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  1. Aaaaaaargh, to me the Dems are the Republicans are the democrats - they are as equally corrupt as each other. The more important issue you bring up is the political infighting over slaves. Today the 'urban plantation' is the prison. What do you do when it becomes increasingly hard to enslave people? You either keep enslaving them, or you wish they'd just disappear. Warehousing people, stop them from breeding, and profit from them. You see none of this is really that clever. If I was so inclined, I could have come up with this strategy over my morning cup of coffee. And the caveat is I would have to be prejudiced, venal, mentally impaired and someone so completely unaware of my self that I wouldn't realize how fucking stupid I was. I'm not anti-American, just reasonably intelligent.
  2. Flashy, I'm not a big fan of Australia either, but let's address the items you brought up: I entirely agree with everything those news items bring up. We've got a property bubble. The demented government are in line with the energy lobbyists that want another fifty years from their fossil fuel investments - at the very least. But I won't accept criticism of our national disability scheme. It might be imperfect at the moment - but what are you comparing it to?
  3. Flash - did you forget the Matsumoto sarin attack I mean it wasn't Islam but it was terrorism. And I don't necessarily disagree with Sadiq Khan. The first step to stopping terrorism is acknowledging that it exists. The islamic bombings in London were absolutely horrible. But we're not powerless. It's a complex topic, and I'd rather not get into it here, but one thing I think that helps is the inevitable integration of would be terrorist youths to a common community. Also Japan is such a monoculture that it would be an enormous achievement for any would be terrorist to establish an Islamic cell. But yeah nice try. I'm going to get the thread back on topic in a moment.
  4. In a 50 block area, there are about 5000 homeless people living in Los Angeles. Among this population a typhoid infection has broken out. These people are living in worse conditions than a tin pot third world country - marooned in the richest country of the world. Typhoid can be treated, but these people are treated like refuse - even literally having shit dumped on them. The billionaires conspiring to do this actually want these favela type shanty towns to exist - they fund 'think tanks' to ensure this policy will go forward. They pay lobbyists to make sure these people never have a chance. They liken it to building a stone wall, you place one stone at a time, assess it then place the next stone. Their ultimate goal is what? I've got my own thoughts, but my first reaction is that they are what encompasses evil in this world. https://nypost.com/2019/06/02/inside-the-squalor-on-skid-row-as-typhoid-scare-grips-los-angeles/ These two want to rule the world by destroying it, using the US to do so, thankfully one of them is dead. We'll get onto the environmental crises soon. But you know I'm starting to feel comforted by the decline of the USA, and you know what I never thought I'd say that. I'm the kind of optimist that believes they may come out of this, but it's not looking good. The history is replete with injustice, the only morals appear to be venal and there's a kind of greed that billionaires can easily tap into - hey if you just work hard, you can be just like me. And it's the worst kind of stupidity to fall for such a simple trick. It's tempting to say you deserve what you get America.
  5. US mass incarceration. Despite a reduction in crime, prison populations are exponentially expanding. Savvy politicians paid by private prison lobbyists have doubled down on crime. Coupled with segregation of neighbourhoods, this is a good way to control intake. Heavily police black neighbourhoods, imprison them and then tax them to the hilt. $5 phone calls, rental televisions, extremely poor food which you can only mitigate by going through the prison commissary at overly inflated prices. All to be paid for by 20 cent per hour wages. Welcome to Slavery 2020. And it gives the good ole boys a chance to feel superior and provide them with a job of work. God Bless America!
  6. Well as explained and to be further reviewed, the US moral index is in serious decline, less than 30 morals per 100 capita. I'm not sure where it's going, but it's already become quite dangerous as outlined in the above comments.
  7. Can America's decline be blamed on God? I had the bible analyzed and it made all the sense of a drugged horse. And what do we make of this? Has God really abandoned America like some slumlord evading his taxes, or has he demonstrated his power in grilled cheese? I guess we'll never know... Of course the chance of seeing Jesus in a piece of toast can be explained by chaos theory, but try explaining that to these no-brained cacao shunters - you'd have more chance of getting a blow job from the pope.
  8. But don't fuss - there is a solution to all this decline - you can see a doctor and they'll prescribe you a good dose of opioids - enough to tranquilize your elephant, and your extended family as well. 300 million prescriptions per year. One of the main culprits Purdue Pharma - behind the drug Oxycontin, and the sociopath Sacklers have file for bankruptcy to avoid having to pay a fine $12 billion. And after destroying the lives of countless people - does this sound familiar? - it appears they'll get away with it.
