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  1. Perhaps that is the case. But millions of children seem to manage it. Talking Thai or Isaan or Khmer is not that difficult. All these languages are just different ways of expressing the same things. They aren't really that much different from us (Western culture), it's just they found their own way. I found that fascinating, and in the interest it made me really listen to them. If you really want to speak a foreign language, then learn to listen first, and be fascinated by their culture. If not, well your welcome to your bubble.
  2. Anyhow this isn't a game. Innocent people are going to die. The police did pick suspects that were suitable. The fact that one of them was willing to grass on Mg and good wine was supposedly thrown into the sea. All I'm saying is that they are not entirely blameless - they were on the Police radar, and before we fall into disarray, we do need to acknowledge it . I'm coming around to the idea that these guys are guilty.
  3. Also I like riding - well she called it horseback riding - I'm willing to be fair and I'll split the difference. I suppose she doesn't want to upset ma and pa.
  4. Alabama with a taint of Tennessee.
  5. The same experience for me. My brother is vehemently against all religion, but you have to experience this to understand it. And you describe a joyous occasion. My wedding was similar. I got tied up with strings with my wife, I mind being quite bemused at the time. However it turned out to be such a weird and wonderful experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I've now been with my wife for fifteen years. I don't even particularly think that Buddhism is really that religious; it's more a way of life. I do condemn the animistic aspects, and prayers for special consideration. Let's face it, it's not unique to Buddhism. I try to explain this to my brother, and it really riles him up when I explain that his anti-religion is in fact a kind of species of religion in and of itself.
  6. Unfortunately it's looking like I don't have long to live. That's okay, I've lived a full life. Give me a scarf and some water Charlie. Thanks for putting up with me. Regards, Panadol.
  7. I need your love. My love, my darling. I'm devastated by the way time passes. Listen Charlie, I'm breathing like a dog; but Charlie give me a scarf. And Charlie get me some water. Show me the right keys. Give me another scarf, and some water, Charlie. When people hear I'm lonely they could never understand Charlie. I'm going to play this song come hell or high water. But time can't do much. But Charlie, show me the right keys - because I'm completely fucked. Is it called unchained melody - I never knew, what is it it being released - I never knew. I'm just going to read this, because I don't even know the words, and you know that doesn't matter - because my charisma will godspeed my love.
  8. A strange thing I find, is that after beating every team that they come against, the Kiwis do this funny thing when it really matters at the world cup and they choke. What is especially embarrassing is that it's kind of a religion over there, yet Australia have won the cup more times, despite having multiple sport codes. It's kind of sad really. Or as Trump would say SAD! (because he doesn't really possess a vocabulary, or more likely a working brain). And I really like Kiwis! I mean South Africa beat them in 1995 with a veteran team that should have been put out to pasture decades before! Maybe Stick can explain it, I certainly can't.
  9. In my wife's village it would be insulting if I offered to pay them. I had a cyst on my neck behind my ear, I couldn't really operate on it myself, and my wife is squeamish. For nearly two weeks I went to the clinic daily until it was resolved, free bandages, free medical care, free antibiotics. When my wife comes to Australia I pay thousands of dollars to ensure she has the exact same universal medical care that I'm entitled to. I'm only one person, but I feel a lot of shame. I talked to a Labor politician about this recently and he was sympathetic but I could tell he was non-committal. And to get this news that foreigners aren't paying their bills, as small and derisive as they are just makes me angry. BTW I made a large anonymous donation to the local clinic.
  10. On the face of it, the call for security and happiness sounds right and proper. But you can't legislate happiness. You *can* ramp up security. Thankfully the Thai people are fairly vocal about their rights. Let's just hope security doesn't mean what we all think it means. Perhaps I'm optimistic, but I respectfully expect the Thai King to exert a calming influence and follow his father's example of staying out of politics, after all it's beneath his dignity.
  11. https://www.smh.com.au/national/queensland/airline-apologises-for-inappropriate-advertisement-on-brisbane-bus-20190325-p517ck.html Collective Shout spokeswoman Melinda Liszewski and self-appointed woman on all things sexual said it was a rallying call for Australian men to abuse children in Thailand. Whilst I can kind of see her point, it's a fairly long stretch of the imagination. I know I've certainly never abused a child, and I would personally put two rounds in the back of the head to anyone who did. I may have gone out with a bar girl once in a while but you know the story, it was usually them twisting *my* arm. Add to this that the one complaint came from this woman who looks like a dog's rear end and is a spokeswoman for the Australian Christian Lobby, is all that really needs to be said. Jealousy is a curse don't you know?
