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  1. Think about it coss, if a pilot "goes troppo" does he really need a gun to do more damage than what we saw on Sept 11th?
  2. Found this quote online somewhere - food for thought In the 16 years from 1980 to 1996, there were 21 gun massacres in the US and 13 in Australia. In 1996, the world’s strictest gun control laws were passed in Australia. In the 16 years since, there have been 41 gun massacres in the US, and in Australia – zero. Having said that, my dad (farmer) owns guns, and doesn't have trouble buying them - needs to be able to put animals out of their misery. Friends of mine are "Sporting Shooters" and either hunt with guns, or shoot targets - some at an international competitive level. They have no problem buying and owning guns, but from memory they need to be locked away and most are kept at the gun club safe. Surely if lives are saved by making a few laws/amending the old ones it's worth it? Isn't it? If I had a dummy spit and decided to shoot my neighbour, down here it would take a month(?) to get a license and maybe be able to do it. IF I knew people who could get me illegal guns it would probably take hours, or days? Plenty of time to calm down and ponder the ramifications of my actions.. If I was in the US, where AFAIK in some places it is easier to buy guns than cigarettes, I could have shot my neighbour in less time than it has taken to post this reply... OR I light up a cigarette in a Californian public place and get shot by the Police, and others get injured in the crossfire?
  3. Time to ask some serious questions and look at the constitution. Bearing in mind it was written when there was no, or not much of a US Army 200 odd years ago. It's simply happening too often. Dreadful time of the year for the families, friends, staff and neighbours etc over there.
  4. So 25,000 people in one or each state signed a petition. Out of how many million in each state? 10-20? Peanuts. There was another splutter of garbage on social media from people saying if Obama got back in they'd leave the country and give up their citizenship. Anyone on the ground witnessing mass migration from the US? Where are they going?
  5. Good onya cent - got to say I'm loving mine too. The missus loves hers and it's a good way to support thai360 via the amazon link on the side.
  6. Just picked up the 12 for $20 delivered... hope it arrives before I finish the passage... who am I kidding - the GL will get to it first. Thanks again gobble -
  7. Redbaron


    I'd say UK - sayjann generally writes of his daily adventures when he gets home
  8. Great stuff gobble - about half way through it and loving every page. Will start shopping for the twelve asap - the missus will be delighted.
  9. Fishing, agriculture, tourism, whisky, manufacturing, etc Right munch, same as a lot of recently independent and financially struggling Eastern European countries. If the Scottish people want to be independent good on them, but to compare Scotland to the Scandinavian countries is a bit foolish IMO. Other than the weather and the sea there is not a lot in common. Scotland if they do this have to be smart about it, and not get carried away with the short term financial attractions of the North Sea. A lot of things will need to be smartly negotiated with the rest of the UK. What portion of National Debt Scotland takes on board - for there will be some, ship building contracts, what part of the "British Navy/RAF/Army" can Scotland "keep". Medium/Longer term arrangements so Scotland won't just become another struggling new country. Will an interim term be appropriate - a few years where the country is "sort of" independent, but the Brits supply the defence forces wittled down over time. Lots of conundrums to look at. Europe is full of countries who have become "independent" only to fall on their asses. It would be dreadful is Scotland was to be another, and unfortunately blaming Britain or England won't count for squat when you are cut loose.
  10. hit the nail on the head baa - they are the original "steps" of AA, however according to the lads I deal with who deliver the meetings the religious aspect has been removed.
  11. As I understand a major part of the therapy of the A.A. (Anonymous Alcoholics) is based on Christian beliefs... AA is part of a Christian organisation, or at least used to be. Not sure how much they preach the religion whilst helping people though. I think not a lot.
  12. The old man's Husky only seats two.. a lot of light air traffic or cargo flights in the stats BB.
  13. Some countries just don't want them back. If the home country doesn't want them, then where do you drop them off? One would assume the country to which the prisoner holds citizenship would not need to be consulted - they would simply be notified, "One of your citizens is coming back." They can then choose to either let him be free, or arrest him. That's what we do.
  14. Anyone else think BKK traveler has a phobia of mormons?
  15. The GL finished the Passage the other night - absolutely loved it and will be picking up the twelve when released. She's anxious the third part (it's a trilogy right?) will be a way off though.
  16. Re: The passage - Bought it the other day but the GL got her hands on if first. She's about half way through and loving it. Thanks Gobble
  17. 3-hour ordeal only to realise that its just the beginning It worked for Lord of he RIngs
  18. Thanks gobble, looks awesome.. added to my kindle wishlist
  19. Good to hear Mekong, now enjoy yourself.
  20. Maybe I'm reading it wrong but how can someone who was assassinated 1 and a half years ago do anything last night?
  21. Gave these a crack yesterday as TBP was out of action for a bit and worked a treat. Don't know if I was lucky but the download times seemed fast and everything I searched for was there in abundance.
  22. The Nutty Professor - Jerry Lewis
  23. depends which market you are looking at, which country you live in and which tax and other laws apply to you. Personally I wouldn't buy gold at all, and IMO it's a great time to buy other stocks but my situation/goals/country/laws/tax implications are more likely different to yours. Seek professional advice.
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