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  1. I dare say the media down here are hesitant to name names as no charges have been laid. A number of news reports have simply stated the name of the personality interviewed is all over social media. Innocent till proven guilty, sure, but he'll never work in this town again - regardless of the outcome. Shit sticks. Yeah he's spent a long time in the UK, but like it or not he's still an Aussie Gobble - just like Mel Gibson was always a yank. If a dog's lives in a stable it doesn't make him a horse.
  2. I'm amazed anyone thought anything else would happen - IIRC we all predicted this when the incident occurred. TIT
  3. In my married days I visited China (2006) to visit the then wife's family, who were lovely. We went on a bit of a look around, and one of my nieces who knew I liked to read books took me to a book shop which specialised in non Chinese books. I picked up a book about Chendu - the region we were in, thinking it would point out a few highlights and places to visit, which it did. There was also a history section, pointing out a few historical/cultural points about the country and the region. Made for some interesting reading... eg: - before 1949 the country was living in the dark ages, it even mentioned people lived in caves - sinve 1949 the people are happy, and the govt have taked the country to dizzy new heights, inventing... everything - the Tibetans were liberated by the Chinese, and to this day are grateful, and no longer live in caves - so are the Taiwanese - the only reason the greedy monks want Tibet is to mine the silver Made for interesting reading, and the then wife agreed with the lot, even though she had been educated in Europe, UK, US and Aus... then again she also believed it was good politics to kill your opponents/anyone who got into your way.
  4. true... and yet the keel still gets a mention. IIRC we (Aus) sank on one of the following runs. Was pretty big news down here when it happened, I was just a kid though. Haven't seen mention of it since
  5. That's a good plan Mekong, for anyone. People often plan based on favourable exchange rates and don't take into account fluctuation in FX, inflation, needing to move due to unforeseen circumstances and the odd trip home to farang land. ALWAYS plan for the worse case scenario - investments could head south, interest rates, etc - unfortunately I have met quite a few lads who optimistically "retire" to places like LOS only to have to return home sooner than expected to find a job to top up their investments.
  6. June/July definately low season toga. Try a few different websites, or "flexible with dates" searches. It may just be the particular dates you entered into the search engine. Prices down here have just dropped by around 30% - (1200 down to 800 Qantas sale - return all in) and I'm finding it hard to think of a reason not to come.
  7. Thanks DC, I only got home last week! Haven't been to Pattaya in a year though, maybe back for Xmas and a few birthdays, New Years... Dec could be a big month this year
  8. Agree LK Metro is a good spot, a few gogos (6 ish) and plenty of beer bars and places to eat. A lot cheaper than WS.
  9. I've known a few lads over the years who have voted (in oz) for their mates who are stuck at work, who haven't been organised enough to vote early via post - even now we don't need to produce ID, and simply state our name and address. Not even DOB is on the book, just name and address. We get fined down here if we fail to vote, which is why this happens.
  10. Well put lads, a few western governments could learn a bit from the Thai government on kicking foreigners out for breaking laws - our prisons are overflowing but we allow foreigners to stay who have been charged with the worst crimes.. As stated, you will always be "the farang" - and that will never change in LOS. Can't see myself ever moving there full time, for me it will always just be another holiday destination, albeit one of my favourites and most visited place. I could see myself going down hill quite quickly in a place like Thailand, especially if immigrating there alone. I'll never reach the upper echelons of being an "expat", well not in Thailand anyway, but that's easy worth living an extra x number of years. Love the place, but long term, expat living - away from the people who keep me on the straight and narrow in a place which can and will continue to change the rules for farangs... might just take extended holidays I think.
  11. If trying to make less people own guns isn't the answer... what is? Clearly the current state of affairs must be addressed... Or do people's lives mean so little these days, "Because it's in the Constitution"? disclaimer: yes I'm an Aussie - does this mean I shouldn't post in the US Thread? If not I'll stop when Americans stop commenting on other countries' affairs... including LOS disclaimer 2 : 90% + of Americans I've met have been great people.. the lawmakers/people with a bit of "pull", however (as in most countries) leave a lot to be desired.
  12. I always strike up a conversation about Kashmir and if shop owner is of Indian heritage I make derogatory statements about Pakistan. If taylor is of Pakistan heritage I make derogatory statements about India. Works every time Might try that this trip - worth a go.... about time I smartened my act up a bit, and suit up - the last one seemed to have shrunk a bit the past few years...
  13. Yeah, good idea - arm everyone up... what could go wrong? Been no problems so far has there?
  14. A 17 hour drive with the missus and kids? Can't see that going well. No cheap flights available?
  15. I'm no expert cav but one would assume if the Dow is up, then businesses may be turning a tidy profit (otherwise investors would not buy the shares) - and may be inclined to put on more employees - they definately won't be hiring if they are losing money, and the Dow is going down... Pretty simple really
  16. They're gold H, will try to use as many of them as I can this week..
  17. "Unintentional Poisoning" - stands out to me, I have known people who have dies by all other related deaths in the chart, bar this one.. and coss is right, death by cancer, stroke, heart, respiratory of a smoker will go down as tobacco related. Basically if a smoker dies by any "natural" means - that's what it goes down as.
  18. The legal agreement that the three made in 2009 was deemed invalid by Kansas state because they did not use a certified doctor for the insemination. Why anyone would NOT use a real doctor to artificially inseminate is beyond me. That said, there's a lot of guys who jerked in a jar for $20 (?) who are very nervous right now...
  19. thought it was longer than that - walked soi 8 to soi 6 last trip and it was a good half hour (most of that dodging other pedestrians) - since walking st is further... up to you. Would see a lot of funny things on the way I guess.
  20. I really liked it. Wouldn't call it "one of the greats" but it was a good laugh and full of excitement... the carving of the arm and subsequent "instant" amputations got the mind racing.
  21. yes it is - but too far to walk. Baht bus should get you there
  22. Think about it coss, if a pilot "goes troppo" does he really need a gun to do more damage than what we saw on Sept 11th?
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