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  1. Hey Pana, can you just step in the office for a mo? Nah, you caught me at a bad moment. Well that was kind of what I wanted to talk you about. What yeah - I'll admit I'm shagging the receptionist. Next question. Well that wasn't really... And your wife - here's the photos if you don't believe me. So if that's all, you know what, here's five pence, I'm sure you will need it more than I. Consider it... consider it my remittance.
  2. And there is footage, I can't find it now, but of me beating a man in a koala suit on Victoria bridge. I mean the police were so bemused they were laughing and trying to fight me off at the same time. What they couldn't have known is I was trying to throw the guy over the railings - after a good thrashing of course. And it all was because I said try shaking your box in front of the queen. I mean - the guy is in a koala suit - who was I to know he was a royal fanaticist. So I shook his hand - well his paw, after parting in amicable terms and putting my small change in his little box - all under the guidance and supervision of the yeah get this - the Queensland police force. And who ever said that knowing the queen would be unuseful?
  3. I wish this every day. She's loaded, and she won't kindly fuck off. No not her - she would rather sell her country down the river pretending to not give one solitary fuck. And yes I did meet the 'lady', owing to my own royal heritage in scandanavia. I mind being bored to fucking death.
  4. English is like a fifth language - - I dip a toe in in a foreign language, I come out soaking wet. I'm immensely sorry if I offended anyone. I was just slinging the bat.; I'm your brother don't you know? She's my sister, she's my sister don't you know?
  5. And yeah fine, we fucked, we fucking fucked okay? And I didn't say you were cheap which you endlessly claim. I said in bad French that this whole situation was cheap. You never bothered to work out the context
  6. I don't tend to age. It must be some genetic deal. I'm not saying I'm not juvenile - because in a fashion I could outpace Fiery Jack in that regard - no disrespect intended. Or Buffalo Bill, as above. I'm just merely saying that I pretty much look the same after twenty years. And what did I do with it? Well I certainly didn't stint myself. But - yeah - the irony isn't lost on me - trying to drink yourself to death is actually fairly fucking hard. And despite myself, I made a success - and knowing what I know, I can do it all again, except better this time. You could even say I've got a fucking moral duty to do it - but that would be going too far.
  7. I suppose, the end is near... well we can't be certain - I life was full. I traveled East, but I squared it with the West. I'm crying into my guinness, to think I did all that and I took the blows with the awesome goood. Regretttstss yeaah I had 'em, far tooo many too mention = butt I loved, I'm afraid , my share of losing - and after all - whaaaat is a mannnn? If he can stand up for what he'sss goooot - and letttttt the recordsssss showwwww I daddd it myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  8. Hey Nong or Pi! I need scarves and water! What happened here? It's more like a clinic than a bar. And what was that you're having? How can things be antiseptic and sordid at the same time? Oh one of those lady drinks, well nowt mind. I'm moving into early Motown myself. What am I doing here again - oh your name is Fon. Well why does it always rain on me? Jesus Nong, Nong!!! You've gotta make up your mind sister, some more water! and one of those awful lady drinks for your good self! Jesus!!! is this bar dry?- I'm passing out here. Yeah a bottle of Jack, and on the rocks - well yeah obviously not the entire bottle but not necessarily a bad idea now that I think of it, and give me four pints of guinness. Don't know why you take so long to pour 'em. Jesus!!! when I'm having a Guinness, I want to be having a guinness - is there some parallel universe Fon where you can enjoy a guinness, whilst having a guinness? You need a another lady drink to think that over? What you'll have a guinness, well this night is looking up...
  9. Anyhow, welcome to the board bar, I'll be having a pint thanks...
  10. Yeah and like I'm to blame when I sleep like a Thai man with my wallet under my pillow because I showed every slut from the north to the south how an intellectually disabled child could crack the room safe.
  11. Never fear, just a case of acute paranoia a healthy dose, when the bell boy - Jesus they still have bell boys?, wakes me up to too early in the morning to do yet another visa run. And thank fuck that miserable nightmare has been put to bed - and I've tried to find a bell girl, but believe me it just doesn't work - unreliable and you have to kick them out of the room before they steal your watch, and try to remember how much you owe em.
