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  1. For you current Win-7 problem and others you may later encounter, below is an excellent and helpful site dedicated to any Win-7 questions: http://sevenforums.com/
  2. rookie

    Buying A Tv

    K. Sanuk... FWIW...this link from the BBC's "Click" program may...or may not...provide some aditional bit of info to assist in your TV purchase decision: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/click_online/5063066.stm
  3. FYI... Ah, sayjann, the term 'soccer' isn't an American made up word! It's purely an English creation. It was first and commonly used by the English players, as a slang term, derived from "assoc" when the 'Football Association' was created, in the mid-1800's. Might I suggest you research the history of the game to get your facts straight! You might start with Bill Murrays' "The World's Game: A History of Soccer", or any of the other resources detailing the history of the game of Soccer/Football. While we Yanks often use the old _English_ term "soccer" to differentiate from our country's game, you might also check and learn that the in the early rules of American football, you could _only_ use your feet. Only much later, as our game and rules evolved were players allowed to use their hands, and passing the ball was slowly incorporated into our game. Further, you might find it eye-opening to research the early history of "soccer" and learn that it was once very popular in America. However, politics and rivalries from the American version of football trumped over soccer the organizations.
  4. Hmmm... Some posts of old farts reminiscing... Cold: I can relate to Flashermac's experience. As a native Californian, I thought that the South was always warm. Wrong! When obtaining my commission at Benning School for Boys, in Georgia, one training exercise kept us in the woods for a few days. Poncho liners do not make decent blankets! It was so cold that I experienced frostbite and it was a few weeks before feeling returned in the affected toes. Tanks: While at Benning, I missed nearly a week of training due to the flu. The training I missed was on tanks. I'd always wanted to try driving a tank. Upon being commissioned, my first assignment was to an Infantry training brigade at Fort McClellan, Alabama. My staff and I were to teach AIT recruits in a remote and large wooded section of the Fort. We we teaching the basics of using a compass, escape & evasion and how to interrogate a Vietnamese prisoner. The latter was ridiculous and typical of military _stupidity_, as no one spoke any Vietnamese, so the designed class was done totally in English! In this remote area, there was a section where the National Guard stored a few tanks, which were unguarded, for their training exercises. This was my opportunity, so during a break in training, I went there and got in a tank. After figuring out how to start it, I drove around until somehow I was butted up against a tree and the hydraulic system broke. I abandoned the tank and returned to my training area. The Brigade colonel found out an was furious, but never learned who the culprit was. Fortunately the Statute of Limitations has surely long since passed. :-) FWIW: Ft. McCellan was also the home of the WACS (Women's Army Corp) training area. One day I drove by their area and observed a WAC drill sergeant dealing with a hundred of her trainees. She was loudly hollering and dressing them down for not cleaning their barracks properly. Just prior to dismissing them she shouted 'Remember that there is 6-miles of dick on this post and none of you will even get even a inch, and your overnight leave will be cancelled if your barracks are not clean"!! I was shocked! I'd never heard a woman talk that way!
  5. Today, the NATION reported: "The Royal Thai Army (RTA) will pay Bt505,000 in compensation to two university students who were detained two days beyond what is permitted under martial law. Martial law allows the detention of suspects for up to seven days only. However, Ismalae The and Amizi Manak, students of the Yala Rajabhat University, were arrested on January 27, 2008 and released only on February 4 in the same year...." Typical abysmal reporting as the article _failed_ to indicate the primary reason for the case: According to the initial complaint by the 2 plaintiffs in the Songkhla Administrative Court, the principal grievance was that they were _tortured_ until they confessed to whatever the Army wanted them to confess to. Human Rights Lawyers Association calls to observe first trial at Songkhla Administrative Court on torture case for compensation on 26 October 2011
  6. I may be boo'ed...but I like acoustic guitar and would add Leo Kottke for his innovative work.
  7. The_Munchmaster wrote: "Yes, it is very good, which is why I posted it yesterday!" **As usual, I'm terminally a day late and and a dollar short.... Flashermac wrote: 'You weren't going to get me into a tank or an APC.... The 'PCs were even worse, since a ordinary .50 cal round could pierce it. We called the PC's "moving coffins".' **I was with the only APC group attached to the 1st Air Cav. Most of the time my platoon was 'coptered into a village for search & destroy missions, less often did we use APC's for missions. Yet, on one mission my PC was hit in the front, by a B-40 rocket grenade. Nasty and scary and lotsa yellow flames everywhere which lasted a mere moment!!! Fortunately only the radio and the hydrolic system in my PC was destroyed, but small pieces of schrapnel, from the exploded radio, decorated most of us, luckily without serious injuries to anyone. The main purpose of the APC was to carry troups and equipment into the field to be deployed, not to be used as a primary weapons support vehicle. I'd never heard anyone use the term "moving coffins", until your post. Further, never encountered any small NVA units carrying a 50-cal (though possible); usually primarily AK's, SKS and often a few B-40's.
  8. This is brilliant...!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEusKs9sN0E&feature=youtu.be
  9. I've been residing in a condo complex which has about 400-units. All tap water is delivered by truck. I can only hazard a guess why the complex isn't connected to the Pattaya water system. The place was built over 15-years(?) ago, in an area just west of Sukhumvit, and well before the fringes South Pattaya were developed. I can only recall a few times, in 10-years, when brown/dirty water very briefly came from the the tap. I think that may have been caused when tankers refilled the water storage tanks, when the tanks were very low, and it stirred up accumulated dirt at the bottom of the tank. Recently, the complex turned off tenant's water supply for a half-day to purge and clean the storage tanks. They do this periodically. OTOH..that little bit of dirt may provide you with some extra mineral intake :-)
  10. As you should. Your problem is in your neck, not your back and it's obvious from the severe degeneration it's been there a long time. Degenerative disk disease is most often age related; this may or may not apply be your case. Gobbledonk did _not_ indicate a history of back problems. If he had it may have have indicated different approach than given. As he's not returning here for 'a hundred weeks' his problem will have long self resolved, unless he screws up and doesn't use his legs when lifting some spinner...
  11. Well, most back problems self resolve in abt 4-weeks. But, even with the discomfort, the best thing you can do is walk around; remaining sedentary and in bed just lengthens the healing process! Now for a good chiro, I'd suggest Dr. Oat. He's Thai (grad from UCLA then Chiro Univ), fluent in English and excellent. He was a classmate of mine and was top of the class! His location was 89/4 Sukhumvit Soi-38 BKK. I presume he is in the same office, but call first: 02-392-1400 02-381-7758
  12. Below is a link to the youngest birth mothers... ... a few dozen from age 5 to 11!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_youngest_birth_mothers
  13. oops...duplicate post; unable to delete.
  14. I concur, beverages, water and cigs readily available. But, I think 'packed' is an understatement. Due to the number of BKK flood refugees I find the current traffic condition worse that any high season since I've lived here! As an aside, I had an occurrence with a Russian last month which really surprised me! As most know, many Russians now reside as well as visit Pattaya. Very few speak English or Thai. Last month I was getting my bike packed for a ride to the Golden Triangle. A year ago, a Russian was curious about the bike and we tried to communicate as best we could, mostly through gestures. As I was reading my bike for this trip a year later, I encountered him again. Again, mostly using sign language...until he pulled out a piece of paper and asked a question _written_ in English. I was surprised and wrote a reply in English. Come to find that while he could _not_ speak any English, his spelling and understanding of written English was near perfect. We had a long conversation...on paper!! It was really bizarre!
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