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  1. I do think the USA should use their declining power to rein in China - or vaGina as Trumps says. I mind taking a train trip from Hanoi to Haiphong, and unfortunately I had to share a cabin with this bespectacled young Chinese man. We got to talking and initially it was quite jovial, but it turned when he looked out of the window and said you know China was like this 50 years ago - look at all the filth and poverty here. How I didn't just punch him very hard in the face will always remain a mystery to me. He was particularly taken by the notion that China was this great innovator. I said to him that if his idea of innovation is copying or stealing western technology you should get your head checked. But no, he was saying how great their progress was - for example the C919 passenger airline being developed. Unfortunately for him I knew all about that program. Look mate that whole plane is built using western parts, from the engines, to the flight systems, even simple things like hydraulic systems. I think yeah the fuselage was built by China, but it is an exact replica of an Airbus plane. Innovation my arse! You know what? I pity you if you lap up all that jingoistic nonsense. You don't seem like a bad guy really when I look at you with that complexion. I mean you should understand you're deluded. You didn't ask to be born, and like a lot of Chinese people you inherited that gene that skews your eyes and makes you myopic. Perhaps you should consider that as a metaphor - you are young and short-sighted. But don't worry - leave it to us westerners, we'll keep thinking for you if that's what you want. And by the way, I'm criticizing your culture, not your race. In fact I've met quite a lot of Chinese ladies. You do not want to be in a cabin with a pissed off PanadolSandwichTM. I found a girlfriend and we went out to a bia hoi - many glasses were consumed and we all laughed about the incident over many repasts.
  2. My favourite was when North Korea sent him that A4 sized envelope knowing that Trump would flash the letter around with his freakishly small hands.
  3. It's okay I've been there before. Woken up with all these bottles strewn about me. Ideally there is a girl there that can clean up and then leave me alone. I was much the same as you, but I thought how can the number 4 be so important, 4 tall bottles of Chang export to start the day, a Rainbow 4 girl, and of course residing in Soi 4. I never particularly liked the number 4 - for a start it's not a prime number. When my daughter was 4 it was a particularly troubling time. Also you never hear of this amazing 4 year old whisky. Having said all of that, the US would be a better place if they limit the current administration to 4 years.
  4. Thanks, but everyone is doing it tough right now - and you are experiencing the fallout, like most people. Don't worry, we'll get through this. I don't want to harp on this - but every life is important. I don't know much about economics, but the little I do know is that taking care of each other in our society during a crisis is the main thing to focus on. A lot of people are dissatisfied by the current 'leadership' in the US. Unfortunately most seem to be from the rest of the world with no power to vote. Make no mistake - pax Americana is now a thing of the past.
  5. I agree as well. Both sides are factions of what you could call big business (corporations) parties. Unfortunately most people don't understand economics - there's a reason it's called a dismal science, fuck sake it's about as scientific as Trump university. They think it's like sitting around the dining room table with a pen and paper and working out the household finances. Smug in the knowledge they've successfully done that, they'll then go on to believe they are economic geniuses, propelled by the pundits who play on this misconception in the media. Whilst I don't think economics is a science - it's far too polluted with politics to ever make that claim (trickle down theory anyone?); I do think it is not as enigmatic as it seems. As contradictory as it seems, giving the unemployed more money will keep the economy afloat as these people will use it to pay for their rent, food, medical expenses etc. In contrast just giving money to large corporations that will bank it and dish it out to shareholders seems like a great idea if you are the CEO of a large corporation. Mind, never let a good crisis go to waste.
  6. Too bad the Republicans are trying to fuck you so hard. I'm a doctor and I've been head hunted to work in the US for ludicrous amounts of money over the last few weeks. It has been tempting, and I would love to help, but I just couldn't live with myself working in such a fucked up country anymore.
