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  1. the boy in the striped pyjamas... not bad last week about 4 thomas the tank movies and shrek's christmas... the boy was in town - going country to see him again tomorrow, tipping it'll be the fairies (was worried about that one until I saw the lo cut tops they wear.... good boy!)
  2. Heard the other day they are using viagra in the burns units of hospitals now.. keeps the sheets off the patients.
  3. Great post js, sounds like you're doing well. Stay happy.
  4. Watched the Wizard of Oz with the boy (3) yesterday... about half way through he comes up with a corker... "Daddy... scarecrows can't talk" I said what about lions? He says... yes, they can..
  5. Watched Corpse Bride the other night on bluray.. the GL loved it. Didn't mind it myself.
  6. Die Hard 4 last night... I liked it. 1st movie we've seen in months apart from the pirate pornos
  7. About to watch something I downloaded a while back... the best of benny hill - one of the greats!
  8. sorry, a kiwi told me that one today
  9. What's the smallest organ in a sheep? A kiwi's cock
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