope I just misinterpreted what you were saying.
  3. Well the delta that extends form North to South, the Chao Praya delta fed the extensive canal system of Bangkok. Correct me if I'm wrong but in an effort 'modernize' the city which by many contemporary reports was a 'Venice in the East', a lot of the canals were filled in and paved over. In the period of Rama V. So Flash - what's wrong with more rail lines? Makes sense to me. Get more people onto public transport. It should appeal to people as well because instead of paying attention to driving, they could be reading a book, communicating with a friend etc. More fully engaged then say listening to an audio book on the car stereo.
  4. All dutch trains are now wind powered. One cycle of a fan can propel a train over one kilometer. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/10/dutch-trains-100-percent-wind-powered-ns. Thailand should really be looking into this as well. A good example of an investment in infrastructure that will easily pay itself off over time and less deaths from air pollution (which no one ever factors into capital funding - basically because they don't give a shit, all though simple regulations could make them give a shit).
  5. Yeah I remember something like ten years ago there was outrage by city people because of all the crop and rubbish burning going on in the north of the country. It seemed like the whole country was blanketed by smog. All the water that hits the north picks up the flotsam and jetsam including chemicals and plastic which then flow south. These problems aren't intractable. With education, better waste management, composting etc. it can all be addressed. The problem with traffic can be mediated in the meantime with better emissions standards. I know that sounds laughable but it could be addressed initially by only allowing the sale of new cars and motorbikes to stricter standards. Hybrid vehicles are gaining popularity rapidly in the West simply because they're use less fuel, which is becoming much more expensive year upon year. Having said that, Thailand have made enormous leaps forward with their world class BTS and MRT systems. When I got on the train from the airport in Sydney to the city I was ashamed of how old, dirty and debilitated it was in comparison. I've heard they have plans for high speed rail to Udon Thani as well which would be a very welcome alternative to flying.
  6. It's a massive problem. In India and China alone there are over 3 million deaths attributed to air pollution (https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2017-11-09/air-pollution-kills-the-most-people-in-these-countries). Economists, that dismal science call it an externalization or something like that. Basically the cost of your business is externalized, that is socialized in that the tax payers pay the cost whilst the industry reaps the profits - sounds familiar? When China started to close down rare earth mines there was an enormous outcry in the Western media. They said pretty soon you won't be able to buy a phone or a computer thanks to China (fear). They cast doubt on the reliability of supplies (uncertainty and doubt). And they played on the name rare because you were meant to believe on China has them (misinformation). The reality is rare earths are one of the most abundant mineral in the entire earth's crust. The name rare was simply a description of how much of the minerals were present. Not much, so hence the name rare. In order to mine rare earths accordingly it takes vast swathes of land that could be otherwise used for arable purposes. If topsoil isn't stockpiled properly - which again takes up a lot of space, it will simply be destroyed. If water isn't regularly tested and monitored before it's allowed to be released it will pollute everything downstream. So China, not out of wanting to be a good global nation finally realized that if they can't feed their own people they wouldn't have much power anymore. The obvious thing to do was to can rare earths. Almost the same for coal. I laugh out loud when I hear people praising China for their green initiatives. They are literally doing it for their own survival. The amount of arable land is something like 2 squared meters per capita. Going a bit off topic here but all this bullshit about China becoming a superpower is the media wanting you to think that. Their first attempt at building an aircraft carrier was a farce. There is a good reason they are encroaching on the little isles that are in the international seaways. It's a trial balloon and the West should address this immediately. The moment China faces economic sanctions all their power evaporates. Anyhow sorry for such a long post, and pretty much off topic. We are pretty much all paying for the vested interests in fossil fuels to get the most return on their capital. It's infuriating, you might watch a BP ad and think you're watching a Greenpeace ad. Both organizations I equally despise btw.
  7. Well I hope the police are centering their investigations on Patpong. Sorry, it is a serious topic. I'm glad whoever is responsible have decided to use non-lethal force. It appears the Mahanakorn Tower was targeted. Anyone here know why that would be?
