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  1. It's more likely it's killed at least 50,000 in China. I'll dig up the link but a Professor at the Imperial College London, a renowned epidemiologist says in his opinion in China there are 50,000 new diagnoses a day at the moment. The Chinese are desperate to cover this up. They are welding doors shut to buildings leaving people to fend for themselves. In more influential areas they are knocking the door down, and if anyone has fever, everyone is dragged away kicking and screaming. 3000 dead - if you believe this bullshit you are incredibly gullible. Photos have emerged of people lying dead in the streets, hospital corridors. It's not just a pandemic, it's a highly political problem. Not to mention a highly important economic one. The current propaganda is it's now under control in China, it's obvious they would want to sell this lie and try to get back to business as usual. And Trump defunding the department last year that was meant to help control pandemics like this has made him implicit in the crisis. With lax gun laws, and #panicbuying, when human to human transmission comes to the States - all fucking hell is going to break loose. Now where is that popcorn, this is going to be good. Fury Road!
  2. Biden is an incredible racist. The kind of guy young and old racists look up and aspire to - from South Carolina perhaps the most racist state in America. If Biden didn't win there, you'd be wondering what the fucking hell is going on. Now the media are crowing about how this is Bidens big turnaround. What a crock of shit - the media showed a tell here. The thing I look for. Nothing said about how Sanders pretty much mopped up the entire black vote - which I would have thought far more newsworthy.
  3. In other news, Bangkok Thai police are trying out a pioneering method of catching traffic offenders and criminals. Inspired by the effort in Australia with police on bicycles, a Thai intellectual known as 'Boo man', made the remarkable proposal. Let's combat the problem by employing Thai 'Sprintstables'. In an exhaustive inductive process, they have to display a rare talent in sprinting and tackling a man and taking them down. The leadership were kind of expanding their waist lines, those tight fitting clothes and it was thought these sprinting police would be a big hit. Well great idea. Of course endemic traffic problems make this idea a good one. Weird as a gallon of fish sauce mind you; infused in your brain. Still. Thrusting deep inside the news whore, PS news.
  4. You see, it was my own idea to take the old man into the forest. It's not hard to engender a feeling in people, and besides it was for a positive purpose. Most people just disparage life. When you devote your life to saving lives, it is just a way to get on with your own life. After performing emergency surgery on a young black kid who'd been shot five times in the chest - by the police no less. He made it, but I very much doubted he would walk away, if a junior had tried to do it. It involved some rather innovative techniques to save his life. Thought up on the fly. Hey Pan, where do we go from here? PS: Do we really need you? I break some times. But I'm so cold, just cold. This has broken me - sips a pint of rarefied Scottish whisky. Feeling better all ready.
  5. If the so called 'peace deal' doesn't involve thrashing the fucking hell out of the Pakistani intelligence high command - it's toilet paper.
  6. He takes me by the hand and we wander into the forest. PS: So I trust you are all good? OM: Well I've managed to appreciate this forest. Thanks for planting those dragon fruit, a rather good idea. PS: I don't take much credit for that, despite funding it and anticipating the demand for exotic fruit, I suppose and enjoining my family to participate. Old man nudges me in the ribs. OM: You *were* a tiger in a past life. PS: I wouldn't go that far. I still can't cure this raving alcoholic addiction I've got going on. I like working on these kind of projects, I mean if I can lead people, well it would be a waste if I didn't? Besides it appears to have taken zero toll on me. Hey you know what, I'm fighting with vanity. OM: Happiness isn't that easy. You know I can see you. You're suffering. I take his hand again. PS: Are we not all suffering? C'mon I'll show you the latest plans. Some interesting changes. I have to go to America next week. I'm suffering but I'm winning. Thats all that matters right?
  7. And how little does that make these rich people? Hey Martha, Martha, Jesus! Martha!!! Yes what you bloody old fool? Fox is saying we won't be able to afford that super yacht this year if Sanders gets in. They are saying Sander's won't even allow us to have solid gold taps on our Jacuzzi. Yeah, they're saying we're going to build health and schools for all the those black and poor people we despise. I mean after systematically stepping on their throats for centuries, they still bloody refuse to go away Martha!.
