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  1. I always re-activate my account at http://www.asianescapades.com/ prior to a trip, filled with reviews, current goings-on as well as current pics, you do have to pay though. If you don't use a Hotel to pick you up in Manila I'd suggest these guys: http://www.margarita....com/update.php pretty reliable and have a good rep, used them on my last trip. Beisdes Orchard Inn noted by Coss there's also http://www.wildorchidresort.com/ - great location with two pools, Stayed there last spring. Walked up to Kokomos for most of my meals, great place for people watching. Have some Pattaya Expat friends living in Pattaya, AC is where they go for vacation :-) Many say you get WAY better GFE in AC and LT's the rule there (vice ST). Hopefully they'll be a "Pool Party" going on somewhere during your visit, should bring a waterproof camera if you go :-)
  2. I'd suggest the Rembrandt Serviced Apartments as one possibility: they have the fastest Internet I've seen as far as the Internet service one gets from a hotel. Their rooms / suites include kitchenettes and you can easily walk to Soi Cowboy / the BTS/SkyTrain at Asoke. They recently refurbished their rooms. They also have a pool and small Gym that thankfully almost no one uses :-)
  3. That was my first thought as well: would make me think of an inside job where maybe they thought to continue taking "peicemeal" over time, figuring maybe the drunken Falang may assume he spent it and forgot - only they sure had a big 1st meal. Some may recall years ago we had a thread on a certain popular hotel near 'Cowboy where that's exactly what our BM said was happening to the contents of his safe, only then they were taking smaller reasonable amounts each time, such that he had to write amounts down to be sure. I always get Travel Insurance on every overseas trip nowadays, however it never covers theft from hotel rooms: will have to see how much more adding that will cost - may well be worth it. Think I may also look into the Milockie device you can add to make breaking into your Hotel safe harder: http://www.milockie.com/ or here: http://www.corporatetravelsafety.com/catalog/milockie-hotel-safe-lock-p-940.html
  4. If you have an abscess all the more reason to get it treated ASAP (they can be fatal if one waits too long). I've also had work done (Gold Crown) at the Thantakit clinic and they are excellent too. I've been going to Silom Dental for years now, they are a bit more expensive but I like how the specialists all work together to get you the best results possible. They have newer equipment than any dentist I ever saw in the US. One odd side benefit to all the many Novocaine shots they gave me in the afternoons - was sort of like an aphrodisiac in that by the evening, I was randy as a 19 year old!!! Unless it could've been seeing all the hot, pretty, Dental assistants they had working there :-) Hopefully by the time you read this you've been treated already and maybe they even got you some good pain Meds!
  5. If the problem tooth is a Molar, then you may need a specialist, an Endodontist. Molars can have like three roots and the fix involves them using very deliicate microsurgery / drilling. I had a bad one maybe 6 years ago, my Dentist in USA said would have to extract, a specialist would cost many thousands he explained, if they could even save the tooth after all that cost (he didn't think the tooth could be saved at all). Went to http://www.silomdental.com/ (all specialists) and their Endodontist got it fixed up for just a few hundred (many hours of drilling, over many days), still have the Molar along with a gold crown they added, all these years later.
  6. Interesting find, another reason to try and save the Bees: http://www.nrdc.org/wildlife/animals/bees.asp
  7. RIP, a real shame, so young still!. Never met Eyebee but enjoyed his posts over the many years. Many of us might get heart problems as we get older. Curious if Thailand has one of those "First Alert" type services? This is a necklace or bracelet type thing you wear at all times that's actually a transmitter where if you live alone and need help / have some emergency but can still at least press a button (maybe even as you're falling down) - it calls an Ambulance for you. (somehow I doubt LOS has it but you never know).
  8. the above is certainly true. However you might find Weight Watcher's for Men Online (http://www.weightwatchers.com/men/) of value. They assign "point values" to various foods, you can really eat anything you want but your goal is to try and stay within your point goals for the week. For example nearly all fruits and vegetables have 0 points so you can almost eat as much as you want, but a steak is way up there by comparison. Thru the process they pretty much teach you to eat a lot healthier and a bunch of small changes can make a big difference, and these changes are for the long term. The more active / more exercises you do (changes your point "budget"), the more you can eat too :-)
  9. Same owners as Sharks (Cowboy) now, unless something changed again :-) They did have the "upstairs" active again with Dancers a couple years ago, but it didn't last long (now no longer used again). Believe they still have the mirrored stage where you can sit at the stage, look down and see upskirt action (similar to Beach Club in Pattaya).
  10. Liked the story where after walking thru the Pearly Gates of Paradise, Osama is immediately beaten up by George Washington, Patrick Hnery, James Madison, Thomas Jeffereson, and with over sixty others coming at him he yells to a nearby Angel "this is not what I was promised!" the Angel replies "we told you you'd get 72 Virginians, what did you think we said?"
  11. True its long at close to 900 pages of tiny print, but once you start reading its hard to stop! Was sorry to reach the end, now have to wait for the follow on, "12"...
  12. I make it a point to get Travel Insurance every Trip now. Kind of thing that when you don't get it is when you'd need it :-) I go thru this site where you get multiple quotes and plans to choose from: InsureMyTrip.com Like the others mentioned, main thing is the Medical Evac but I get Medical thrown in too with a few minor goodies for just a few dollars more. Was a post on another board few years ago, poor English guy got hit by a Drunk driver in Phuket while there on Vacation and ended up paralyzed. To get back home to England via Medical Evac was in the hundreds of thousands in costs and he had no Travel Insurance. Oh, I also always keep a copy of that proof of Insurance in my wallet: was another story few years back about an American guy who was actually a young, retired Millionaire living in Pattaya got hit by a Drunk driver while walking along the roadside. Some good Samaritans took him to a nearby Hospital but he was unconscious and had no ID so the hospital refused to treat him saying they had no way of knowing he'd be able to pay. They raced him to another Hospital but he didn't make it.
