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  1. I always fly Eva when coming from LA. In my opinion the best economy air service. This guy took advantage of it. Although Karma can be a bitch. I don't really like people fat shaming people. Around 30% of people in the Western world are classified as obese. Processed food is a big problem. When it's cheaper to buy a hamburger and fries, rather then a cabbage or a stick of broccoli is it any wonder? Having said that - this guy was clearly exploiting his obese status and the kind service of Eva to somehow get some species of enjoyment out of it. That fact that he irreparably mentally damaged these young girls didn't bother him. He should have been arrested when the plane landed for sexual harassment.
  2. panadolsandwich

    Stray puppy rescued swimming 200 km off shore in Thailand

    I'd suggest taking him even further inland than Khon Kaen. The Thai lotus garland (or is it marigold, I never remember) around his neck was a nice touch. He looks overjoyed as well. Good Boy!!!! He would be useful for transferring consignments between neighbouring countries.
  3. panadolsandwich

    Her shadow is always with her

    Sorry if none of this makes sense. I always have the forethought to get smashed on Good Friday - if only to piss off those God bothering bastards - and I've got a clever scheme to deal with them too. The other thing is, people seem to care about my quality as a writer. Particularly those Pattaya Addicts. I never said I was I writer, I'm just reasonably intelligent, and I even discount that. If my use of words is uncommon it's because I don't particularly care. I think that's why I excel so much at languages - I just go ahead and force my way through come hell or high water. I can certainly get my point across, that's all I really care about. Besides I've got higher paying jobs then being a lowly writer. Look at Stephen King, not exactly considered a literate man; his last or only decent book was The Shining, apart from his Richard Bachman work, which his most excellent work, even though he didn't deign to put his name to it (what an idiot). And that was nigh on 40 years ago. What has he written since? Alcoholic, drug driven bullshit, that is what. He writes to a formula - with AI these days, we don't even need him to do that. Or even ask him too.
  4. panadolsandwich

    Her shadow is always with her

    555, I'm a world renowned surgeon. I've saved more lives than any body would care for. I've got no excuse to make. I'm only young, but I could retire right now. I'm an exemplar. So while I drink on this "Good" Friday, I might ponder the fate of Thai 360. Let's spin it on its axis. And thank fuck I'm not your surgeon in the next couple of days.
  5. panadolsandwich

    Her shadow is always with her

    I just don't understand why people can be so foolhardy; or stubbornly foolish and childlike. Take a step up for Christ's sake and for one clear moment take responsibility for your own problems. It's not too much to ask is it? If you can't do that - then tell me what we're all here for? Just at least try to do that.
  6. panadolsandwich

    Her shadow is always with her

    Nothing lasts forever. Just look at the mirror, and try to tell me why we do what we do. I challenge you . What if you give give all and get nothing back? You're a stupid useless bastard, that I won't waste anytime on. Sounds fair enough doesn't it?. Most posts here are childish requests I would expect from pre adolescents. She stole money from my wallet. She wouldn't give me the time the day after I payed her 6000 baht. She wouldn't drink the soy milk I bought her! I've pracistised surgery on more than 5000 patients, probably much more, I don't need to invent any excuse why I should be here. I lot of them where African. So put that up your pipe and smoke it. Several thousand were Caucasian.
  7. panadolsandwich

    Her shadow is always with her

    Most thai girls are smarter than you. You may not like that, but you're an idiot if you don't see it. So frightened that he won't love her, she builds up a wall. I'm not anti-American I'm just reasonably intelligent. You've got a fucking moron in the White House, why don't you sort that out?
  8. panadolsandwich

    I believe in love here

    Besides all my life is just a series of compromises anyhow. Accept bigotry. Accept racism. Accept Xenophobia. It's a sham, and I accept it all. There's no reason to cower to authority. I've got everything I wanted. I feel no pain - because apathy is the only thing I experience.
  9. panadolsandwich

    I believe in love here

    So was Flashy, but I'm presuming you were young guys with devil may care attitudes. I'll happily walk into a wretched hive of scum and villainy simply because I can. I walked through the slums of Cambodia actually wishing someone would rob me. I simply just made friends. Yes I know friends in low places. Most of the high places are really the people that have deep chlorine breath and were all the time my enemies. All the time what I mistook as friendly pats on my back, were merely the hands that pushed me further and further down.
  10. You and I can fly through the skies - we'll be the wild ones, and then be the new generation. Yes this is an unusual offer. But Thailand is awfully messed up. You're the most lucid person I've spoken to. And I speak about 10 languages. Send me a pm if you care too. I'm almost hoping you don't, I'm insured.
  11. Well I was describing it for the majority. Wait - were we in a medical lecture?
  12. panadolsandwich

    I believe in love here

    I drink like George Best, and dance like John Travolta.
  13. panadolsandwich

    I believe in love here

    And yes, I have had plenty of girlfriends while married. But what you don't mind is that everything will flow. It's just they way things go. I've had pregnancy proposals from Mums in the village. Have sex with my daughter for free. Photo, mobile number and everything. And you know Mum won't allow her daughter to thwart her. It always left me nauseous. What a sick mentality. I never really considered myself a handsome man, well Scandinavian, and well built, blue eyes and blonde hair. I suppose there is an appeal there. But a curious intelligence, never allowed me to think of that. I'm much more empathetic of other people than myself. It's why I like Fiery Jacks poetic posts so much. He is the best writer on this board.
  14. panadolsandwich

    I believe in love here

    Also, I will further exonerate Stick. I really feel he attempted to make things right in the end. I wouldn't have walked down that path, surely I had more opportunities in life, alma maters. I became a surgeon at the tender age of 28. I worked for Médecins sans frontières, for many years, mostly in Africa. I witnessed all these sickening things. However I could never challenge the awful things going on in Thailand. My posts have become a race to catch up with my morality. For whatever that is worth. There is an undeniable proof of bad people coming to Thailand. I don't even know if care anymore. They can rot in hell.