  8. Biden is an incredible racist, the major architect of the so called 'Three Strike law", which incidentally, yeah get this - after he did everything in his power to stop desegregation efforts, like the busing initiative that was actually working. And let me see, the Three Strike law just happened to overwhelmingly target the black segregated neighbourhoods. Couple that with the fact that Biden is a cretin and is quite obviously in a state of Dementia. Well if America wants two old racist demented fools competing to run the country - well good luck, I'll happily rescind my citizenship. Until then, you don't manufacture photos like posted above. Trump tries to do it but it's so blatantly obvious it's hilarious. One black guy in the background cheering, with Trump even referring to him as my black guy! Goddamn it Trumps advisors must be smacking their heads on the wall. When we told you he was our black guy - you weren't meant to mention it. Of course if you tell Trump he's wrong, he'll double down - so he starts to sing to the clouds - he's my black guy! I mean, I know the GOP did a kind of master class in tutoring Bush, not unlike teaching an elephant to play samba; but this guy really is something fucking else.
  9. Sanders looks to be doing just fine with the black voters in South Carolina.
  10. My wife woke me up with a hot towel. I'd been shouting in my sleep. Remembering the dream, this land is ours. I grabbed her by the wrist and said to her in half delerium, we have to defend this. That day we fired about 20 employees. They were stealing from us. Not much, just skimming, but when my wife found out she was devastated. She wanted blood. Listen, anything they stole was something I can earn in a day. You just made a pretty poor judgement call. So what did happen to those employees? They were taken to jail. I'm calling to my good friend to get this all reversed. Wait! She explained everything. All I can say is fuck me, if you piss her off - she won't just use something tacky, she will utterly destroy you.
  11. Fair enough, I accept your answer. Although these 'strange notions' of 'humour'. We all wonder, this crutch, kind of like a walker as Weinstein was dragged into the court. It's progress. The media dismisses this #metoo movement in derogatory terms. Most people smile and think it's a kind of provincial thing. We're young and we are a coming for ya. Steve has a a kind of relentless faith in the young. But it doesn't matter if the young don't care. The future is owned by people like me. I own the future. It will be people like me that will decide the future. They think it's all done and dusted. Revenge is going to be so sweet. But I don't really want revenge. I've often thought this is a fault of mine. I just can't be angry at anyone for very long. I've always believed that you have a responsibility to protect people. But if you plan to come for me, make sure you bring breakfast treats. However Muff will be Muff - if you know what I mean.
  12. I second the proposal. Establishing this thread was clearly an adventure that with it's sole mission was to divide. Containing the discussion in one thread only makes good sense. Pandemic and all. On another note the self implosion of Flash, whilst not unexpected was kind of disturbing. Muff tells me he's found all sorts of data. Jesus! Muff! give me a moment of peace, I'm busy on several projects. But Pan, you've got to hear this! Muff, I'm fucking busy! This latest data dump was a bonanza. All great breakfast recipe treats. I'm reading through them thinking fucking hell.
  13. Regarding your avatar. Don't take this the wrong way, but Earl Lucan was a known murderer and a Nazi sympathizer. Why would you associate yourself with this character? I'm sure there is a fairly good explanation; I'm a very curious person, as you probably have evinced. I most likely will find out for myself. Obviously I'm not a friend of Nazi sympathizers. He used to carry around a battered copy of Mein Kampf, everywhere he went. Trump aped him, It's preposterous to assume Trump read the book, but it took pride of place on his bedside table. But I'm sure there is an innocent explanation. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience, Sincerely, Panadol.
  14. I beg to differ, Bernie appeals to all poor people - young or old, black or white. Biden has acted like a demented fool in the debates. Any residual effect of Obama has long, long, been gone. Most people think of him as a bumbling fool. It doesn't help that Trump can just keep inflicting damage on him until the cows come home. And think about that for a moment - can you imagine a Trump versus Biden debate? Trump would entirely wipe the floor with the ignorant old bastard. Not owing to any rhetorical intellectual debate, he'd just eviscerate the fool as easily as he eats a cheese burger by confounding him. Besides Biden is done, as you say even by some hail mary he won South Carolina (which he emphatically won't) would that make him a front runner? I suppose it might give the DNC super delegates some sort of excuse to install him - but any chance of that is completely blown. Looking forward to Super Tuesday!
  15. China to Russia: end discriminatory measures against Chinese China's embassy in Russia has demanded authorities in Moscow end what it said are discriminatory anti-coronavirus measures against Chinese nationals. The complaint, detailed in an embassy letter to the city's authorities, deplored what it called "ubiquitous monitoring" of Chinese nationals, including on public transport. Authorities in Moscow have also been carrying out raids on potential carriers of the virus - individuals at their homes or hotels - and using facial recognition technology to enforce quarantine measures. The letter followed unconfirmed local media reports that Mosgortrans, which runs Moscow's vast bus, trolleybus and tram networks, had told drivers to try to identify Chinese passengers and inform police of their presence. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/02/china-coronavirus-outbreak-latest-updates-200226003835539.html Well, well, it appears the Chinese are rather affronted by people monitoring their nationals. They stab their finger in the chest in outrage and shock - it is we that monitor them not you!
