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  1. If you have access to shops in Europe I would recommend a Fritzbox router http://www.fritzbox....index.php?tab=4 Not cheap, but it has everything you need and more. Receives very positive reviews in Germany. Or Daytek http://www.draytek.co.uk/products/vigor2760.html
  2. Actually it wasn't made in jest. Just consider taking your Farang GF to Soi Cowboy who has now idea that: a. you are into prostitutes (she must assume that you are since you know about the place - worst case: girls greets you by name. ) b. and probably hasn't experienced anything like this in her life before. In Patpong you can pretend to go there for the usual tourist stuff, and you might even be able steer the GF in the direction of a bar without her noticing it...
  3. Yep, Unit will call the all and ask if you have been there and how you did behave.
  4. I use VPN more and more, especially when downloading movies. Here is a list of trustworthy VPN's (which don't keep logs) http://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-that-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2013-edition-130302/
  5. I guess that's a perfect recommendation for guys who bring their girlfriend/wife to LOS and want to have a glimpse at the P4P nightlife without getting served the divorce papers after their return...
  6. Yep, that shows best the hypocrisy of the Western sports organizations and media. Qatar: Since 2004, Article 296 of the current Penal Code (Law 11/2004) stipulate imprisonment between 1 and 3 years for sodomy (homosexual acts between adult males). In 1995 an American citizen visiting Qatar was sentenced to six months in prison and 90 lashes, for homosexual activity.[4] In the 1990s, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration informed Philippine workers that gay workers were prohibited in Qatar. This was in response to several mass arrests and deportations of Philippine workers in Qatar, for homosexuality. http://en.wikipedia....#Privacy_rights
  7. There is the great video - produced by Microsoft!!!! (no joke) - which shows how MS would design an iPod package. http://youtu.be/EUXnJraKM3k
  8. Yep MS' Tablet is a huge financial disaster. Microsoft Surface a Flop? Advertising Outpaces Revenue Microsoft has spent more money marketing its Surface tablet and Windows 8 than the slate has made back for the company. In its annual Form 10-K that the company just filed with the SEC, Microsoft claims that it earned $853 million from the Surface and Surface Pro. During the last fiscal year, Microsoft says there was an $898 million increase in advertising costs associated with Surface and Windows 8. Those numbers don’t paint a pretty picture for Microsoft’s iPad challenger. Recently, Microsoft announced a $900 million write-down related to the Surface RT, whose price was slashed from $500 to $350. Between the RT and Pro models, Bloomberg reported 1.5 million Surfaces had been sold through March, and Geekwire estimates that total is now 1.7 million. To put that in perspective, Apple just moved 14.6 million iPads in what was considered a down quarter. .... http://blog.laptopma...face-sales-flop
  9. I find the video boring, but I am not the target audience.
  10. ​Great Slogan IMHO website: http://gothaibefree.com Thais Cast a Wide Net for Diverse Tourists BANGKOK — Tolerance, the Thais have learned, is good for business. In recent advertising and marketing campaigns, the government here in “the land of smiles†has actively gone after categories of tourists that for reasons of political sensitivity or outright discrimination are shunned in some neighboring countries. It is the only Asian country, travel industry analysts say, that has a government-sponsored campaign — “Go Thai. Be Free.†— aimed at gay and lesbian travelers. Thailand, which is overwhelmingly Buddhist, is also marketing itself to Muslims as a place where food prepared according to Islamic precepts is readily available and where “halal spas†offer separate facilities for women and men. All the leading shopping malls and the beach resort city of Pattaya have Muslim prayer rooms — a far cry from the widespread anti-Muslim feelings in neighboring Myanmar .... NYT
  11. I don't think so. The US government - as well as the German government - will only confirm what's already known, but will do everything to hide anything else.
  12. That's a misunderstanding and a major problem: the mined data are being analyzed by machines not by humans. Which means that a mathematical algorithm might decide about your future (job application, visa, e.g.). It's well established that a part of the data collected is not correct and/or is being falsely categorized/interpreted. A human might find some stupid errors which a PC won't recognize. But even if people are involved one wrongly categorized email in the hands of your local secret service agency could destroy your career. -- There is the example of a German researcher who did research on Islam. He sent out questionnaires by email to Muslims in his area and one was sent to - as he found out - to a radical islamist. Nothing special and so far so good. This guy has been a conservative all his live, supporting the conservative party, going to church every Sunday, he even got a scholarship buy a well established conservative organization, he is married and and has kids. In short a person with a boring life within the conservative establishment of his town. Due to his work on the inter-religious dialogue between Muslims and Christians the conservative government offered him a job, but soon after the shit hit the fan: A newspapers asked how the government could offer a job to someone who was in contact with radicals, someone who was married to Turkish Muslim (never mind that the women had a German passport and went to a catholic school). The newspaper article suggested that he could be a radical muslim agent within the German government. Then a politician from the opposition party asked for an inquiry why the government could employ a supporter of Islamists. In short, one email sent to a Muslim (to whom the guy never had any additional contact) and the fact that he was married to a Muslim women of Turkish decent was nearly enough to destroy his career as a researcher and consultant to the government. Luckily the minister who hired him supported him without question. It is clear that the local secret service was behind the campaign to destroy the guy. The reason: it seems that the secret service wasn't interested in an inter religious dialogue and started to dig up anything they could find on the guy and then passed the information on to a journalist and a politician. And now think of the NSA database(s) in which any agent could start a query on just any persons and the agent will get huge sets of information within seconds... I am sure they will find something on _any_ person which would shed a negative light on this person (true or not). And then he just needs to put the information in the hands of interested parties... ------- PS: Nowadays security agencies for example do so called 3rd grade searches on persons using Facebook e.g.: 3 grade means friends of friends of friends. If you have like 200 FB friends this amounts to around 3 Mio. people. I am sure they will find something on you.
