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  1. Last night I d/l'ed and watched... "The Next Three Days", starring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks and an important contribution by Liam Neeson. I was like a roller coaster ride...the first half of the movie is a rather slow developing the plot, like the coaster climbing the rise before the real ride begins. And, begins it did, becoming quite intense for the last half of the film. Recommended!
  2. Yes, Titty Twister, but don't forget the Warbler, and it's dwarf door greeter, which provided a decent buffet for Friday meetings there. Then both collapsed when the owner {forgot his name?] finally got busted for selling each place multiple times over to different buyers. Surprisingly, no one had yet mentioned Therme. Much better than Clinton Plaza [iMHO]. The best late night social and gal scoring spot on Suk...until the Japanese screw it up!
  3. Last night I viewed "The King's Speech", a true story. DVD screeners are now available. It's a wonderful and uplifting movie which may well win Oscars for acting and direction. OTOH, I thought "127 Hours" was just okay; it dragged along and failed to really develop the tension and fear that the subject must have really experienced.
  4. Just viewed "The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest", the last of the Millennium series, written by the late Swedish journalist Larsson. I really liked the series...a trilogy that held one's attention. I've seen an interview by Charlie Rose, with Noomi Rapace, who played the lead role of Lisbeth Salander, the girl in the movie. Rapace in person looks nothing like the girl she portrayed...she's an attractive and petite blond.
  5. Cent... I hope that Dan the Man can return to jam, when I'll be back in Surin, for next month's Elephant Festival. I'll bring my juice harp and kazoo
  6. A few weeks ago I d/l'ed and watched Machete. Basically a 'B' movie with over-the top violence which makes the violence seen in some Peckinpah & Tarantino movies seem tame. BUT...it is a farce and parody of other blood & guts movies as well as being a comedy. Coss may like it...as it too has some nudity ;-)
  7. Just finished watching... "The Good, The Bad and the Weird", a Korean western movie that's a take off of Eastwood's spaghetti western, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". But, the movie is a comedy, and a good one! Korean spoken, with English subs (.srt file). D/L available (w/o need to register) on BTJunkie. The file I got was done by 'FxM'
  8. Last night viewed "The Prophet (un prophete)". Subtitled. A gritty prison movie. Excellent. Highly rated by 'Rotten Tomatoes', which I use as well as 'Ebert' in finding quality new releases to d/load. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1213205-prophet/ Also saw "Formosa Betrayed"; not exceptional but entertaining.
  9. My diversion last night, during a rainstorm: An excellent drama/mystery film, made in Spain. Available on Demonoid and elsewhere: The Secret in their Eyes.2009. (DVDRip.XviD.AC3-ViSiON) [el secreto de sus ojos] Subtitles: The.Secret.In.Their.Eyes.2009.DVDRip.XviD.AC3-ViSiON.srt
  10. Apparently, much to his wife's dismay, she found Tiger was scoring more holes-in-one than what his golf record indicated...so she tried to 'iron' out the problem.
  11. Two old ladies were sitting on a park bench outside the local town hall where a Flower Show was in progress. One leaned over and said to the other, "Life is so boring, we never have any fun anymore. For $5.00 I'd take off my clothes and streak through that stupid Flower Show!!" "You're on!", said the other old lady, holding up a $5.00 bill. The first old lady slowly fumbled her way out of her clothes and completely nude, streaked..as fast as an elderly lady can...through the front door of the Flower Show. Waiting outside, her friend soon heard a huge commotion inside the hall, followed by a loud applause and shrill whistling. The naked and smiling old lady came through the exit door surrounded by a cheering crowd. "What happened?" asked her waiting friend. "I won 1st Prize for the Best Dried Arrangement!"
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