  7. I'm skeptical of the numbers being reported. The US could have 20 times the amount of cases being reported - we just don't know because they aren't adequately testing. Also there is a strong belief forming in my opinion that the wealthy can circle the wagons and just watch the elderly and vulnerable to die off, and furthermore have peoples lives abbreviated. Along the lines of so what? Our bottom line is being impacted here. I'm optimistic a lot of change will come. The countries most successful fighting it have shown a certain resilience and a desire to protect the most vulnerable people in their communities. They are effectively acting by saying every life is precious and if we can buy enough time, come hell or high water, we'll get through. I don't know about you, but that is the society I want to live in. From what I understand, Thailand very much has that attitude. Certainly different to the "I'm okay, fuck you", attitude that is virulent in the US. What they don't seem to understand is that, yeah sure you might be paying for a poor elderly person's welfare by chipping in a few meager dollars of tax - they say, I'm young, I'm fit - why should I pay tax to fund these freeloaders? Well you can bet that will be a different story when they are on the bones of their arse as elderly people themselves.
  8. I agree it is a Sisyphean task. Let's just agree to ignore him. I think Mekong said it best once - we're the world's best ignorers, or something along those lines. Anyhow cheer up guys, now that Cav has been driven like a tent pole into the ground - there are plenty more where he came from!
  9. He was talking tongue in cheek about the NRA - your comment however is as ignorant as it is offensive. If you can't join the adults in the room without looking like a complete arse you should at least have the courtesy to say so. And no, I don't wish to debate it - just fucking stop.
  10. I think you raise a very good point, a virus doesn't respect boundaries. And with the utmost of respect, I realise what I said could be insensitive. But also considered positive. I deplore the Asian habit of throwing rubbish out on the street. Well not even Asian, I met an American girl here in Australia and she was raving how clean our streets are. And I realised just how true it was - we live in this amazing wealth, and we maintain it. US not so much with civil infrastructure deteriorating Katrina, California etc. And there was that time I got lost drunken in a Phnom Phen slum on the verge of death. I highly respect German engineering, their incredible work in physics and mathematics. I'm still fascinated how Einstein managed his thought experiments that are even now being proven to be correct. Even so, camping out on the beach for a young determined German; the point is to be anti-orderly. I mean obviously not going full retard like Tom Hanks, but taking up spear fishing, learning the local lingo, maybe even romancing some young wench? Discovering the cure for covid whilst foraging for berries? Right I'm rolling up my sleeves and writing up a rough draft slaughterhouse style.
  11. If I was a German in New Zealand I would want to stay there to ride it out, I mean they are arguably the most effective country to use contact tracing, mass testing, etc. 12 people dead. Or would you rather repatriate to a country with close to 5000 dead? It is good see them in that photo practising social distancing before stepping foot on an aircraft that will circulate the air like a rotor in a a food beater. I do like the Germans orderly style, but sometimes it comes across as being, well too orderly. I would love to see one of these Germans say you know what I'm just going to camp out on the beach and ride this ordeal out.
  12. Well it's published in numerous medical journals, and is well known by medical professionals that if untreated can result in as high a mortality rate as 25%. What isn't well known by the general community is just how dangerous it is to suddenly withdraw from - I suppose given that it is an 'acceptable' drug, people tend to think much like you do that it is relatively harmless to stop. It is most definitely not, and if you don't believe me feel free to talk to someone who does know, or at least do some reading yourself. With regards to your question about police locking up people with serious alcohol problems - it is extremely dangerous. Often the deaths that occur in custody are not recorded as such - well almost universally not recorded as such. When you hear of people dying in police cells, which is an almost too common occurrence with indigenous Australians - well what are you meant to think?
  13. And you trust those figures that are coming from an authoritarian state? Shame on you!
  14. I always suspected the same. But to maintain it in such a fashion over such a long magnitude of time seems unlikely - and I would add rather disturbing.
  15. And so what if they were working on medical research? I mean SARS must have scared the living shit out of them. I'd be more concerned if they *weren't* studying viruses. Meanwhile the US completely fucked up their response, which can be mathematically proven. I mean the US have been desperately casting around for anyone to blame except themselves. Someone obviously told Trump to stop calling it the China virus because it would damage a more subtle propaganda response - which is what we are seeing now. But it's so hillbilly stupid I can't even believe they're trying it on.
