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    Real Teens ?

    Why don't you come back when you have something relevant and meaningful to add to this (or any) conversation? In other words, when time travel is possible, go back 30 years or something. Fuck, man...
  2. I'll never understand guys who come to Thailand--the greatest pussy heaven in the world--and even spend a moment talking to those Russian bitches...??? Let alone giving them 6k ST and 12k LT or whatever the fuck their going rate is. Jesus H. Christmas. If I want to be treated like shit by a cold, crusty, scrappy cunt of a woman, I'll stay in the US, thank you very much, hahahaha. I come to Thailand for much, much more than that.
  3. preahko

    Real Teens ?

    Here's my point: if you go around looking for "young girls," meaning (at least going by the words guys speak), "18-20 year olds" (and let's not kid ourselves...this describes what at least 90% of the guys who come to Thailand are looking for), you're deluding yourself if you think the "young girls" you end up with are going to always (or even often) be 18 or older. I love how people try to pretend this situation isn't reality and widespread. It is. You make your bed, you're gonna have to lie in it. Like I said, I'll never be fooled by any of these girls, haha, I like my WOMEN with experience. I rarely go with anyone under 40. I've done a 52 year old from a Nana bar once too (I was 46 at the time).
  4. preahko

    Real Teens ?

    15-17 yr. olds are pretty common in [location removed - KS]. And it's not always obvious because many of them are Buriram/Surin Khmer, and they grow them quite big and tall (but not necessarily fat!) up there...believe me. A lot of times I only know because the other girls tell me in Khmer. The one I mentioned in the post above, though, was Lao (Isan), and I think it was fairly obvious she was quite young.
  5. preahko

    Real Teens ?

    16 year old flashing bush in [bar name removed - KS] last night. quite hot, too. good thing I like my girls 35+, hahaha....
  6. I hear you...I made the mistake of getting a TTM from a guy once, when my regular girl wasn't there and he was the next one up...never again. He was just too strong, and didn't know how to lighten his touch. The women--all from Isan, used to carrying 40 lb. buckets of water around from the time they were little, etc.--are plenty strong for me!
  7. Traditional Thai massage is 2 hours for $6 (200 baht)...the farang price you find in tourist areas is outrageous. Or at least go to Wat Po Massage down almost to the end of Soi 33, past all the dead artist bars and "Teen Massage" places...that's 300 for two hours.
  8. It's true...reading a newspaper is quite difficult in some languages, due to the level of colloquial language used, which differs surprisingly from country to country. English newspapers and magazines are written fairly colloquially, making them rather advanced reading material for non-native speakers...Thai is even worse, when you add to the colloquial language the Thai obsession with abbreviations and nicknames. Lao and Khmer are, on the other hand, quite straightforward...Intermediate Lao and Khmer language students can do quite well with everyday newspaper articles in those languages; Intermediate students of Thai, forget it.
  9. Are you Thai? 11 ways to tell Songkran Grachangnetara Bangkok Post Published: 25/12/2012 at 12:00 AM A few weeks ago I wrote an article for this newspaper titled "How to Tell Whether You're a Farang". I got so many Tweets suggesting that I write a follow-up to even things out that I felt obligated to pen a simple test for those Thais attempting to become farang, and to determine whether they have indeed made that transformation successfully. So here's my simple test, for what it's worth. • You're Thai if you still can't tell the difference between a heated argument and a free and honest debate. In Thai society, to question the judgement of someone in authority - be that a boss, a teacher or even a father - can be construed as an act tantamount to mutiny. Therefore, it's rather sad that in our culture, a valid statement is determined more by who said it, rather than the merits and reasoning behind what was actually said. • You're Thai if you're a Sunday driver even on weekdays. Thai motorists are infamous for inventing their own secret traffic code, and all foreigners need to get to to grips with this quickly or else life on the roads will be a nightmare. In any other country, flashing your headlights would signal giving way for the other car to pass. But in Thailand flashing headlights is equivalent to a rattlesnake shaking its tail; it means don't make a move or I'll run you over. • You're Thai if you still find it amusing that a group of farang will go to a restaurant and each person would order the same appetiser and main course instead of what a group of Thais would do, namely each person ordering something different and then sharing the variety of dishes. Thais are confident that this is the most rewarding way to enjoy a communal meal, until of course an argument breaks out on how to fairly split the bill because nobody got to eat enough of what they really wanted. • You're Thai if you have an obsession with skin colour. Thai women would willingly climb Mount Everest barefoot rather than spend a day slogging in the glare of the afternoon sun and risk losing that porcelain white complexion they've acquired through years of diligently living without any exposure to natural sunlight. This obsession has spurned a whole industry based on products that promise to make you white; from moisturisers to pills and even deodorants that allegedly improve the complexion of your armpits. Full Article Link: http://www.bangkokpo...-re-really-thai
  10. preahko

