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  1. I am absolutely sure he cries a lot when he is alone. Not just because his eyes are always puffed up, but from a simple psychological analysis. There are so many recordings of his behavior it is rather simple. I would estimate his IQ to be perhaps 70 at the most (on the brink of being intellectually disabled) - I'm not being mean here, that is what I genuinely think. But when you couple the low IQ with multiple psychological disorders, normally these kind of people would be put in a care home. So what happens in the USA when someone like that is given $500 million and they wind him up like a clockwork toy to run a slumlord real estate empire? Ever seen the ''Back to the future" films? In 1989 they were already making a mockery of him - and it's eerily prescient. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2015/10/21/believe-back-future-predicted-trumps-run/74359844/
  2. USA is now officially being run by an idiocracy. At this point just grab (or lasso) anyone off the street, and they would be more competent. People like to say that he's suffering dementia, but I completely disagree with this - he has always been a fucking idiot. You could have said at any point of his life that he was suffering dementia. He's always been sick in the head - from kindergarten to now. Given $500 million inheritance (whilst insisting he's a self made man), he's squandered all of it - most likely somewhere nearly $1 billion in debt I'd estimate. Why doesn't he release his tax returns? Even a homeless bum with a couple of bucks in his cup is richer than him.
  3. What a great comment! I especially like your 'ambassadors of misery'. I can't quite mind where I read this quote, most likely from a Russian novel, when a man walked passed an estate - "Even the dogs wouldn't deign to bark at him". The implication being that the dogs had too much contempt and dignity to even bark at him. I mean it's annoying to walk past a house and have a dog relentlessly bark at you; but how would you feel if the dog thought you were below their contempt and wouldn't bother. I mean that's pretty low. So you nailed it on the head. These are people beneath even a dog's contempt. Dogs are loyal, but they do have dignity and great spirit of character.
  4. Coronavirus hits Capitol Hill as 2 GOP lawmakers ‘self-quarantine’ https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/09/politics/coronavirus-donald-trump-health-politics/index.html Karma bites back like a bitch. A coronavirus attendee at the CPAC conference (the place where Republicans huddle together to dream up how next to fuck the public), personally met with Trump, Pence, Cruz, et alia. Lots of handshaking going on. Absolutely brilliant news.
  5. He's got Pence on it. A person responsible for a HIV epidemic in his own State because he wouldn't allow a needle exchange. A man that doesn't believe in science. Or even that the world is older than 6000 years, and thinks dinosaur fossils were put there to test his faith in God. A man that calls his wife mother. Of course it was palmed off to Pence because Trump had already fucked it up, and Pence is a suitable fall guy - the person to take the blame when inevitably the shit hits the fan.
  6. I don't respect anything about them. Ask yourself what motivates them. 🤑 Money. Oh and racism. One of Trump's traits is he hates women; can't stand them. Pelosi expertly manipulates him knowing this. Mind the sarcastic hand clap, or the tearing up of the speech. He's actually scared of her. I mean what a puny excuse for a man. He couldn't even attend a commemoration in France for U.S. soldiers and marines killed during World War One (after the enormous expense of flying his fat arse over there on air force one, and accommodating him) - because he was worried about his hair. Ever heard of an umbrella - oh no well Trump doesn't do umbrellas being too stupid to know how to use one. Personally I'm glad he didn't come to it - Muff said he was scared about going there because someone mentioned they might actually rise from their graves when he started talking. Come on Muff, don't be so credulous. Hmmm . . . . does have a ring of truth to it though. . .
  7. Okay Steve, fully understand what you are saying. If you haven't seen this clip of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes yet, it's pretty damn funny, and a real dressing down of Hollywood.
  8. I'm sorry, will have to correct you there. Poor judgement is made often *without* knowing - in fact that is the most likely scenario - you make a mistake by misjudging from too little evidence (or most likely too little curiosity/intelligence). I'd also go so far to say is if you did disregard someone's reputation despite knowing about it that you are complicit with them.
  9. You are right of course. It's a poor habit of mine to expect people to see what I do. Think movie mogul, think casting couch? Not to mention the fact it was a pretty open secret that he was sexually abusing women for favours. I was merely suggesting she'd been closeted from this (which is fair enough), and that she was credulous. First lady, look as pretty as you can and say what you think people want you to say - pretty easy fucking job in my opinion. Getting them to think for themselves? That is actually nearly impossible. Clearly someone told her the things to say, and she said them. Doesn't make her such a horrible person - not very bright - yes.
  10. She's a poor judge of character. Most people are in my experience. So she was gulled? No doubt. You don't give a reference to someone you don't know. A rather ill advised comment IMO. But you are right, Obama is long gone, so what difference does it make? None. It doesn't diminish the fact that he is a convicted rapist, currently residing in Rikers.
  11. Yawn, another comment with no commentary. I hope you've been practising your banjo. This duel will be bigger than the fourth of July.
  12. I know this is a funny story, and glad to see the woman also laughed at it. You have to ask yourself, if she'd never found out would it have even mattered? I mean it provided her with immense satisfaction, and gave her the momentum to actually become successful at growing them. There is the question of why she never noticed any growth over a two year period - quite odd. To be fair they do grow slowly, especially in more colder climes. In a way it's a metaphor for modern life - fake tits, fake hair colours, fake coloured contact lenses. Fake love bought with 2 thousand baht slipped into a purse. The point is we don't really want to discover the reality of it - because that will spoil the illusion. Well I imagine most people think like that. Or I could be mistaken.
  13. It's already been written. Convicted rapist and disgraced movie mogul, dies in his cell after guards fall asleep and CCTV cameras become dysfunctional. It's believed it was owing to autoerotic asphyxiation, the coroner believed. When asked whether the victim might have been garrotted, he replied well, hmmm, no. . .
  14. It will, unless something happens to dethrone the US as the biggest economy in the world. I mean I haven't particularly examined that scenario, it's been too risky this last year with Trump mouthing off and the interest rate differential - just seems too much of a risk to me. Sure use some play money to toy with it - but be aware the real players know a hell of a lot more than you do. Interesting you mention gold. And here I'll ask you a question - what happened between say years 2000 to 2010? Of course I have my own ideas, but I'm always interested in another perspective.
  15. I trade quite a bit myself. With interest rates so low it only makes good sense. I don't read the media meant for the bams. No I go to the trade journals they pass around themselves. Extremely dry, and written in a species of dialect, but not too hard to decode - they could use a better code, but there are so many incompetent fools - well you have to work with what you're given. Let me translate this for you. Everyone is expecting a crash. Their advise to each other is make as much as you can while the going is good, but be savvy enough to pull out when it starts to slide. I mean this is published in journals not hard to find - but I guess not many people look.
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