  8. Cambodian girls are quite busty. I often wonder why so many guys are obsessed with breasts. Perhaps they weren't breast fed? Also if you weren't breast fed then how does that correlate with penis size if at all? Penis size and cars appear to correlate quite well. First thing I look for in a woman is figure. I look for the classic hourglass figure which most Asian ladies have. Pear shaped is a big no-no. If the proportions are balanced I'll introduce myself and get a rough essay of her thoughts, personality, sense of humour etc. Only then would the size of her boobs really come into any calculation. And I wouldn't say the bigger the better quite honestly. I don't believe there is any evidence to support it - but a widely held western belief is that big boobs equals zero intellect. It does appear to be rather infantile to prefer big boobs over everything else - but ask yourself, how many guys have you met that go ecstatic about a big pair of boobs? And this is coming from someone who owing to his appreciation of a busty woman almost was flattened by an 18 wheeler because I wasn't paying attention to the road. I can genuinely say I was a split-second away from dying because of big boobs. I might even put a chapter of this into my book I'm writing - 'The seven necessary habits - an exhortation for the world to shag and live in peace'.
  9. Hi there Nasiadai, I'm sorry I wasn't singling you out. I was more referring to the song and it's disturbing lyrics. With regard to to the German question you are of course right. It was fairly recent history in the scheme of things and on a scale that was horrendous, but yes look what colonialism has done! Also US military adventures after WWII. I visited the war museum in Hanoi and was fairly shocked by a lot of the photographic evidence. The use of napalm and agent orange which is still causing birth defects fifty years later. That along with the secret bombing of Cambodia which precipitated the Khmer Rouge. Then the pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan eerily mirrored the Vietnam. Just my humble opinion but if they wanted a theater in the Middle East they should have went after Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. But the reason I suppose I hark back to Germany was just the sheer size of the extermination, and the sheer determination to enact it. Six million Jews, seven million Soviet civilians. I mean all this under the auspices of the German people. So when you see any kind of sign of that type of sentiment coming back in German culture, it is frightening. All this happened less then a 100 years ago, hardly the annals of ancient history. But yeah, I do apologize if you feel I was singling you out, as I've described above, it was more the song that set me off. Anyhow I have quite a few German friends, and really like the culture. I stayed in Berlin for six months when I was a teenager and I had the time of my life. And now we've got Oktoberfest to celebrate, so break out lederhosen and the beer steins and drink up!
  10. Ahhhahhahhhaaaa. A very disturbing song with a catchy tune, considering recent history. I must admit the German zeitgeist, or rather I'd say conceit is one I find exceptionally revolting. Yes you are welcome back to the human race, but with songs like this I question if you really should be.
  11. Hi there Nasiadai, Actually it should read Who are Pattay-addicts, however I'm a big fan of the recent Sacha Baron Cohen tv show 'Who is America', so yeah I called it that. I do sympathize, English is a second language for me, well technically a third language, and I don't claim to be particularly good at it. Other people tend to think I'm using 'complicated' words and complain. I read a lot, and it's actually more work to 'dumb down' my posts than vice versa funnily enough. I do use slang, which i can understand is frustrating to a non-English speaking person. I humbly apologize. And living in Australia there are some rough speaking colloquialisms. I don't particularly discriminate, I spent a lot of time in Britain, and I'll just as likely tell them tae git to fuck, as tell them to pull your head in. In fact I don't particularly like the English language. One of my favourite words is your German backpfeifengesicht which hasn't quite made into English but certainly deserves to do so. But back to the thread - I'd read some true smut on PA about guys basically trying to slip it in the back door on the sly. My post was an attempt to make them realize what a ridiculous thing it is to do whilst also parodying their clumsy efforts. It worked - they were incensed and outraged; which was a bit much in my book when you are basically trying to rape a girl's arse (or ass as the yanks will have it). Can you imagine a guy slapping his chest in outrage for being mocked about raping a girl's anus? But that was the level they were at - so if I needed to descend to their level in order to point out the very ludicrous of it - well so be it.