    Udon Thani

    I can't imagine it's not GF...run by a farang and all and surrounded by bars on all sides. Will let you know in two weeks after I've stayed there!
  11. Keep in mind that Mali Namphu is most definitely NOT girl-friendly, if that's important. If you want to be close to Bor Pen Nyang--I mean, try two doors down!--then you should stay where I always stay, Lao Inter City. The rooms at the back are around 1,000 THB a night (the river rooms aren't worth it at $55 USD). Quite nice and attractive hotel with okay wifi. Can't speak for the included breakfast, never woke up that early. Very girl-friendly.
  12. Also, they are not taught any critical thinking skills, a lot of ways of thinking that we Westerners (and people from other parts of the world) take for granted...I think this can make them seem childlike. Furthermore, Thai adults seem to me not to have much capacity for empathy: imagining themselves in someone else's situation or shoes. Their sense of reality begins and ends with their exact situation, they don't seem to have the ability to imagine the problems, situation, views or perspective of someone unlike them. I think this extends right to the (oft-complained about by farangs!) inability for Thais to walk down the sidewalk in a manner consistent with a mature adult. For instance, if a Thai is going to walk in a certain direction, they walk there, regardless of the obstacles or the trajectories of other pedestrians. I don't know about all of you, but I'm always aware of my surroundings when walking down a city sidewalk, and over decades I've learned to read--in people's body language and general path--where others on the sidewalk intend to go, and I adjust my own path accordingly. Furthermore, I assume--when I'm in the West--that other adults will do the same. The result, even in a crowded city like New York, is very few collisions or near-collisions. If a Thai has decided that they need to walk in a certain path, no matter how you may be walking, if you end up in their intended path they will literally crash right into you. I find myself jumping out of their way all the time, haha. So I think that is also a kind of walking behavior one might expect from children, and not from adults.
  13. Well, if the bitch didn't already have 604 posts I would just say "TROLL!"...but...anyway... Forget it, Bangkok is NOT a place, for whatever reason, that Indian girls come to sell it...if you did well in Singapore, stick to Singapore for such things...case closed.
  14. "Cultural sensitivity"...FUCK that shit. When it involves treating women--or any human--like a piece of shit, it crosses the line for me...and I will not endorse it. ALL humans deserve to be treated with dignity. Let's see...there's an island near Papua New Guinea, well documented by anthropologists, where it's a rite of passage for all young boys to be ritually sodomized by older men. Let's say you back up your intense devotion to "cultural sensitivity" by moving there and watching while your son (if you have one) has his anus pounded to a bloody pulp by adult male cocks. Cultural sensitivity, dontcha know. Yeah, I didn't fucking think so.
  15. preahko

