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  1. 7,000+ meter skydive without a parachute:
  2. It looks like it would be a lot of fun being part of one of these flash mob performances: Good exercise, too (and a lot of hot chicks)!
  3. Shit. I meant to write Thonglor Soi 17. It is on 17.
  4. 'Felt like adding a bit on content to a moribund forum. The Commons is a trendy little boutique mall about 125 meters of Thonglor, on Thonglor Soi 16. The ground floor is labyrinth of about 15 separate, upmarket food stations, with a central bench-type seating area. See a summary of the different venues at https://thecommonsbkk.com/shop Over five visits, I've partaken of three venues: The Lobster Lab, The Bottle Cap (serving craft brews, in addition to some standard Thai beers), and a Bar-B-Que joint called Meat&Bones. The Bottle Cap has my favorite beer - Brewdog Punk IPA - on tap - at a pretty dear price (307 baht, after ++). I've had both the Oak Smoked Lobster Salad (which was quite good) and the Lobster Chowder - which was OK, but nothing special. At Meat&Bones, on my first time ordering there, I ordered the barbecued beef ribs. They were horrible - almost inedible - stringy, blecchh. But - on my next attempt there, I ordered the pork rib meat sandwich - and it was quite good. The next visit I ordered the pork ribs themselves - and they were REALLY good. Dry-rubbed, with some sauces served on the side. You also get a small cup of coleslaw, or potato salad - all for about 300 baht. These ribs are as good as any that I've had in Thailand. They give you only three ribs - each maybe 11 cm long.- but full of tender, well-smoked meat that almost falls off the bone. Actually, the standard order is a little bit too small a portion for me. So - on my last visit Io ordered two portions. I finished both orders - but two orders was a bit TOO much. Anyway . if you are looking for some good pork ribs, Meat&Bones is a good choice. The look and feel of the whole mall is good - very clean and easily accessed toilets - and wide choice of food and drink - which you mix and match. Basically, at your first food venue, you pay and receive a little number stand. You can then go to other vendors, and order other foods or drinks - pay for therm - and give your "number". When you are done ordering, you sit down a table and display the number stand. A service staff then delivers your dishes (or drinks) to your table, as they become ready. Cheers! SS
  5. The fat lady has yodeled: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/breakingnews/Thailand-congratulates-Kazakhstan-in-the-UNSC-elec-30289369.html
  6. Well, now that they have cleared a hundred plus tigers from the tiger temple, what are they going to do with all the tigers? I suggest that the police create some cages on wheels, put the tigers in the cages, and drive them up to the temple. Position the tiger cages in an arc around half of the crowd. Make sure the tigers haven't been fed, and are hungry. Then tell the crowd that if they aren't gone in 15 minutes, the tiger cages will be opened, and tigers will be encouraged top go forage for food.
  7. 'Sorry guys - this is a long one - but it is probably the most interesting talk that I have heard in several years. It was presented at a TED conference - and then censored by TED, as "outside the pale"
  8. Melanie Amen from Stockton, California struts her stuff in Tahiti, competing in their Tahitian dance competition:
  9. Greetings, Gents - Beware of an e-mail message arriving, seemingly from a familiar party - including their custom signature block (if they have one), with Subject Line: Payment Invoice, and with a link in the message body to a Google document. This is malware, and should be deleted. Cheers! SS
  10. This is presumably acting - Instant Karma for a couple of handbag snatchers who get "owned" by a feisty female:
  11. The Soi 11 branch is closed. The space has been taken over by a competitor = the El Toro Steakhouse (Churascaria). El Toro started as butcher shop on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 29 - pretty much behind the Police box. Then they opened a small restaurant adjacent to the butcher shop. Then they took over the space on Soi 11. Now - they have also opened a third location at the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 33 - in the "cursed" space that was once Coyote, and has since seen about four consecutive restaurant tenants fail at that spot. I haven't tried El Toro yet - I have been to El Gaucho about seven or eight times. 'Was never disappointed, but I will say - the prices are fairly dear. I think that El Gaucho closed the Soi 11 spot, and moved the operation to the corner of Thonglor Soi 8, in the same complex as Flan O'Brien's. Cheers! MS
  12. These guys deserve to make some good money off this idea:
  13. Might I inquire as to what the street name was, that had the Soi 4? K&S Bar means nothing to me - but I am a BKK fixture. I must say - keeping a sense of self worth is critical in dealing with the fairer sex - particularly of the "vixen" sort. Cheers, SS
  14. http://v.theonion.co...eo/1332/640.mp4 I could not get the video to display - but the link is lightning fast
  15. Yeah - welcome. We don't get a lot of new participants these days. Much of the banter here is "old boys club" by long-term expats and visitors - but if you really need info about something, there is probably expertise here to help you out.
  16. I like the way dependent users are screaming bloody murder over a FREE service - as if it is a government-funded public service that the public has an ENTITLEMENT to exploit.
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