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  1. All these false alarms are starting to piss me off, I mean there are literally thousands of family members of the passengers looking for answers, and some kind of closure. Imagine the heartbreak every 3 days when another "sighting" is announced. They should just say nothing until they actually find the plane. For the families.
  2. Best thing about owning a dog - if the dog knows you (ie a relative, one of the boys, or the kids next door), she wags her tail and gets excited at the prospect of a pat. Door knocker (incl religious) - she barks, looks and sounds like a killer dog.. I don't even need to be rude, I say, "Come on in," they politely leave and stick some junkmail in the letter box.
  3. Doesn't stop them overcharging for Christmas (not a Buddhist/Thai celebration), NYE or other Western Holidays... Why not do it on CNY as well?
  4. What a champion... one of the greats.. Chuck Norris once smoked a cigarette - the cigarette got cancer
  5. Shit mate I was born in december 1973!
  6. Can't really understand games like that.. more a World of Tanks guy myself.
  7. If you read the history books gobble, it was actually the Africans themselves who sold the slaves to the brits/white man/whoever bid the highest (including other africans)... not that that makes what the dreaded white man did acceptable... just putting it out there
  8. Saw that picture on tonight's news... disgraceful - and people ask why I go to places other than the Gold Coast for my leave..
  9. That is what we are talking about: why are the "agents", staff of a commercial airline are so eager to police passengers. Quite simple really - if immigration at the arrival end decides a passenger must be turned around, it is the airline's responsibility/obligation to do that. Hence the check in staff (airline employees) need to vet all passengers properly as it is their employer who will have to pick up the bill to fly home/where they came from.
  10. Backed by nothing, or rather they are backed by the idea that they are not backed by or reliant on any government. I feel they dream of becoming the "global" currency if/when the usual governments fall.... until a sexier one comes along. Although the price has been steadily rising (last time I looked), IMO when it falls it will plummet, and bear in mind their "stock markets" or "banks" have been hacked a number of times - most recently this year.
  11. Maybe richer = more chance of not eating right, doing drugs etc (look at a lot of celebrities), or stress of losing it all, following the markets, managing a large group of employees etc..
  12. Good on him for stepping up, hopefully he doesn't have to pay for another beer while he's in town. So often people just walk away...
  13. Redbaron

    Chicken Nuggets

    I'd avoid most chicken nuggets like the plague unless you make them yourself. Back in my butchering days the wholesaler I last worked for got a short term contract to supply the "chicken" to one of the big chicken nugget sellers (McD's or Hungry Jacks can't remember which one) - as the usual supplier couldn't do it for a while for whatever reasons. basically it was frozen chicken skins and the like, minced, formed and crumbed. By using 100% chicken skin (aka fat) it is perfectly legal to put "100% chicken" on the label. Since most skin comes from the breast (the drumsticks, wings etc are generally sold with the skin on), it is also perfectly legal to call it "100% chicken breast". Some sellers have changed since then, but not all.
  14. Looks like not all yanks are on a hamburger diet, someone take her out for a feed. Good to see the traditional nudey run is still happening in some parts of the world - due to fines being $5,000 and over down here now it has pretty much stopped... apart from this fella w while back who got 90 days in prison for his efforts at the rugby..
  15. And if the UN say, "Stop stonign people" - they will comply.. sure...
  16. Thanks guys, this PC I built in June this year and seems to have more than enough grunt to keep me going for a while - time will tell. Have the PS3 sitting in the lounge room, and generally it's used as a dvd/bluray player & media centre. Can't see myself tempted into buying the PS4 anytime soon, but never say never.
  17. Yep, and the one before that, Wales.
  18. Thanks guys - those mice look pretty cool, and regarding headsets, even though my $10 one beats the shit out of my in monitor speakers, can see how cordless would be more handy.. may wait until I'm a bit more advanced in all this before looking to upgrade. I did see a giant mouse pad with Darth Vader on it - will grab it if I can clear some room on the desk!
  19. Personally I have no idea whether the Thais drink wine other than "rice wine" traditionally - however I have known a few Thais to sample a glass or three, and find myself enjoying a nice red with any strong flavoured food. Last night it was a bottle of Cab Merlot with Indian veggies and chicken. Went down a treat.
  20. I know KS is into Online gaming, and likely a few others. Since I've navigated this new computer and worked out how to use the thing, a few of the lads at work talked me into playing World of Tanks. Loving it. I work in a job which at times is stressful, and frustrating at times, so rather than belt the missus, turn to drink or drugs or go out looking for a fight - I've been blowing up tanks. Seems to work. Went out and bought a headset today ($10/300 baht), and I admit it isn't top of the range but I'm astounded by the sound quality compared to the built in speakers on the monitor. It's good for listening to tunes as well, since we both work a few night shifts, it pays to be considerate and pop the headphones on - must remember to take them off if I am on call.. The top of the range headphones was going for around $400/12,000 baht - with plenty in the middle... Gaming mouse? Current mouse is the cheap/free one you get when you buy a PC... what are the advantages of spending $100/3000 baht+ on a flash one (though they do look groovy). What are you lads into?
  21. Some beauties on there - think it's more than just make up on those after pics.
  22. Fine's $20 for not voting, something I considered when my local school had a queue a few hundred metres from the gate - i think it went down as people genuinely had nobody decent to vote for...
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