  9. But the US has the the best hospitals in the world right? It's just getting access to one is getting harder. United States in 2013 had the highest or near-highest prevalence of obesity, car accidents, infant mortality, heart and lung disease, sexually transmitted infections, adolescent pregnancies, injuries, and homicides.[11] A 2017 survey of the healthcare systems of 11 developed countries found that the US healthcare system to be the most expensive and worst-performing in terms of health access, efficiency, and equity (from Wikipedia). How can America arrest this decline? Despite the rest of the worlds developed countries who provide good examples, well it's just an impossible task apparently in the good ole USA.
  10. About 40% of all adults in the US are obese, a very sharp increase over the last few decades. Tax payer funded corn subsidies have bestowed a plethora of processed foods on ordinary Americans. A guy sues an all you can eat buffet for kicking him out after eating 70 lbs of food. And this fat fuck believes he's entitled to damages after he refused a settlement out of court. Somehow he believes he is owed $2 million. https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/man-kicked-out-of-all-you-can-eat-buffet-after-eating-more-than-50-lbs-of-food-sues-for-2-millions/comment-page-1/ And you know what? - he'll most likely get it. Welcome to the United States of America.
  11. We were told things were improving regarding the segregation of black communities and schools. There was a hopeful period where civil rights were promulgated. It was exciting, it looked like the discrimination of an entire community of people might finally be treated as the human beings they are. However, right now, things are going backward. For what? No one really knows. But these demonstrations are being defended by the POTUS, in what I can only describe as an attempt to walk back any human rights an entire community people of managed to gain in the last century. What possible good can come from this?
  12. NEWS from the news pipe Man threatens to shoot up Utah children's hospital is detained. https://fox13now.com/2019/10/23/man-arrested-for-threatening-mass-shooting-at-childrens-hospital/ The response from law enforcement was 'active shooters are becoming far too common' by Lt. Jason Hinojosa in a remarkably stupid statement. In an off the record statement he said we can tolerate some active shooters some of the time, just not all of the time. We're keeping an eye on when the next mass shooting occurs - shouldn't be long.
  13. Traditionally America turned to the bible for help, but even that's been devalued by the people who used to espouse it. Pastor Robert Jeffress , a senior minister for the Dallas Baptist Ministry was paid $5 million dollars to write a new gospel to replace all previous ones - the work was begun in a a Fort worth taco joint. An immense task, but I managed to find a preview copy and here's a snippet: "When Jesus was asked, are you really the king of jews, he replied, I'm the king of Texas". Is America now utterly without guidance? How else do you explain the popularity of events like this?
  14. We're tracking quite well on the mass shooting index. To qualify you need to shoot at least four people excluding yourself of course; and for 2019 we're looking at 1.24 mass shootings per day. So if you like guns, keep a good supply of popcorn. There were more than 300 million prescriptions for opioids, which is more than enough to share around for every man, woman and child. But is America in 2019 really basking in rude health? Or sick to the guts? One in two gauge the moral thermometer as 'poor' and in serious decline. https://news.gallup.com/poll/257954/americans-say-moral-values-not-good-getting-worse.aspx Some would call it value hemorrhaging, that if it isn't staunched could lead to - well no one knows where it could lead to, but when you've got a patient on the table bleeding to death, I can tell you it's not looking good if you don't get the surgical instruments out. Is the US in ICU run by madmen?
  15. In a refrain or leitmotif of my Thailand decline thread - Is the USA in a state of irreversible decline? What's the reason? What can be done about it? And if there is a solution, who on earth is going to put it into action? OR Is everything just great?
  16. I'm doing at least 10 Loy Krathongs this year. I'm banking on my superior organisational skills.
  17. I always resist urges - I mean I often want to punch someone in the face. Instead I employ a kind of diplomacy - I always think that I'm a level above Jake the Muss, not very far above - kind of hovering, and in the end I'll shout Jake a round and he's too fucked to notice I'm not really his friend. I'll admit, it is not a high bar to attain but there you have it. Anyhow this is the board bar - get another round in!