  12. I don't know how he managed it. Perhaps like a farmer mending a fence he weaved it into my very own DNA. All those short chain molecules and monomers. Over a beer, I could describe how to make them into polymers. We burn them for what? Like savages we burn them, until we realize they were better off for other things - like condoms. But condoms fail. It's alright never mind, I'm man from Scandinavia - I want girl in the Laos area, I'm Virgo and I'm hilarious, must be Sagittarius uno dos tres cuatro cinco cinco seis
  13. It's time to stand up America. Yeah don't worry God loves you. Just stand up with pride. Stand up. It's time to stand up and fight. Because I am an optimist. The founding 'fathers' were rather clever in deriving a self-correcting constitution; and it will self correct - if only actual Americans care about it. I'm not willing to call it a day and Jesus, I'm not even American. Just reasonably intelligent I suppose.
  14. Florence Nightingale: I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse. Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump The failing @nytimes should be focused on good reporting and the papers financial survival and not with constant hits on Donald Trump!
  15. Ummm, I like James Brown, but he's saying superhighways, coast to coast, transcontinental overload - easy to get anywhere; you might stumble on the promised land - New York, Kansas city!. Jesus! The Italian Stallion! reminds Apollo (a frigging greek god) that he has to destroy the dastardly russian. Of course the puny Russian won't be able to fight Rocky - whom it appears defines the word courage. Drago proceeds to beat nine shades of living hell on Apollo!; whilst Rocky watches on - so yeah - nothing has changed; living in America. Well, except I really do like James Brown.
  16. Of course we all remember this movie - Rocky IV, which is prescient in so many ways. Great song though, James Brown - Living in America. And on a personal note - probably not a great idea to dance before a fight. Although I do like the bull's head blowing smoke through the nostrils. Still as a metaphor, it entirely encapsulates America's arrogance to a tee. Here is a clip to refresh your memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEtJ0GiOp64
  17. Guess I'm missing the point here but I've been treated for no cost, just like in Australia. Heaps of medicines, and surgery also, my wife just showed the family book. I don't know why people misrepresent this. I suppose I'm very well respected in the community but still. I'm about as farang as they come, Scandinavian blonde hair, bright blue eyes, Nordic skin. People jump out of their skin when I talk to them in their own language. Don't forget you are a culture shock to them - ask them out for a date 🙂
  18. It sounds like you're guilty for introducing him to Thailand. Are you crazy? You gave this guy a new lease on life! Also he helped this girl by buying this girl a house and commit to renovating it. You know, he might have been happy doing this for her and had some satisfaction of a job well done. You can't take it with you. It sounds preposterous but maybe he was reliving his early life - all the time knowing he'll be dead soon. I mean if the way I go out is having some hot chick riding me...
  19. I tend to eschew the internet these days using only a handful of whitelisted sites for things like weather, email, data feeds and so forth. I've successfully avoided things like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Waste of bloody time. Because man, every time I start to look around, it's a sick, sick world out there, and just when I think it can't get sicker I hear about the Incel. Incel stands for "Involuntarily Celibate". Apparently they wish to avoid the whole business of establishing rapport with one another, maybe gently taking a girls hand on a nice breezy days walk through a park, the sharing an ice cream or meal, the tense and nervous time before you both discover you want that first kiss. No, they just want hardcore sex and they want it now, because - and get this - they are completely entitled to it - and this is what I don't understand. I mean even the dumbest Pattaya Addict board member knows that if you want to skip all that stuff, you'd better lay some cash on the table. They resent and are jealous of the fact that guys with girlfriends are 'getting it for free', which any normal guy knows is completely untrue. Girls can be a hell of a lot of work, you can do the tiniest thing wrong and endure the wrath from it for quite literally years. And God forbid you get married because you could end up living with an ungrateful woman that will decide to ditch the diet, not give you any sex and nag you until you enter an early grave (or escape to Thailand ) - then they'll viciously put you through the wringer using your money to lawyer up and taking everything you've worked for. Not saying that happens to everyone of course, but is well known to happen. Seems bloody expensive to me. It's such a preposterous situation - a seething cabal of frustrated guys beating themselves off to porn and complaining to each other how they are getting rejected by girls when they are not even trying. I think it's that they don't even really see girls as human beings. You know people you can actually walk up to smile and have a chat and flirt with while sharing a drink. Also for christ's sake these guys need to learn to handle rejection and be a bit patient. I think what they don't understand is that if you are rejected it's not always the final say. I've been with a lot girls that were just in a bad mood when you ask them and just needed a bit of time to think. I'd just say no problem and give her a bit of soft soap about how you're such an interesting person - next thing I know, it might take a day or a week, she's ramming her tongue down my throat. But yeah, if you're to dumb to realize that, then be an Incel. What a fucking joke.
