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  1. Oh this is advice for our clueless friend Muff Richardson, the ephemeral but enigmatically reoccurring friend we all have. And besides, who doesn't like Muff. I even own a guitar pedal called the Big Muff. Richardson keeps a low profile, but keep an eye out for the guy - he's a bit clueless (but in a good way )
  2. Indeed, I was watching this Japanese video - this chick has white creamy skin, large natural boobs, an hourglass figure, very beautiful eyes - the type of model you see standing beside a super car in a bikini at a car show. When as the Japanese do, they'd gone through all the sex toys, even examined her with a speculum, I'd jotted down a laundry list of STD's that required immediate treatment. None the least of which were genital herpes, syphilis open chancre, genital warts, no doubt chlamydia. The presence of these diseases amplifies the risk of transferring HIV of course. And these clueless Japanese guys are examining it all, and then queuing up to pump their junk into her. Oh well, som nom na I suppose. So you can understand, I'm not a particularly big porn fan. It's not that I'm against it or anything, it's just so tawdry as to be depressing. My advise, especially if you have your beer goggles on, leave well enough alone, and if you must, put two condoms on your todger (even that isn't as safe as you think).
  3. But where is the invisible hand in this?
  4. I always fly Eva when coming from LA. In my opinion the best economy air service. This guy took advantage of it. Although Karma can be a bitch. I don't really like people fat shaming people. Around 30% of people in the Western world are classified as obese. Processed food is a big problem. When it's cheaper to buy a hamburger and fries, rather then a cabbage or a stick of broccoli is it any wonder? Having said that - this guy was clearly exploiting his obese status and the kind service of Eva to somehow get some species of enjoyment out of it. That fact that he irreparably mentally damaged these young girls didn't bother him. He should have been arrested when the plane landed for sexual harassment.
  5. I'd suggest taking him even further inland than Khon Kaen. The Thai lotus garland (or is it marigold, I never remember) around his neck was a nice touch. He looks overjoyed as well. Good Boy!!!! He would be useful for transferring consignments between neighbouring countries.
  6. Besides all my life is just a series of compromises anyhow. Accept bigotry. Accept racism. Accept Xenophobia. It's a sham, and I accept it all. There's no reason to cower to authority. I've got everything I wanted. I feel no pain - because apathy is the only thing I experience.
  7. So was Flashy, but I'm presuming you were young guys with devil may care attitudes. I'll happily walk into a wretched hive of scum and villainy simply because I can. I walked through the slums of Cambodia actually wishing someone would rob me. I simply just made friends. Yes I know friends in low places. Most of the high places are really the people that have deep chlorine breath and were all the time my enemies. All the time what I mistook as friendly pats on my back, were merely the hands that pushed me further and further down.
  8. You and I can fly through the skies - we'll be the wild ones, and then be the new generation. Yes this is an unusual offer. But Thailand is awfully messed up. You're the most lucid person I've spoken to. And I speak about 10 languages. Send me a pm if you care too. I'm almost hoping you don't, I'm insured.
  9. Well I was describing it for the majority. Wait - were we in a medical lecture?
  10. I drink like George Best, and dance like John Travolta.
  11. And yes, I have had plenty of girlfriends while married. But what you don't mind is that everything will flow. It's just they way things go. I've had pregnancy proposals from Mums in the village. Have sex with my daughter for free. Photo, mobile number and everything. And you know Mum won't allow her daughter to thwart her. It always left me nauseous. What a sick mentality. I never really considered myself a handsome man, well Scandinavian, and well built, blue eyes and blonde hair. I suppose there is an appeal there. But a curious intelligence, never allowed me to think of that. I'm much more empathetic of other people than myself. It's why I like Fiery Jacks poetic posts so much. He is the best writer on this board.
  12. Also, I will further exonerate Stick. I really feel he attempted to make things right in the end. I wouldn't have walked down that path, surely I had more opportunities in life, alma maters. I became a surgeon at the tender age of 28. I worked for Médecins sans frontières, for many years, mostly in Africa. I witnessed all these sickening things. However I could never challenge the awful things going on in Thailand. My posts have become a race to catch up with my morality. For whatever that is worth. There is an undeniable proof of bad people coming to Thailand. I don't even know if care anymore. They can rot in hell.
  13. My apologies, as I re-read this, I realized it appeared like a personal attack on Stick. That was never the intention. I admire him in a lot of ways. It was more a realistic, and pragmatic view to unearth a sordid ideology. I believe Khun Sanuk has a happy marriage. Stick has a happy marriage. I have a happy marriage (15 years and ongoing). We love each other more than words. Clearly there are a large number of dysfunctional people coming to Thailand, looking for romance. I just don't believe in making a business of it. Don't believe the naysayers. You can and *will* find love here in Thailand. You've got to overcome your own prejudices and poor choices you made in life. Keep an open mind, be respectful, and you will do well here. I can't say that loudly enough.
  14. Make no mistake my friend, your pointless life will end, but before you go, can you look at the truth?
  15. I wrote the below in a crisis. I now know I'm not alone. This is the fierce last stand of all I am. Having said all that - I have a loving wife that will never give up on me. So Stickman, take that as a rebuke. I've been married for 15 years now. I mind reading the posts of Sticks that weren't worthwhile at all. They all had some kind of prejudice or even racism attached to it. The common theme was some story of betrayal. I never experienced that. I was open minded, I learnt the language, was a student of the culture, I even learnt to speak to her Mum even though her own cousins confessed to barely understanding her. I designed and built a modular house, taking pride in personally putting it together. It astonished the community, but I designed that as well. All the trees we planted around our perimeter, was just forethought . The second story is already designed. A terrace of sorts, looking at the mountains. Stickman preyed on people that were dysfunctional. That's what I can gather from whatever association we've had. Love is natural and real - and the inimical hatred spread by Stickman is something I occasionally ponder about. He's literally retired but I don't think that gives him a free pass. As a cousin of Australia, he should come out and make an apology - for all the hurt he has done. I haven't eaten or slept for days. I need dark therapy. I'm washed out. Or up. I suppose it's just the way I am. The thing is I know I'll rise again like a phoenix, but I can't tell this is right. The one thing I can't stand for is I ever hurt anybody, I' can stand certain of that. I'm falling in slow motion.
  16. I wouldn't want to comment on the nationality of the participants. However it has definitely became perverted. I don't want to participate, but I can see why these peons enjoy their day in the sun. It's entirely understandable in my view. And Farangs are perfect targets.
  17. I leave the country for SongKran. I'm here in Australia binge watching Netflix.
  18. Well I predicted Trump and Russians sniffing about. The Turkey problem. The oil fiasco. So don't mind me. I didn't have anything to do with it. I'm just well informed. I'm going to predict what happens in the next period between now and 2021. Hang on to your seats, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
  19. First of all, the pills are fake. I can't attest to the sex toys I don't see the point. I mind one time timidly declaring 5 boxes of Valium at the suwannaphumi airport when I was from Cambodia and they didn't blink an eye - please go through Sir when I explained I was a doctor.
  20. This might be a stupid question, but why not dredge the eroded sand back onto the beach? A suction dredge would do this in a matter of days.
  21. One of my girlfriends calls me เหี้ย แม่ง สันดาน พ่อมึง แม่มึง when she's especially angry . So consider yourself lucky !
  22. Well I'm not sure the photo is necessary; I tend to shy away from publicity. However, it's a free and kind world, and if it rolls for you, just do it.
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