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  1. depends which market you are looking at, which country you live in and which tax and other laws apply to you. Personally I wouldn't buy gold at all, and IMO it's a great time to buy other stocks but my situation/goals/country/laws/tax implications are more likely different to yours. Seek professional advice.
  2. Yeah, sure. I bet they will. People "tweet" they're moving to Canada so it must be true... HA.
  3. Their party IS America so what the party does or rather its candidates is what America should be doing. They are more loyal to their political party than to America. Unfortunately CS, this problem is not exclusive to the US, we have plenty here and I don't doubt most countries face the same problem. Imagine how productive these people would be if they focused of running the country instead of "politics".
  4. Why did GWB appoint a communist/socialist? When it comes to appointing judges, the prez in power generally appoints "some" who would be considered "from the other side" - ie Republican president appoints a token number of Democratically inclined judges, so they can say they are being fair and equitable. At least that's what I read somewhere. They wouldn't want to *only* install their mates, could look corrupt.
  5. During a second term, the "lame duck" President loses a lot of his power My point exactly, without the carrot of a prospective third or fourth term, and the threat of him and his party losing power, there is little or no pressure (for the president himself) to perform.
  6. In a system where the most terms a president can get is two, why wouldn't a second term prez just do what he wants during his second round? I like the idea pf "giving someone else a go" after 8 years, but when it's close to the end and there's nothing to play for, one would be very tempted to "do whatever you like" and enjoy the ride towards the end.
  7. Looks a bit like the Oscars I used to keep a while back
  8. Because one of the two major parties are in part run by religious zealots and its against their religious beliefs. I recall some one (probably a liberal...haha), who had this article (gotta find this thing), where he posed a scenario about what if the clerics in a Middle Eastern country advocated this and that would you call them extremist or fundamentalist moslems? Turns out it was things done in the good 'ol USA. And yet, both of our wonderful countries are supposed to (by law?) separate the church and the state. Sigh... I think as a species we are fucked. Really. In this day and age there should be no problems like this. But no.
  9. I still can't fathom how it is the government's business who marries who, in any "free" country, and I include my own in that group.
  10. yeah, realised that when i clicked onto page one... nice
  11. nice story mate - sure this isn't your writing comp entry? well written
  12. i think I caught an express bus back in the day - probably the minibus BB mentions. Cost peanuts from memory, and reasonably quick if you have a good book to read.
  13. (Oldie but a goodie) - had a brain scan the other day, they found nothing! Hope you've recovered Munch - marble's fucking hard isn't it??
  14. 60 - not that old.... plenty of Aussies remember him too.
  15. There is more support in England for Scotland leaving the United Kingdom than there is north of the border, according to a poll for The Mail on Sunday. Scots do not want the English to meddle in whether they end their 300-year union with England, but English voters are much keener to have a say in the matter. And the main worry of Scots appears to be that cutting their ties with England and Wales will leave them with less cash. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2086833/Scottish-independence-More-English-Scots-want-independence-Scotland.html#ixzz1je58ZpQ3
  16. But the dislike for Clinton was over how he claimed to be against the war, when he really didn't want to delay his entry into high paying jobs. If you believe his autobiography, the first time he earned more than the missus was when he became prez. Then again, she was a lot smarter at school/uni/college than he was too so it makes sense
  17. While I'm no expert in US politics, is in now a prerequisite to have some kind of military service prior to becoming president?
  18. Yeah true - as a species we are getting less tolerant, but I still fail to see why a person wearing a swastika to a jewish school in the US or elsewhere would not expect a flogging. Tolerance works both ways, and if one was to do that (wear a swastika to a primarily jewish place) - IMO they would be looking for trouble. And yes, we all realise the original meaning of the swastika was peace, love and all that crap. But to the majority of westerners (as per the example), especially Jews - it means something entirely different, and I personally wouldn't blame them for being offended if that person was being obviously deliberately inflammatory.... if that's a word.
  19. Yeah it could - but not at a Jewish school or area, regardless of the origin, the one wearing it would end up bruised.... and rightly so.
  20. Yum - my tomatoes are starting to colour up now... not sure if I mentioned it last year, but they are positively prizewinning! All welcome.
  21. Definately one of the greats seemed like a great guy, and any mash fan will agree - played the part well.
  22. Nice earner for a lowly paid public servant, particularly if you can score about a hundred in a day. = 10,000 THB a day... I'd call that a good earner in anyone's language!
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