  20. Don't worry, I had to sing God Save the UK Queen when I was living in a remote English outpost - on parade in rain or shine. A ridiculous farce, I minded thinking at the time it was like wishing the tooth fairy would save santa clause from a chimney accident. When I was commissioned in the army, I was asked to swear allegiance to the UK Queen and I know it's all pomp and ceremony but you know - what fucking century are we living in? I mean Jesus if I had the chance again, I'd go back and swear allegiance to Jake the Muss. At least that fella was the real deal. And yes technically the UK queen is a human being, but she is also a contemptible parasite who believes she is of a higher order than you and I. I mean for that very reason alone I completely despise the British. I do wish to make it completely clear I'm talking entirely about the British monarchy. Of course as a foreigner and journeyman in Thailand I completely and utterly respect the Thai King, as do everyone I know. I know you are in mourning, many of my friends are Kiwis, I think they send the better ones over the Tasman Very talented well educated guys that I would literally trust with my life. I just wish you guys wouldn't put all your eggs in the one basket. Winning all the time and choking when it counts is an unfortunate Kiwi trait. And believe me, when Australia was knocked out, I wanted you guys to win. And now I have to bloody support South Africa.
  21. When Kennedy spoke, you'd hear America shout. Do US citizens have no memory or pride anymore? Ask yourself - why the hell is the American decline so steep?
  22. Yeah, I don't know, it's so difficult to tell what really is going on because in my opinion the whole study of economists is a sham. It's so intertwined with politics and conspiracy theories. Normally to understand something like this I'd read a peer reviewed journal, but a lot of those researchers (like the infamous Chicago university) - well they are just paid shills. If you want research funding, well then you'd better toe the line! They use terms like 'Free Enterprise', which in reality is government paid research given away to private companies to profit from - another tax payer intercept. The whole field is mined with such obfuscated terms, it's almost like another language, and most people don't question it or understand it. I am interested in it, and I can understand it, but it's demoralizing how much they try to ensure you won't. They don't call it the dismal science for nothing. Now don't judge for this because there is so much propaganda and such, but being bloody minded, I've started from the beginning and I've been reading a lot of Karl Marx, Adam Smith etc. Doing this I'm slowly grasping what is going on, but it's a steep learning curve. My suspicion is the US had a very large role in the modern system. The notorious meeting on Jeckyll Island for example. But I confess I don't really know that much about it. I'm on commenting on the current state of the US economy, but I do take the point that I don't know enough about the history to really debate it.
  23. Hey Cav, who do you think drives the worldwide banking system? I'm really interested in hearing your answer.
  24. The new mafia - Wall Street. One of the ways the mafia used to make their money (well still do) was by forcing themselves into a middle man position. This didn't particularly hurt the business they were disrupting either. Let me give you an example. Say the mafia notices that bread is being sold for 90 cents a loaf. Bakeries compete against one another so there is a natural resistance to selling at a higher price. The mafia will come in and say from now on the price is $1.00. And all they ask is for a 1 cent commission per loaf. The bakeries get to increase their prices by 10% and now the mafia is in the bread business. Everyone wins right? Except they don't. The next time you buy a loaf of bread you're paying 10% more for no reason, and even more appallingly you're now paying a mafia tax of 1% kind of tacked on in the end like a fuck you. Make no mistake, despite your generous contribution you're held in high contempt by these criminals. It's a rather simplistic description but it's only so you can get the general gist. Now to make it to the big table, take this strategy and put yourself directly in the flow of the taxpayer stream. Don't just dip your beak in, fucking wade in it. Design fiduciary instruments to rape retirees savings, make incredibly risky bets, safe in the knowledge it is all completely legal (unlike the mafia example) and if you do fuck up - well the taxpayer is there to save you! The worst that can happen is the government might ask you to pay a small fine out all the winnings you made, but you've already priced that in as cost of business. What a wonderful life! Welcome to America!
  25. Despite science proving that climate change is a foreboding disaster. The US chose to abdicate their leadership on this issue by announcing they don't give one fucking shit about the world's 200 plus other countries signers to the Paris climate accord. Well done grand ole USA! This decline is not only absurd and ridiculous, it's like watching a deeply morbid orangutan committing suicide in slow motion. The decline is embarrassing as well. As someone who loves languages I think the most accurate word is a German one: Fremdschämen I literally feel embarrassed for America.
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