  18. I'm over-complicating it. You treat a dog as part of the family. Ideally get another dog or even a cat to be a friend to the poor bastard if you don't have enough time. My formative experience was with a dog that had been very well taken care of by a family that were being relocated on a diplomatic mission. He was mixed, a true mongrel, but he was truly a king among dogs. Now that I think about it, we never truly 'owned' him, he did what he wanted really - I mind the time he came back with chicken feathers still stuck on his face. When I went to school he'd follow me and I'd tell him to go home. He'd hide behind a telegraph pole, except he only hid his face with his body exposed - he must have thought that if I can't see him, then I can't see you. Also he was shagging almost everything in the neighbourhood. I still remember being deeply confused at the age of nine to see him inextricably conjoined with this other dog. A bully followed me home one day and he met up with my dog. There was no contest - he had the guy by the throat in split-second. I got invited to a birthday party and naturally my dog tagged along. There were all those children games, hide and seek, musical seats etc. Screams filled the air amidst this pleasant scene, my dog was vigorously shaking the very life out of a hapless possum. It turned out the possum was kind of a family pet they'd kind of domesticated and been feeding, even given it the name of Mr Fluffles. As my dog and I trudged back home, even then at that young age I thought well done! and gave him a pat on the head. One thing that I know is that dog was given a brilliant life. Now I see people poncing about with bloody Labradoodles! Strange world - and getting stranger.
  19. I feel sorry for this dog. He sits forlorn on the landing staring in through the glass doors whilst the occupants carouse and generally have a grand old time. Perhaps I'm overly sentimental, but it made me kind of reconsider the whole notion of owning a dog. For a start - do you really own the dog? If so, what does that make you - a slave owner? I was contemplating this over a fine glass of Irish whisky. A dog is quite obviously a social animal. The contempt shown for this dog is terrible, they even taunt it through the glass. I don't care for it - from the human next door.
  20. The morning time is the best isn't it? Breakfasting on yum nua, koong ฟ้อน and shrimp congee, I feel like a colonial basking in the sun watching the heathen twist and turn. Oh well, this hapless situation will turn ultimately into the rest of your day as you watch the unfortunate folk scurry around attempting to make a living. It's so tempting to get them to line up, yes align and batter some order into them. But thankfully we don't need to worry, because it's already in motion. It's high time I put out a new post for 2020 and beyond to tell you what you should be thinking and when, because I've been carefully watching a donkey that is staring in to a news pipe and is unbelievably confounded.
  21. The other side to blackmail of course is innocence, after all you can't be disparaged by something you haven't done. Unfortunately even just an allegation can confer doubt arising despite innocence. Blackmail is a criminal offense, so best to report it to the police, obviously in the UK, and if you are free from guilt. There are other means to deal with the problem of course, depending on who you know. For instance, Prince Andrew is having a rather hard time fending off allegations of rape. With the best PR machine on earth working in his favor, most people intuitively know the nonce is as guilty as sin. Also I was a member when the site was known as nanaplaza.com, even then I would regard 40K as being the equivalent of perhaps two or three nights out, being time poor, but not cash poor. It would seem to be a long time to hold a grudge over such a trivial amount of money. Even if someone robbed me of 40K, I wouldn't be bemoaning and crying in my beer after nearly twenty years. The moment has already passed, you had your chance to respond to it in anyway you liked at the time. Dredging it up now I would advise is merely hurting yourself as you reflect on your guilt and inadequacies. Move on.
  22. Who the hell is Jigger? I'm not asking in a disrespectful tone by the way. I still wonder who Keith Floyd's letters to Hector were really aimed at.
  23. I really love playing pool there - the enlarged photographs of NZ players never bothered me - being Australian - we're cousins after all. The only worry I've got is that the Kiwis have this strange tendency to win for so long but then choke when it really matters. But yes! Go NZ!
  24. Okay good - that's a relief. Hi Shibuya, yes what you are referring to is the monsoon and typically the wettest month is October. It's caused by melting ice in the Himalayas which wends their way to the sea mixing with warmer waters in the Indonesia archipelago. Gradually the monsoon will progress down under putting out bushfires and sparking renewal for all types of flora and fauna. In the top end we start to see it in late October, but more likely November. When it comes it can destroy roads and bridges and if you are unlucky leave you trapped at work until it lets off (or alternatively lucky because you can't get to work).
  25. Surely I'm misreading this - are you saying the sea level isn't getting higher? I hope not. It's scientifically proven to be getting higher. The polar ice is melting - where does the water go? There is a global network of tide gauges, satellites designed to monitor this. Also with global warming the oceans are thermally expanding owing to the property of water to increase volume at higher temperature. There is absolutely no question the sea level is rising. Go talk to the good people from Kiribati who recently purchased land from Fiji because their land is going to disappear. In fact I hear land is cheap there, why not buy some and take advantage of all the suckers who believe the sea level is rising? But as I say, I hope I just misinterpreted what you were saying.
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