  12. My cock was huge, if you think the pyramids in Egypt are big, they are merely icebergs to the massiveness of my cock. I put it tenderly to this Cleopatra's twat. Ceasaer said 'Freedom is just a stupid superstition'. But nah, I don't believe such bourgeois tat. I consider freedom as a fundamantal right, and that change, real social change doesn't have to be dialectical, and that the mode of production will maybe some day be responsible for all arcane social phenomena – and then I nutted the bastard. . Anyhow I'm pumping hard – like a champion, her perfume is there and the accoutrements are jangling in a pleasant way – outside the birds are singing, and she's kind of moaning Marc, please Antony put it in my arse – so as my sovereigned ringed tattoed fist guided it to her puckerd arsehole – I unintentially hit one of the maids milling about and set off a chain of events – or maybe a commotion, as I said before I'm pumping hard and I'm nearly about to come in that sweet arse, nothing is further from my mind then coming in that sweet, sweet arse– then that prick Ceasar walks in with his legion . . . Well. You know what I mean.
  13. I was briefly a member of PA before I caused such a stir I bowed out, with a rendition of "I did it my way", Elvis style - I think they wanted to ban me and perhaps they did. Of course I'm a thorny character, like most of you guys I don't tolerate mediocrity. I was surprised when I searched panadolsandwich on google and discovered 7 years after my posts I was still kind of held in some awe there. Particularly articulate posts get described as panadolesque. One guy took some type of the opposite of taking a liking to someone. I really got up his nose, I suppose. Still posting shit about me half a decade later. I do admit I did get to him, under his skin. Rather surprised by that - he was devastated when I left. And of course I immediately forgot the whole episode - but it is interesting to see you can create a legacy in a fashion - and then entirely forget about it. My 'crime' was calling people out on obvious misogyny , greed, violence and cowardice. Oh I also parodied one of their stories, which I copied to here for future reference. For some reason that really infuriated them. This is a small excerpt, the entire thread was brilliant, I had so-called professional fire fighters questioning the details, before I made it apparent that I was taking the piss, insisting that I'd found a time machine and was screwing Cleopatra before Julius Caesar walks in - even then a lot of the PA people were bizarrely trying to discredit my 'story'. Well I kind of do. On PA you might read something posted by neanderthal, "I put my knob end against her arsehole and yelped". So I'm not making this up. I wasn't intentionally taking the piss out of them, just trying to spice things up. I mean with writing like that we'll all die a thousand deaths before we ever acknowledge the reality. I'm a catalyst that's all. Anyhow it's a funny old world, it's nice to have a legacy I suppose, and they are burning a flame for me over there at PA. Just find it amusing I never even thought of them. 555
  14. Well I'm a big boy, but you set a pretty high bar there. Being up to snuff isn't as easy as it looks. And as far as the Mangakino Pub goes, wasn't that Jake 'The Muss's local? Either way I'm always walking in no matter what the trouble, mainly because I'm desperate for a drink.
  15. With chance for reflection, I might have advocated locking it down on a invite only basis. As mentioned there are numerous benefits to this: * a reduced need for moderation * greater privacy (which is oft needed in this world today) * a reduced burden for khunSanuk * keep the riff raff out * long time members increased esteem (there may be some cache in inviting a new comer to a 'secret' club) Cons: * closing it off could potentially kill the site off (via disinterest, members passing on etc.) * newcomers through no fault of their own are frosted out I think we need to look at the reasons for the site failing. I mean look at Pattaya Addicts. Their Barstool Banter page is getting bloody 80,000 views per thread! Sure it is based on smut and racism, misogyny. And the whole thing is demented. It all depends on what you want. I for one like reading Flash, Mekong, Coss, Bubi, and others comments. They are insightful and wise. If you want quality, come to Thai360.
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