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  1. Those gatherings on a Friday Night were always a good laugh and a great place to exchange stories, tips and laughs - met some absolute legends over the years. I also started in 2000. The corner bar on the 1st floor (2nd to our American friends) - Woodstock? Or was that elsewhere - For some reason I remember it did Mexican food? Then it changed to Gulliver's on Soi 7(?) and then somewhere in Cowboy. The other bar on the same floor of Nana did 100 baht all you could drink Changs, or 30B if you just wanted a couple. American owner IIRC. Great spot watching people coming and going. Still in touch with most of the original London Contingent via social media, and hopefully be able to catch up for a few frothies in a better place at some stage soon!
  2. That is some sharp camera work, is that you doing the video flash?
  3. Flat Earth believers have members all over the globe!
  4. It's an easy yes from me ...
  5. Am positive he had a passport to get in (assuming it's the same guy I'm thinking of) - but it was near 20 years ago and he may have lost it at some stage. Hoping he has some kind of support back home as the lifestyle I remember him living (granted - it was a long time ago) will be a bit different to the UK.
  6. That was often making the news back when I was living in the UK - 2000-2004. Dreadful stuff.
  7. Who was the guy years ago (like 15+ years ago) who used to frequent Chumpon? Came across as a really nice bloke, and I *think* we wither met a couple of times, or just missed out... in any case - looks a great spot!
  8. Was lucky enough to meet the great man, but only the once - a long long time ago when he was looking forward to the big move - a true gent. Rest In Peace.
  9. Doesn't matter what country - he's scum, pure scum... moments like this I hope karma is real... simple... victims of this shit is soooo much different to victims of other crimes - think of them...
  10. Some blasts from the past there... I guess as we get older other things in life seem to take priority... sorry to hear about Moo Noi, he's on a similar forum here in oz where we exchanged recommendations some time ago - met him a few times in my heyday and seemed a nice bloke. Old Hippie - one of the greats - always spoke of catching up but dates never seemed to match. P127 - always defending the girls IIRC - met him once, him and the Hippy were mates from memory but had a falling out years ago (10?) Suadum - hope he's well, we used to catch up in Melb and BKK when we were in town - had some great nights with him, and lots of laughs... Happy to say with social media etc I am still in touch with some of the scallywags I used to knock around with in my LOS and UK days - I reckon 2016 is as good a year as any to organise a reunion...
  11. Redbaron

    Farang Police

    Is it possible he is on some sort of .... don't know what it's called but like a student exchange program for police?
  12. The operative phrase being, "A few decades ago" - let it go, we have leaned, and are not proud of that day.
  13. Deep Jack, very deep. You should write a book, the talent is there and there are at least a dozen guys I know who'd buy a copy. Age is in the eye of the beholder mate, or something like that. Whenever I walk into a bar in Thailand I am still 28 meeting jack for the first time, only this time without the 'tail.
  14. The Interview isn't " our historical symbol of free speech " - it was just made out to be that because of the ban. It would have been interesting what would have happened if (insert this wee's number one enemy's country here) had made a movie about killing a US president - what would have happened.... having said that, I thought the interview was a good laugh. Nothing more, but definitely nothing less.
  15. More to the point is there going to be a send off? A booze up? If so I'm in - would love a good excuse for a holiday. Seriously, well done on a good job while you were (are) in LOS, admittedly I stopped reading the "Weekly" years ago - I think I have grown out of the Thai-fever I (we all) had. I do have a look every now and then but it has been years since I have been a frequent visitor there, and most of the places mentioned I don't recognise. We met a few times at Woodstock and Gullivers, and you seem like a decent chap. Best of luck with whatever you end up doing. Yell out if you are ever in Melbourne, I'll let you buy me a beer.
  16. Didn't they have a massive protest some years back, which threatened to break into a civil war about having to work after the age of 55?
  17. From a selfish point of view, that's a good thing looking at cheap flights and accommodation etc...
  18. I remember that well, it was embarrassing to say the least (the whole "Cambodia Issue"). Start a thread on Cambo and invariably it ended in tears. Said that, I guess he would have been an interesting guy
  19. RIP mate, I dread the day ours goes, my son will be gutted. Part of the family for sure.
  20. Yes they do. Jetstar would be cheap too. Mel-Bkk was 250 odd each way not long ago, Perth likely cheaper
  21. Wow - they are still pushing this thing? I remember when it all started and there were virtually no benefits, everything was just implied. 5 year multiple entry visa would be attractive to some people, and would save a lot of stuffing around. Note the * - subject to approval though. Works out to 120k a year. (100k x 20 years plus 20k pa for the subscription fee). If you were a mad golfer and utilised the 24 games it works out to 5k a game. Not bad since it includes access to a lot of courses you wouldn't be able to play unless you were a member, or knew one (I guess). The discounts at shops and hotels we all know won't be real discounts.
  22. One of the replies from his website puts it well.... You are obviously proud of being a gangster and some self proclaimed mafia type, why would you be so upset when you come up against the same type of people. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander right? Live by the sword etc You can act the tough guy all you want but remember where you are, you’re not on the Gold Coast now. Sometimes a bit of brains will serve you better than a whole lot of brawn and not giving a fuck. Good luck Something about lying with dogs and picking up fleas comes to mind. So he has lost some gold and cash, apparently.... And he's sure it was the police and not the original burglar who stole it all. Cop it on the chin and move on - I have never met the guy but (at the risk of sounding presumptuous) I'm tipping he has occasionally "obtained" cash by less than orthodox methods.... what goes around comes around right? He describes himself as an underground gangster and loan-shark boss as well as the #1 pimp, protecting over 600 girls on the game. professions that are illegal right? I wonder what his work permit lists as his profession...
  23. He'll be back by Christmas, and with a bit of luck does time. We don't need him adding any more to the gene pool. Lucky for his girlfriend and unborn child - at least now they have a chance at life.
  24. Have been watching this show, interesting - a good balance of morons doing stupid shit whilst on holidays, FIFO types who seem to fall in love at least once a month (this one's different) and genuine people in distress... the old couple who leave the bag in the taxi the other night I felt for, and was touching when the cabbie bought it back. Also the aussie couple who lost a child early on in the series was sad. Love Trudy - good mix of "take no shit" and compassion. The others seem nice as well.
  25. We laugh and joke but if people can save a buck, they'll take the cheap seats and complain about it later. Sitting at the front of the plane you'll get there quicker - off the plane first, luggage gets on the carousel first and then you can be first to join the 3 mile queue for immigration...
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