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  1. We laugh and joke but if people can save a buck, they'll take the cheap seats and complain about it later. Sitting at the front of the plane you'll get there quicker - off the plane first, luggage gets on the carousel first and then you can be first to join the 3 mile queue for immigration...
  2. I always thought medical stuff was the "exception to the rule". Especially when it comes to stuff you need to breathe... Comes under "common sense" buy ... yeah... I know photography gear also is exempt, as I don't *think* it is covered by insurance if checked in (or something like that). Other than that a good book is all I need.
  3. The prosecution is appealing the sentence - they want more time in jail. The defence's statement "Jail would be bad for him" - hardly an excuse not to send him there. They cited that he would not be allowed to use his artificial legs so shouldn't have to go to jail. Surely he is not the first amputee in South Africa to be sent to prison? We'll see, I wonder what the sentence would have been had he not been able to afford a good lawyer.
  4. Redbaron

    Moving Seats

    Jewish Sabbath is from sunset friday night, until sunset saturday night from memory
  5. Marry a Thai if you are in love with her (or him) - otherwise marry whoever you are in love with... or am I reading the riddle too simply?
  6. Redbaron


    Some countries *may* be only letting certain citizens take the test, therefore artificially showing their country in a brighter light... Which *could* imply NE Asians are the most dishonest when it comes to IQ tests. Africans, South Americans results show the test may be skewed toward English, or delivered in a way which is not easy for them - the rest about right at 100 odd.
  7. Million Ways to Die in the West - not bad for a giggle, Charlie Cheron looking good. Wouldn't watch it twice though.
  8. Thankyou cos, seriously.. lovely
  9. Trivia Question - since the Union Jack consists of the Scottish flag (St Andrew's?) - if Scotland ceases to be part of the Union, will the Union Jack change, and consequently will the Oz, NZ, Pacific Island nations with UJ's in there change as well? Can see the usual, "Change the Aussie Flag while we are at it" debate raise it's head yet again (down here) if so...
  10. Only 20 foreign gangs in Thailand? I'd think a lot more, considering the Russians, Europeans, Africans and other Asian "gangs" that are around.
  11. Expendables 3 - I've heard it will win every nomination it receives at the Oscars, as the last two did... It's what you expect, same as the last two.. awesome. Good for fun, but they throw a few younger ones into the mix, seems the old boys are a bit sore... Million ways to die is on the "while I'm doing the ironing" stick, tomorrow.
  12. Redbaron


    So my dad's second cousin is my second cousin removed?
  13. Agree Munch and BB, that's why I gave up exercise the minute I gave up manual labour.
  14. Redbaron


    if the olive farmer is not homeless, then yes, I guess they are all home grown. My olives are looking good - they are definitely home grown
  15. Game of Thrones (also reading the books, up to volume 5 - there will be 7 or 8, it gets better) True Detective - Apparently the next season has different actors Banshee - awesome
  16. ..... unless you really do want to shag her, get a bj off her etc... in which case you aren't really his "friend" are you?
  17. Man up and tell your mate's wife to stop involving you in her petty games. Problem solved. You're welcome.
  18. I thought that was what the members section was for?
  19. On alcohol sales during flights, and forgive me if I'be told this tale before.. - flew Jetstar a year ago, Melbourne to BKK direct. Ordered and paid for a couple of beers for the Good Lady and I in economy, and by some miracle the trolley lady came back again and I asked for two more.... "No" was the definitive answer - responsible service of alcohol and all that - must be 2 hours between drinks. The Baroness and i were not happy... however - flying home in Jetstar's version of Business - 6 drinks before take off, 3 of them I didn't even ask for (top ups, etc) after living it large in the Qantas Club for 3 hours waiting for our flight.. bit of a contrast on the same airline which wouldn't let us pay for drinks a fortnight before...
  20. Doesn't surprise me - a lot of people have their nose in their phone all day it seems. I'm glad i work in an environment where they are not allowed. People are surprised when they see the Good Lady and I leave ours in the car when we go out for dinner. As for masturbating.. yeah I think I have got close, but never 150
  21. pretty sure mine is a photo of me
  22. All these false alarms are starting to piss me off, I mean there are literally thousands of family members of the passengers looking for answers, and some kind of closure. Imagine the heartbreak every 3 days when another "sighting" is announced. They should just say nothing until they actually find the plane. For the families.
  23. Best thing about owning a dog - if the dog knows you (ie a relative, one of the boys, or the kids next door), she wags her tail and gets excited at the prospect of a pat. Door knocker (incl religious) - she barks, looks and sounds like a killer dog.. I don't even need to be rude, I say, "Come on in," they politely leave and stick some junkmail in the letter box.
  24. Doesn't stop them overcharging for Christmas (not a Buddhist/Thai celebration), NYE or other Western Holidays... Why not do it on CNY as well?
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