  12. For instance how many here know what the phrase stoat-the-baw means? I'll give you a hint, I've never stepped foot in Scotland, but I read a lot of Scottish fiction. What about Scientia est Potestas? The recalcitrant point I'm making is that by reading, you can transcend age. Yes I'm a young bugger, and as I said I'm honoured to be here and I'm lucky to hear your advise, your sarcasm, your rants etc...
  13. That's the perfect word Coss 'recalcitrant'. Although self-willed would be a nicer way to put it. However recalcitrant we are, we still have our code of ethics, which must include not behaving like a criminal. Not paying a 200 baht debt is the opposite of this, and we are unanimous in our condemnation of it. It gives us all a bad name, particularly Americans; but Farang in general. Welching on 200 baht and punching the staff in the face isn't recalcitrance, it's criminal behavior. If he doesn't get his comeuppance this time than be assured it's waiting around the corner.
  14. You're forgetting some people read. This is demonstrated clearly here by the use of a barely known word - Flid. I'm honoured to be a member of this board because there are some highly intelligent people here, just a few to name, Flashy, Mekong, Radioman, et al. Each I respect in a very much different way. I know, even though my first post was as far back a 2005, it's been guided this life by all these weird and wonderful things by these mentors such as they are. They're not perfect, nor am I - it's sounds twee that's understandable. I met an Angel down in Queens, she had a broken wing.
  15. Good welcome to all, we need some infusion of fresh blood. I would highly advise not listening or reading the lowland scots that munchmaster seems to extol. Note, most scholars don't accept as a language, more a culture. Irn-bru and a munchie box anyone? Maybe he's just lonesome for a ship like me. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  16. He is extremely lucky that other westerner intervened. It just shows the arrogance of this guy - 200 baht!!! Just pay it and move on. Look I know not all Americans are like this, they are usually very generous people, but this guy is giving Americans a very bad name. Jesus Christ!!! Welching on a debt of 200 frigging baht! And then criminally assaulting a staff member. I hope he rots in jail. It will give him a new perspective on life. And he should thank the westerner you stepped in to protect his stupid arse.
  17. I travel light these days, just a small carry on backpack. I tell the taxi to stop on the corner of Soi 1. I then walk across the road and check into the JW Marriott. It's not about saving a taxi fare, I don't see why I need to go through the Bumrungrad Hospital, turn right onto Soi 4, wait forever at a traffic light, then finally get to my destination 15 minutes later in order to have saved approximately 10m of walking distance. I always tip the cab driver generously, because the prices are ludicrously low. Also talking to taxi drivers is great practice. I learnt a hell of a lot of brilliant banter from these guys speaking Isaan. You can get a huge discount for instance if you ask the elderly Thai lady at reception if she would be available for a date - if she's outraged, which never happens, you just say you would like to have such a lovely lady take you her favourite temple so you can pray for you lost mother. 50% off guaranteed. And often a late night visit from her grand daughter. Taxi drivers are your friend, your mentor, your language trainer, your cultural guide.
  18. I can't speak turtle, largely owing to the fact that they are ectotherms. I can speak to and understand Mitch McConnell however. I do a great slave impersonation, I'm a superb mimic, but it's not politically correct these days, and besides, I'm on the side of the slaves.
  19. So cynical. I don't think they did it - but someone needs to be held to blame. I can speak Burmese, and they number many on Turtle island, almost like slaves. Recall the American that built a fantastic resort on this island? He was told if he wanted to be breathing in 24 hours, he'd better make himself scarce.
  20. Sadly it's a decline in values. The US has led the world in this respect. By no means am I anti porn. But incest is crossing the line for me. I don't even understand the interest in it.
  21. I'll see her again. I'll never give up on her. She has a right to see her father.
  22. Well that is dialects for you. I mind how disappointing it was at the outset to find that out. As I say I did the linguaphone course for central Thai, and retained a professional tutor. But when I went to Isaan I could barely understand them. That was because they were essentially speaking more a dialect of Laos then Thai. So I went the whole hog and learned Laos, and backtracked to the Isaan dialect. Along the way I picked up Khmer and Burmese. The whole experience took me about 10 years. But I'm a superb mimic. I can get my young nephew running to get ready for school, by imitating his Grand mother. I can convince my wife it is not me sitting in a dark room. I can ask the old lady at the grocery shop if she wants to come sing Karaoke with me and maybe a bit more. Life is fun, but only if you learn as you go.
  23. Seems rather cynical Coss. I would usually laugh, but this isn't a laughing matter. She's my daughter. She's an angel. She needs her father. Thailand reveres her. But I can't even see her. She's being exploited. I regret to say I'm planning on doing something dire.
  24. I'm haunted by the realization - I'm just a semen donor.
  25. Very Kind words. Stiff upper lip - maintain your resolve. The TV networks hide behind a veil of supposed privacy. I can see her, but I can never meet her. Better I forget her.
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