  13. TTM, I guess you have contact only to Japanese who still trust the Japanese authorities (politicians, e.g.) and I guess you are missing completely the fundamental change which is currently taking place in Japan. Many Japanese now understand that Fukushima wouldn't have happened if there wouldn't have existed an extreme corrupt triangle between Japanese atomic energy businesses, the bureaucrats who should have controlled them and politicians - the so called "Nuclear power village.†In regard to setting up an elaborate corrupt system which even was able to control public opinion (including leading newspapers and TV) even the Thai elite could learn from the people involved in Fukushima. See more here for example: Culture of Complicity Tied to Stricken Nuclear Plant- NYT and here: Nuclear Disaster in Japan Was Avoidable, Critics Contend -NYT ---- In regard to Japanese work ethics: I think only the Japanese have a term for sleeping at work: inemuri (I own a well researched book written on this topic) Japan's Sleep at Work Culture posted by John Spacey, Japan Talk, June 23, 2012 Sleeping at work is so common in Japan that there's a word for it in Japanese — Inemuri (å±…çœ ã‚Š). To properly understand Japanese culture you need to look at Japanese ideas about sleep. In Japan, people get respect for giving their best (for pushing themselves to exhaustion). Therefore, showing how tired you are is a statement — it says you're a hard worker. When people say goodbye to their coworkers in the evening they don't say "have a nice night" or "have a nice weekend". They say "otsukaresama deshita". This can be literally translated as "you are tired sir". It's the nicest thing you can say to someone — that they are tired. In this context it's easy to understand why people get away with sleeping at work. Coworkers assume the sleeping person must be working too hard. The Rules There are rules of sleeping at work (inemuri): 1. You must sit up and look engaged (despite the fact that you're asleep). It must appear that you could wake up at any moment and do something great. 2. It's easier to get away with if you're the boss. Sleeping at work is a sign of confidence — it shows you're indispensable to the company and can get away with it. Junior staff can also get away with it because no one notices them. http://www.japan-tal...at-work-culture TTM, don't tell me that you haven't been at meetings/events at which the highest ranking official(s) slept most of the time... ----- It is interesting how you support the nationalistic, conservative view of the Japanese government - even by despising your own heritage - while a new generation of Japanese finally is breaking ranks with the official, manipulated view on their own country. PS: I have been in near Sendai Airport (which was pictured in every Tsunami video) a year before the Tsunami hit visiting a Japanese I am working with. Her village was erased by the Tsunami (she lost absolutely everything). Even though she had she was heavily depended on support from people in Tokyo (borrowing equipment for her own work since she the didn't have enough funds for to buy new stuff) afterwards she used her own money for to pay for radiation checks of the kids of her village, since the government was lying constantly about the radiation in the area.
  14. TTM says: TTM, I think you are currently in a phase of overemphasizing the quality of Japanese work and that you lost your critical distance to the country. As good as Japanese are in doing their jobs, in many major areas they have lost the competition (see Sony vs Samsung vs Apple) Also for example Japan is extremely limited in regard to entrepreneurship. That's what Japanese business associations, researchers and politicians are repeating since than more than a decade. Japan grapples with lack of entrepreneurs (FT headline from June 2013) That the Japanese are extremely xenophobe is another well established fact. The fact they despise Foreigners (especially other Asians nations) doesn't mean that they are much better in doing their jobs. They might be good in the business you are in, but generally they are more or less in a recession since over two decades. No other highly industrialized country has fucked up it's economy so deeply for such a long period of time (see: crash of the Japanese "Bubble Economy"). And don't forget Fukushima, this was man made disaster which is in its own league - caused by the Japanese way of doing business and politics. PS: In regard to long working hours. It is well known that Japan's long working hours don't lead to a higher productivity. A lot of work could be done in less time, but even when a job is done in time a worker would for example never leave before his superior. Japanese workers are well trained in giving the impression of being extremely busy, even when they have nothing to do. Even in their free time it is despised just lazing around. I remember the story of two female Gaijin women hanging out on their balcony for hours. After some time someone of the neighborhood told them that they shouldn't do this... The Japanese why of life is the opposite to "Sanuk".
  15. Or a porn shooting. Public display of nudity and sex seems to be sub genre of Thai porn movies/photos.
  16. While looking up 7-11's ownership I found some US websites on franchises. It seems that US stores don't have a clear zone neither and it seems to be hard work for the franchisee to run a store (60-80 h/w for the owner), but won't make him rich.
  17. I guess 7-11 doesn't offer territorial protection to the franchisee in LOS. If I remember right in Tokyo there is always one 7-11 near any subway/train station, but not more.
  18. I guess you are wrong: 7-11 Website says: And another quote:
  19. Yep, terrible. Just compare the gogo bar scenes in the video with your own gogo bar experience (probably without any discussion on Farang and Thai culture).
  20. I think that the two Farang girls are really cool. The blonde has done her homework in regard to the usual scams and seemes to know the basics of the bar scene (and she was joking about other Farangs who didn't). They seem to be quite open minded in regard to P4P. Not that they really participated, but they proceeded to have much more fun at the Gogo bar than many punters. And they didn't judge punters and BGs as usually (Farang males exploit and degrade poor, forced prostitutes). Like when they commented that they saw a really cute old man with a BG and that both seems to be very happy. PS: I like the look on the face of the brunette when she learns what "Ping-Pong Show" means.
  21. Drift (2013) Well done Aussie surf movie playing in the 1970s
  22. Ah, yes thanks for all the input. I thought it would be quite easy to cancel a flight...
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