  16. The reason why he mentions trump my imbecilic friend, is that he happens to be the incumbent in the forthcoming Presidential election. Now let's do a 180, I know 360 is pretty popular here but we can always just do another 180. Surely the GOP can field someone more fit for office then Trump?
  17. Not to mention an imbecile. I want to play him at something he could conceive of winning at. I think he's been feverishly plucking away at his banjo, in order to get ready for the duel. But sadly I think he can't really play the banjo - although all signs point to that being his pedigree. Damn it! Sometimes I shake my head and wonder how perverse and cruel the world can be, providing someone like Cav with this amazing opportunity of life, but cruelly robbing him of it at the same time.
  18. She's dancing in the moonlight, the wind flowing through her hair and she's kind of dizzy and collapses on the ground laughing. Ethereal, surreal beauty, and the star light enshrining everything. Nothing will ever replace that memory. This garden of delight.
  19. Hey Cav I thought you should know I did you a big favour. Muff advised French toast with raspberry jam. On a side note - I don't know why so many people around me want to use raspberry jam. I prefer to dissuade people in a rather more subtle matter. Obviously I could use say a more contrived psychological system - but meh, I mean where is the fun in that? When I advised my wife not to set out to seek revenge because it will likely hurt her as much. It was good advise. I mean she wasn't any good at it anyway. I'm highly competent. I don't let passions overrule my judgement. I defer of course to other people's expertise. If that's what they are good at, then give them everything they need. I mean the pizza in the basement of DC was pretty good. Even Muff was chuffed and he is quite a particular eater, preferring breakfast treats. Sanders is going to romp home for the win, the modeling is in. Also a mucker of Muff, a little birdy said Trump is going about trying to find a way to pardon himself in the most indiscreet manner. Well good luck with that I suppose. The SDNY already has multiple indictments lined up for the moment he is deposed.
  20. This is getting tedious. I can slap you down all month long. You just keep posting the same old shit. My guess is no one ever really called you out before. Muff has become kind of interested in you. I don't know how anything like this operates, I'd advise unplugging anything connected to the internet. Damn it Muff is already back with a report. He says waffles have become more popular. Don't add the blueberries yet, I instruct him. He said that he's got everything, and I'll be looking over it shortly.
  21. So you are going to persist with this tired old strategy? That is what is pathetic to me. You do realize you are a one trick pony? Let me forward you a new script. You are not even presentable. I don't mind doing this - I mean you are a kind of mucker and I think you're failing in a big way. I can an will. Strategy, tactics, and talking points. Much superior to the shitheads currently doing them -- I could give you that my mucker. I just can't walk past a job site and see it going so poorly.
  22. Well little man, I see you're projecting again. The very fact I've got you riled up by just providing you with facts; well it tells it all. Something quite peculiar, when people are so abundantly outclassed that they continue to persist against all odds. I would say it's a rather common form of masochism. Don't be ashamed of it little man. One hint of guidance - no one ever has ever won against me in a game of chess. I can see so many moves ahead I just can't be beaten. I think the banjo duel should go ahead. It was you that broke the truce. You can avoid all this by taking the blame - I'll shield you.
  23. I heard through a fellow mucker of Muff, that all the lists have been compiled. All the Traitor's names addresses, most of their personal data has been put into a database, then distributed into a 'cloud' - what ever the hell that means. I of course deplore such an invasion of privacy. From a brief analysis, most of these people will be dead soon owing to their age. Their motivation? It doesn't really matter. They'll be caught and dealt with. It's inevitable. More important is that if you are one of the few that recognize what is going on; there is no need to follow, I move like a shark in the water. I mean, in the Australian outback under the stars I realized hardly anyone really got it, this connection, this spiritual connection with the land. But we are a coming for ya.
  24. Little man, what now? I have always assumed you are trying to wind us up. Haven't changed my mind. The thing is, you do it rather poorly. I'll give you a script, but don't make one goddamned move until I call action. Picture poor Muff Richardson, working his way through all the obstacles using only his 20 year old computer, but leveraging it by getting it to take command of the world's computers. Levering the world off it's fulcrum so to speak. Often I'll chastise Muff, deploring him, but he'll often ask my advise. Wanting me to direct his actions. I'm a kind of natural leader I suppose, so I asked him about breakfast. Waffles with creme fraiche. I was shocked, what kind of fresh hell is this? Just get back to work Muff, just get back to work.
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