    Middle East Season

    If you had spit on her she would have felt more comfortable. And not, I'm NOT advocating that men spit on women. Just noting that this is a regular practice of Arab men. My cousin dated an Arab guy for a while; of course he treated her like shit in general, but the deal-breaker for her was when he spit on her once during an argument.
  16. I vote for the "getting worked up" and then going back for some rambunctious ass-fucking (and according to my soi 3 [Thai] working girl sources, ass-fucking is ALWAYS on the menu with those guys...let's just say, for most of them, their first "penetration experience" [passive or active] was NOT with a female of the species...) scenario... Remember too, as I've posted previously in another thread, that the Arab women wear the most slutty, suggestive, open-crotch lacy "fuck-me" underwear in existence under their somber robes...probably to try to hang on to a shred of femininity to survive being treated like something worse than dog shit day in and day out by their husbands...
  17. I imagine that a large portion of the readers here--seeing as this is a Pussy Forum--originally decided to move to Thailand for the pussy. Nothing wrong with that, though of course, especially if one is smart enough to stay out of a long-term "exclusive" (yeah, right) relationship with a Thai girl, one eventually realizes that one needs more to sustain expat existence in Thailand in the long term. If you, dear reader, are one of those sad sacks who DID decide to stay in Thailand in an "exclusive" (heheh) relationship with a Thai...well, basically, sucker, you're beyond my help. But anyway, back to the original, largely philosophical question posed by the OP, I think the draw to Thailand is more than just hot wet hole (though there's that), we're also talking a "push factor" going on from the white bitches back in our countries. I know this whole "farang woman bashing" thing can take on a kind of comical parody life of its own (note the recent critique of such an attitude on Stickman's site...I expect as much from his quasi-bible-thumping moralistic ass, but I was kind of suprised at the number of e-mails of gutless dweebs who agreed with him and defended the objectionable farang twats he was defending...), but I call your attention to the following: Angry Female Farang Blog Post on Disgusting Western Males in Thigh Land This woman certainly has every right to exist, even exist in Thailand, where she is predictably ignored by all males, farang and Thai (and it drives her NUTS!)...but check out the punch line of this particular blog post: she "FINALLY" finds a place in Thailand where guys (clueless drunk backpacker fucks) will actually hit on her...and why is she so happy at this discovery?! Because she's found guys in Thailand she can REFUSE and BLOW OFF. What the motherfucking FUCK?! And bitches like this (she's not even hot by any stretch of the imagination, so I can only imagine the gross creatures who would actually hit on her...but still...) wonder why normal guys flee their Western countries for Thailand, so they can actually meet women and DO something with them...?? Like I said, I'm not usually one to join the "farang women hater" crowd, but after reading what this bitch writes, I gotta say it makes a lot more sense now...and, um, Stickman looks even more like his usual totally clueless, head-up-his-ass expounder of mindless drivel for defending the cunts...
  18. Yikes! For me that would be simple, "16 days in BKK"...okay, maybe 14 in BKK and 2 in Pattaya... But Chiang Mai? Kuala Lumpur? I'm guessing fucking is not high on your list of activities? And you're planning 4 nights for your first time in the Philippines...after you've only previously done Thailand and environs...? Never been myself, but from what friends have told me, you may live to regret that plan (and you may bail out on it early)...here's my understanding of the Philippines, compared to Bangkok: -rampant violent street crime (I can walk--nay, stumble--drunk, alone, virtually anywhere in BKK at 4 am with no fear, with a $500 cellphone and $400 US cash in my pocket...how many parts of the Philippines can you say that for?? yeah, didn't think so) -low hygiene (overall, and specifically where it counts on the BGs) hmm, well, just the above two points would be a total deal-breaker for me...but everyone's got their criteria/preferences...
  19. Um....foot fetishists, take note? I guess....?? Woman Grows Nipple on Sole of Foot
  20. but...WHY?!?! what's next...flying in fresh-from-upstate New York "Buffalo wings" or a fish fry from some tacky Midwest US restaurant? and paying 1,000 baht a plate for each dish? you're in Thailand...jeez, there's so much great stuff to eat there that you can't get *anywhere* else...!?! oh well, to each his own. "conspicuous consumption", methinks.
  21. I second Royal India in Pahurat. Superb, authentic, no-frills northern Indian food at reasonable prices, served in an air-conditioned space, no less! Easy to get to the general area avoiding traffic if you take the Skytrain to the river taxi at Saphan Taksin station and get off the river taxi at Saphan Phut stop, then walk around a kilometer, maybe less. However, actually finding the restaurant, once you're in the neighborhood, can be quite difficult if you don't have someone with you who's been there before; it's down a small sub-soi...although last time I was there, first time in years, they at least had erected a fairly noticeable sign out on the main street (sorry, I don't know the name of that street!)
  22. haha, part of what makes this all so ludicrous is when you consider who owns a great deal of the REALLY valuable land in Bangkok...I'll give you a hint, if I were to say HIS NAME this post would be deleted...
  23. preahko

    Bars on Sukhumvit

    hahaha..."non working girls"...in your (and their) fucking dreams... NO self-respecting Thai girl goes to any bar in the lower Sukhumvit area alone or with girlfriends unless she's ready, on some level, to sell her pussy. trust me on this. they may tell you otherwise, but ALL Bangkok Thais know the score on lower Sukh bars.
  24. I've seen several chase-downs; never a beat-down (for running out on a check...I've seen Thai thugs kick the shit out of farangs plenty of times outside the bars for other stuff)...the chase-downs I've seen all ended in the farang in question (wisely) paying up and getting the hell out of there. Friends of mine have witnessed beat-downs over bill disputes. Just because you haven't witnessed it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
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