  13. Oops, misnamed the link, should have been : Patong Night LIfe, the Sequel Anyway curious you can't open the link, I'm able to click on it and JRBazil's page opens up with his video ready to start. Maybe Thailand blocked that page? Anyway here's the actual URL you can try to paste in your browser's address window: http://vimeo.com/14180007 I have had some great times in some of the Patpong GoGos however the Markets, agressive touts, and crowds really make it a pain getting around. Haven't been to Patong yet, one of these days...
  14. Still one of my favorites: Patpong Night LIfe, the Sequel Great music (why it was pulled from YouTube), maybe Sayjann will recognize a few of the areas.
  15. Past few trips I've found Nana more fun and less mercenary than Cowboy, last month's trip only visited Cowboy just one night (hit NO Arab bars). Have also been hearing good things about Patpong again, but had so much fun in Nana never made it to Patpong ..before heading out to Pattaya for the rest of my trip.
  16. Also liked Kansai Airport, pretty nice. Glad to see the new Inchon airport among the best, but wish they had room in the best list for the Tampa Airport, one of my favorites in the US. OTOH, real happy that Newark's Liberty airport and especially Manila's Terminal 1 made the "worst" list..
  17. Glad you got the book, I really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. One of the amazing things brought out was the (secret) "Laotian War" and America's huge involvment: I knew nothing about it and absolutely no one I've mentioned it to knew anything about it either, although we dropped more tonnage there than during all of WWII... (also know what some of those old "Thai war movies" I'd seen on Thai TV were about now).
  18. Used to go on month-long business trips to Guam about every 2 years. As far as any "sanuk" comparison to Bangers, I'm afraid Guam would rate on the negative side, if anything (many high-priced strips joints and Hostess Bars where the only thing you'll get is mostly (see below) a lot of frustration and loss of money. Nonetheless an interesting place to at least visit, some nice beaches, a few nice bars, and some nice eye-candy to look at anyway - many of the young lasses there come from interesting combinations of lineage producing some exotic looking beauties. OTOH I've actually gotten lucky in some of the Hostess Bars there, where there's some nice Filipino and Vietnamese bird hostesses: but there's a LOT of competition (men FAR outnumber women there). If you have to go there for work I wouldn't hesistate just for the experience of it (fun places to drink, good food and Fiestas there are fun), but I wouldn't in a thousand years choose Guam over Bangkok.
  19. Don't recall seeing a post on this board about the new Jim Thompson book written up in the Asia Sentinel: An Ideal Man: the Tragedy of Jim Thompson and the American Way of War I pre-ordered the book and Amazon sent it soon as it came out, just finsihed reading it. While largely about Jim Thompson, it's also a great contemporary history book on Thailand and SE Asia from the 40's onward, where it tells a story going thru Roosevelt's Atlantic Charter, the Laotian war, the Hmong, Pridi and Philbol, the Cold War and the Americanization of Thailand (and military buildup) thru the 50's and 60's, up to the current time.
  20. Baccara you can smoke upstairs but not downstairs. When I flew through Manila in NOV coming back from LOS the security guys at the airport took my "Tahitian Queen" lighter (!) - I think they maybe just wanted it :-) I've successfully used my ATM in both Bangers and Pattaya for many years now, however the trip before last I learned I had better start letting my banks and credit card companies know the dates I'll be overseas otherwise they often won't honor charges / withdrawls coming from overseas (which did happen to me). So I'd suggest letting all your banks / CC companies know the dates you'll be in Thailand. [my bank told me upon return that previous trip that thanks to all the rampart and growing fraud more and more financial institutions are insisting on advance "travel alerts" from their customers going overseas] If you hit Pattaya pretty much every place allows smoking except the 2 "supers" (Baby and Girl). Also you may already know but they are at times real strict nowadays at Immigration about bringing in 'only' 200 cigs to Thailand, big (BIG) fine if you are over and get caught. I'd also make it rule, as I have, to ONLY use ATM's in Thailand that "reside" inside a Bank where they are protected against the all too many scams targeting ATMs in Thailand. Likewise if you use any Internet Cafes be very wary about doing any banking - due to keyloggers capturing your userid/passwords (I use a laptop I bring vice Internet Cafes). Ironic if you haven't been there in 10 years - after a long period of 'oppression' Nana is almost as it was 10 years ago as far as what they wear, or not :-) In fact I often enjoy Nana more than Cowboy nowadays, with Cowboy now often earning the "mercenary" adjective vice Nana (maybe thanks to the "Arab" in large part). Anyway am certain you'll have a great trip!
  21. Seen no evidence of any Beer shortages at all anywhere. In fact things seem better in supply here than what I saw in Bangkok - easier to get Bottled water and no shortages of any brands of Cigs that I've seen. It is however PACKED: to me its almost like Christmas / New Years week its so crowded - and that's based on punters / tourists in the bars and clubs, not on all the displaced Thai people here who don't frequent 'our' bars. However, not SO crowded that you can't have a good time, can still find seats in all the places.
  22. Arriving Nov 6th, having 2nd thoughts only about staying in Bangkok, may have to go to Pattaya directly - if there are any rooms left..
  23. Thought that fix was at Pink Panther during a combined Nanapong / Nanaplaza outing (involving a farang contestant)? However I could have my fight fixes mixed up.
  24. If you're talking about the Kung Fu show at the 3rd floor Hollywood of Nana, yes his assistant was outstanding, she was quite a Fox!
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