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  1. I'd rather peer into the news Donkey's eyes and recess things for my self than ever get my news here.
  2. I'll find her if it's the last thing I ever do. I"m gasping, dying, no one except me seems to care.
  3. In her English parts, she speaks with my dialect. It's heart breaking
  4. Well I suppose she's six now. She is very white skinned. She has a brown eye and a blue eye, which I'm told is very lucky. You might have seen her on TV. I can't contact her mother. I just sit there very drunk watching her on TV. It's a horrible situation. A beautiful young daughter I really want to see again. But I can't find her, even though she's on TV most nights of the week.
  5. I speak perfect centralized Thai. I speak different dialects also. I don't consider this a great accomplishment, I just naturally pick up these things quickly - you might call it a talent, I don't know why other people can't do it - but there you are.
  6. I couldn't acknowledged the point better myself. Although my wife owns approximately 5% of Isaan, she is treated like a Princess in her village. It's hierarchical and that's just how it works there. Now I get away with murder (metaphorically), just because we are married. I'm a Surgeon, and she earns more then I do. I'm not a diplomat, I use my tools to save lives. I completely understand Thai, but I will chat to a taxi driver or a bar maid gladly, but the government are off limits. Btw the people I associate with are principally my family. They will always come first. I don't need to do business in Thailand, I've got a rich wife and a high paying professional job in Australia. Stickman has obviously pinned his colours to Thailand. In some fashion I have too. My wife and I own land in Thailand and Australia. And she is much more wealthy than I.
  7. I think it allows clitoral stimulation, much more than most positions, The girl will grind herself on you, which seems to make them go off like a fire cracker. You also get a great view of her body. Anyhow I never initiate it the girl does. I'd never say to a girl, right get into the reverse cowgirl position, it's her initiative. So in summary, the reverse cowgirl gets the women off, but you're hardly being mistreated are you?
  8. Well, I kind of agree, and I appreciate your replies. You might mind my post. And whilst It greatly amused me at the the time, it very nearly got me into serious trouble.
  9. Western girls are taught to restrain themselves and not enjoy sex. You may wish to offer some thoughts on this. I've met many a Thai girl that just want a hot cock. I mind one girl riding reverse cow girl style, completely on her own volition - and the joy on her face I saw in the mirror was miraculous.
  10. First advise, never ever talk Thai to a government official. It's the mental equivalent of punching yourself in the face. Second advise is it's fine to hear and understand it -- but by no means allow anyone, I mean anyone to know that you can. If you can speak fluently, learn to speak like a newbie. Deliberately make mistakes. Also know that Thai isn't neatly encapsulated in one language - despite the governments best efforts. My wife speaks like a Princess on the phone in perfect centralized Thai. I did the Linguaphone Course, and I had to throw it out the window. Defenestration I think they call it. At home her Mother speaks in such a broad dialect, people down the road can't understand her. But I talk to her. And then there's the condescending voice my wife speaks to me from time to time as if I was a child, with some interesting vernacular thrown in which makes me laugh, which gathers her fury. I learnt how to speak to her Mum via her Nephew, because she doesn't want to teach me the local lingo so I don't chat up all the girls. The one time I chatted a girl up I was very nearly castrated (with the knowledge of the local police). Even so I've had Mothers giving me their girl's mobile numbers. She just wants a ลูกครึ่ง ( luk khrueng ) . And I've had many proposals. Such is life in the village. Finally, you won't like what you hear most of the time. You are a Farang, and your money is welcome, you may even hear you're a handsome man, and even believe it if you're a fool.
  11. I have to remind myself which language I'm speaking. I tend to go in fugues. I can imitate a Bhuddist monk, In fact I'm a master of imitation. I realise, yeah sure, I've got a talent. And so far I've only used it to my advantage. But no more. I'm giving back. I'm going give slum dwellers a gift.
  12. My advise to you Jack is take it easy on yourself. Don't take life so seriously. Yesterday I jogged a mile up the beach, then I swam all the way back.
  13. Sissy boy!!! man that just made my night, hell it made my week!
  14. I'm not anti-American by the way - just reasonably intelligent
  15. Ps: I'm gunning for 10,000 too!
  16. Since I hold dual citizenship of Australia and Sweden, I don't particularly care what happens to the USA. Although I do have several investments there. However I don't think they'll be affected. Let the chips fall where they may is my concern.
  17. I know the girl (my wife does). PM to make arrangements. I wouldn't delay either, she is being squired by an extremely handsome Danish guy.
  18. I do get tested regularly. Even though I don't do what is deemed high risk sex any longer (or not much..lol) meaning unprotected anal sex with girls. You completely and utterly disgust me. You laugh out loud at the prospect of infecting a poor girl with HIV by taking her up the arse? What kind of sick monster are you? The sooner you die, the better.
  19. They say it takes 10 years to become expert in something - I've been going nigh on 13 years. I speak better than a native, I've been through all that disillusionment you need to power through to survive all the valleys and hills of enlightenment that is Thai society. I've had my heart broken, I've suffered multiple travails only to come out on top. In short, I've been incredibly lucky. It seems I own half the country side (or at least my wife does), and it's expanding at an exponential rate. As you know I'm a surgeon, and I volunteer my time and expertise quite readily. Well things, well it's not quite the sylvan setting I paint, we have refreshments on the balcony over looking the Mekong. And these are some of the happiest times of my life. So more to the point - if you're not happy, please leave - but I will miss you.
  20. You mean the Victory I think. Close to QUT. A lot of Chinese students - can you say Ni Hao? My Goodness. I've noticed the GPO in the valley has a lot of Asian students too - that are easily impressed. There has never been a better time to be hunting on the home turf. Lets start this Brisbane chapter!!!
  21. Okay, why don't we meet at the Irish pub across the road from the casino? I like the idea of forming a Brisbane chapter. We can compare notes, the inevitable fails, the wholesome successes. It's a real old fashioned pub with old fashioned nooks where you can nurse a pint. Failing that there's a Pig and Whistle on Eagle St, seems really busy these days. Nah it's a great idea, just name a time, and I'll be there.
  22. He's a murderer. All my life, what I mistook for friendly pats on the back, were really the hands that pushed me further down. the more I struggle, the less I achieve. Deep chlorine breaths, minutes bleed into hours, bleed into days, something keeps me in this disinfected womb. I picture things differently in daylight, I suppose. I mean everything is an excuse for something. But my conscious is intact. I can deny everything. I'm waving in to blind eyes. And I've got away with it all. Smirk.
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