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  1. Consider me weeded. Been nice knowing you guys.
  2. Playing with fire--I hope it makes a meal for you rather than of you, Mekong.
  3. Beach Club is still there--not on my list of regular bars.
  4. Yeah, right. Yeah, right. Sheesh. Yer real funny like. I do believe you have made the stupidestest post I've ever seen here on Thai360, or even nanaplaza before that. Congrats. May the tooth fairy give you a golden handshake whilst you whistle Bach oratorios. Oh, and if your main point is that hetero sex doesn't transmit aids, and the rest of your remarks are just a put-on--sounds a bit like wishful thinking to me.
  5. God's gonna strike your ass down pronto--and anyone within spittin' distance. Please don't get close enuf to speet on me. Taking the fucking lord's name in vain--what in bejeezes name wuz you on?
  6. The Kindle is my best hardware buy in years. I use it daily. I have at least 10,000 books already--pointless I know. The best I've found is a torrent with the NY Times best sellers. Another great one is the "A short introduction to" series--awesome stuff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Very_Short_Introductions
  7. There are bars in Pattaya? Where exactly are they located?
  8. Gobbledonk: I'd be glad to meet up with you for a couple beers while you're down in Patters--there's actually a ton of fun stuff to do here during the day.
  9. Six-legged octopus is an oxymoron, no? Wouldn't a sextopus be more appropriate?
  10. Wow, amazing coincidence. *I* was born on Feb 29, (but it wasn't a leap year).
  11. Please don't use KS for K***h S******s, on this board it should mean only the boss. I really did a double take when I first read your post.
  12. Thank god he's changed his site name to 'notstickmanbangkokbutasiteaboutotherplacesthatarenotalwaysthailandbased.net'. He was lucky the domain name was free, though he had to use .net instead of .com.
  13. I'm the mercenary. My hardware was a 97 magnum and a small bazooka. Wish the Stick had let me go at 'em.
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