  16. I would describe the US as thinking it's right when it knows it's wrong - well in the past anyway. Pax America is now a figment of the imagination. They are literally without friends anymore. When the UN assembly laughs in the president's face, things have got pretty dire. Now they are just wrong. Nothing is clearer than the statistics that mathematically prove the complete and utter failure of the US administration to take the health threat seriously. Couple that with Trumps own fat mouth saying things like 'it's just like a bad cold'. That orange fool of a man is directly responsible for thousands of deaths. And now there are social distancing protests in Michigan. I mean I'm not anti-American, just reasonably intelligent.
  17. Oh shit, the fucking fiddler on the roof. Lord help us!
  18. The thing is SHTF takes as many syllables as what it's trying to abbreviate. Also arguably harder to understand if said quickly. It boggles the mind.
  19. So take the amount you feel people care about you. Now take that and multiply it. And that's all the change you are going to get when you reach the end. I've spent my whole life healing people. But noone can really hear me. It doesn't really matter.
  20. Yankee Doodle - what I don't get is how trump has done virtually everything a president shouldn't do to survive. Attacking the FBI, going after the military. Defunding the WHO during a pandemic for christ's sake!
  21. It's a different world isn't it? The village life. It makes European culture seem sterile. Walking down the street and being enthusiastically called into the neighbours house to have something to eat. Sit down for a little while, tease the cackling Granny about her love life. It's just something I couldn't imagine doing here in Australia. Well here we all are. It seems we've survived it all. Well perhaps not the pandemic, but if you're still here you must be doing something right. We'll survive Trump.
  22. There is a real freedom when you realise you don't care anymore. I never knew that it would lead me to a personal discovery. I always thought it would lead me down a dark path. I saw the evil bastard within, but I could never coax it out. I can't stay angry at anyone for long. Still a long preamble to a short post. I was a captain in the army and I see those ads on the bus stops. Come join the army, you're a soldier, there is no surrender. Win or lose I don't give a damn. I see you walk away, but you're not the only one with something to hide. Isaan inspires a kind of melancholy and a peculiar form of regret. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  23. Well based on your description I would add hypertension, atherosclerosis, possible portal vein thrombosis and cirrhosis of the liver. But you did the right thing by sorting yourself out. I have to say though, you are incredibly lucky to still be alive. Of course if you snap your fingers and say alcohol be gone - what happens? It will still be there on the shelf, except it has now gained a premium. That bottle of Sangsom just went up by whatever price the desperados will be willing to pay for it - or worse steal it. Perhaps climbing up a Tamarind tree and refusing to come down - well I thought what a noble protest, then I realized that was the most likely place he kept his emergency stash. He fell down after polishing it off.
  24. Seriously if you are a heavy drinker, go see a doctor. They can prescribe medication that will safely bring you down. I don't disagree with the Director, in these times it's best to lay off the sauce. However having said that - an old platitude - the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Prohibition doesn't work. The black market price will be steeper, that is all. Amateur distillers endangering peoples sight, and their lives. These type of decisions, based on cursory insight are rarely of any value. All the more because it's a rushed decision. Most of the world knew about the pandemic in January. Songkran was three months away. It didn't need to be a rushed decision. Far from it. I mean I don't claim to be Nostradamus, but even I ruled out Songkran in January. I'm a big drinker, not so much these days. I dislike Songkran because it brings out so many amateur drinkers - I'm put out by it. From an anthropological point of view, I'm taking it all in.
  25. “nnevvy” is the Twitter username of actress Veeraya Sukaram, nicknamed New. Veeraya is “rumored” to be dating actor Vachirawit Cheevaari, or Bright, who is the star of the popular TV soap opera 2gether, in which he plays a gay man named Sarawat. But the hashtag is not trending because fans of the series are disappointed Vachirawit isn’t gay in real life. #nnevvy currently has nearly two million tweets and still counting, because of a post retweeted yesterday by Veeraya on her private Twitter account that was later deleted. She retweeted a post with a caption questioning China’s credibility and sense of responsibility during the COVID-19 outbreak. NMSL!!! Seriously I'm very proud of the Thais - great sense of humour.
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