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  1. Did Kurt ever return to BKK? His blog left him in Texas with no updates since March 1.
  2. Is the presence of the free spending Japanese contingent down? Or are many of the Japanese that we've seen in certains bars actually local expats? Has it had a downward effect on expectations?
  3. Do all bars have a mix of new and not so new girls, or do some specialize in newer girls who gain experience and later go elsewhere to more well known/expensive places? Just wondering.
  4. On a number of occasions a ST'er has said "I stay" when all is said and done. I've generally declined the offer ("business early" or just prefer sleeping alone). But, if I say OK, will they expect a LT reward? Awkward? How do others handle?
  5. Wondering with low tourism if you are finding BF's or ST/LT prices are down or more readily negotiable? Or is it too soon to tell? Thoughts?
  6. When you are buying lady drinks, do you find the quality of the evening is enhanced or not based on whether the lady is drinking alcohol or cola? Assumption is she is not getting drunk, which would always make for a lousy evening. Opinions, gents?
  7. Patella

    Classic Rock

    Sorry - didn't mean to start a bar fight. Wasn't even looking for agreement on what I choose to listen to. Just prefer not to listen to hip-hop or techno on a night out. Places where music with a good beat and some lyrics will do. I actually like when they put on some "music of the northeast" at the end of the night and everybody gets involved. I guess that messes with my "lyrics" theory though.
  8. Patella

    Classic Rock

    I tire of techno. Any nightlife spots where the DJ can play classic rock - at least on request. Damn Yankees, Warrant, Bon Jovi, Journey - or even Eagles. If I provided the music on CD or thumb drive, are they using MP3 format? What tip might induce the DJ, or is this just hopeless. Thanks.
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