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  1. as much as I hear people bitch and complain about guys who don't care about money "ruining the market for the rest of us", you'd think you'd see more support for guys who don't care about money to spend extra on convenience like this. hell, i get it. the number of times i was in the mood for something, but not in the mood to go on a hunt, i can't count. I usually have a regular to call... but not always. if money was less of an issue, i'd give this a shot.
  2. man, this thread was so exciting before it degenerated away from the OP and into political analysis of the current red v yellow crisis. I can only guess, but odds are pretty good that the Thai central bank has just taken less inflationary measures than the big central banks of the EU, US, etc. the baht has clearly lost value, just not at the rate that the rest of the world's currency has lost value (when considering the purchasing power of capital goods) we know that the US, UK, and EU have resorted to giant inflationary measures as their attempt to keep credit moving and the production/consumption cycles going. with what i know about the true levels of inflation of the U.S. dollar vs it's value compared to THB, i'd guess that Thailand just hasn't been as inflationary as other countries who tend to follow patterns and policy set by the BOE and the U.S. Fed.
  3. we showed up to phuket with no idea what we were doing, and found a room in Phuket city for 500 baht during high season. Phuket city sucks, but it's not actionless. Pink Lady is not designed for westerners, but we were welcomed there. it's expensive (2000 st 3000 lt) but it's a unique format that looks designed for japanese. kind of like a cross between a go go and a fishbowl. the girls all line up behind the bar, and you can pay 200 baht for one to sit with you for an hour. maybe this is common, but it's the first time i've seen it. we did not partake. none of the girls spoke even passable bar girl english, obviously.
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