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  1. These are like finding centuries-old lost scrolls. I believe this may be MaoMark's final piece before he died alone. He was unrecoverable at this point but, man, it is eerie how his writing mirrors the spirit of some of these trip reports... "More drunbk and it is daylight" (MaoMark, right before he passed away ~mid-2003) Drunk, they drink to Me Again again I am writing here because the boredom feels in me like a fog. I am heavy, heavy in my heart, my body and my breathing. The hot air today makes life lasts feels in me like a blanket. I will not seat inside, because here it is where it is the hotel and desire not to be there. Seating in a room, like a cage. The hours of feeding are 9pm – 2pm. “hombre Dangerous – Naked women and beer of the feeding only? That one is the sign in my door. They drink to me and it is not the time of the lunch. The heat and the boredom feel in my chest like barmaid fat. Talking and speaking with me in it mindless. This is so hardly, but my penis is soft, little. Soft from to drink, Soft from to eat, softly of the heat and the air. Desire will big when to grow today dark. When the elephants and the salesmen of street arrive to play. Watching the girls she arrives in his motos of the fiance’s grave’s, Dressed to undress! Watch at all the pretty girls in a row, that will have sex tonight? THERE IS AHA HAS IS a joke? One drunk says to another one whereas en?Do of the Girl of Nana that is there – she fucks No? HAHAHAHAHA I have taste that one, my friend me I said it. I is hot and i wanted that it rained, I wash my boredom far, I wash to the dust the heat far. I have taste of the outer bar. Si acute intense here like an old tired elephant that eats the peanuts. Hoping to be made tonight. I do tonight that the girls will go upon me. I will lie in my bed, TV that watches and she can work my penis. I will see my TV and let them work. American Of the Wrestling. Tag Team That fights. A first girl, makes her work, then the following one. Label, its she. Hardly like when she was a boy. But now I am a man, lost in my beer, lost in the heat of Bangkok, lost hoping the time to happen so I can take whores more.
  2. Yeah man, hit me up when you’re in Hong Kong. My contact info is the same as it always was… As far as THE UA875 – talk about times-they-are-a-changin’ – United Airlines gave up the Narita/Bangkok route. Fucking Sacrilege. Riding that flight was half the fun of going to Bangkok – talk about the freaky freaks. A circus at 39,000 feet. It all reverts back to my original ramble post – Bangkok has become a different destination. Apologies to FJ for shamelessly, albeit unintentionally, hijacking this thread. Here’s some MaoMark from 2003 – sounds quite like your time in Soi 7 and Rainbow… “Now I do not drink the beer†(MaoMark, January 24, 2003) I have been drinking too much beer. The time is hot and sticky for me. I feel like all the day, and I lie at night. The girls are the workers. They must work upon me. Working my penis, working hardly in the making happy of me I will incline them so. But I am growing fat here. I need to walk, to leave and to see something with exception of girls. I am obtaining slow. The beer, slows down my brain and my body is great big. Beer slows down my wanting, and wanting is I am here. Wanting the girl is I am here. I decide the beer is I am becoming unhealthy. Therefore, I am going to stop drinking of the beer. I will be acute, more elegant, no fat and will make love better. In place of beer I will drink the whiskey
  3. Well put Coss, I especially liked your last line about government, and IMO corporations as well, interference ruining the day-to-day. Part of the reason I rarely head back to the States anymore.
  4. Yeah, your report resonates… I don’t post around here much anymore but do occasionally lurk. You know, could be because the Gulliver meet-ups ceased a loooong time ago and the stories from back-in-the-day were more carnal and lively. Can we ever forget board members having their new digital cameras lifted (duh), the extremities of a NEP dance contests, the endless 32 days and counting threads, Mentors’ bizarre world of anything and everything, blow-up dolls named Yukie, the sadness of MaoMark? My Bangkok visits, although fun and frequent, have become drawn out, methodical - some would even use the word mundane. Cannot even remember when I spent more than an hour in the Nana Plaza and with good reason: it sucks in there. A midnight stroll down Soi 11 and its hangouts is more lively, interesting and rewarding. As for Cowboy – I drop into the no-name bar because, well, because it is in my DNA and I like the tunes. In fact… the last time I meandered through Cowboy was with my friend AND HIS JAPANESE WIFE. She didn’t even bat an eyelash, I think the watered-down Shinjuku is more in your face. But what has changed? Bangkok has. And we – many of us – have kinda moved on. Look at the common denominator of the majority in this thread – members since the get-go of the Nana Plaza Board circa 2001, 2002. That’s practically a decade and a half ago. Just under a third of my entire life or about half of my adulthood (I’m not quite 50 yet). A lot of shit has happened since the turn of the century but I think the flow of information to PCs, smart phones and tablets has made red light districts somewhat irrelevant and its female participants explicit damaged goods. It is soooo easy to hook up via technology nowadays. Plus the girls of the generation or two or three after mine, man, these chicks put out. I used to think it was just a Japanese thing having lived in Tokyo for so long and all. But it is everywhere. I don’t know when this happened but the girlies of today are downright freaky. Back to Thailand. The outside world has discovered Bangkok and vice versa. I live in Hong Kong now, a complete fucking stinky shithole filled with bottom of the barrel Chinese who I place in the food chain somewhere between maggot and insect. That rant aside, there are no less than 15 flights a day to Bangkok from here with all types on the 777s, A330s and A380s. Plus, to be blunt, Bangkok is a world-class kick-ass city. That whole exotic, sex tourism beer garden thing is overshadowed and compromised by tall buildings, fancy condos, shiny infrastructure, corporate chains, blah blah blah. There used to be this stigma thingie when I mentioned I was off to the Big Mango or, even worse, I have an apartment there. Now the regular folk reach out to me for Bangkok eating, drinking and destination tips. To the topic on hand, if there even is one at this point, I have been meeting non-working girls on my trips. That's my sexercise check the box. These girls are hot, fluent in English and pretty darn interesting. They don’t give a fuck that I am married and are pretty transparent about their economic situations which are not dictated by barfines and ladydrinks. Plus they are better looking and sporting hot bods – even the older babes. Yeah, I’ll go for the occasional massage or quickie suckie but I am more into chilling out with a buddy, hooking up with one or two in the Thai stable or just enjoying the plusses of the city which there are many. Is this maturity creeping in? Probably so on many levels but, then again, these days I do find the <ahem> old UAL875 when I am out and about in Tokyo. Immature drunkenness and random sexploits. Boom, for real. Just an observation. Or maybe me being pedantic. Or just a ramble of sorts. I’ll go back to my cocoon.
  5. I land late evening on the 16th of September and should be out and about by midnight at either Cowboy or Nana
  6. Hi - Please send me a PM, I may be able to steer you toward someone
  7. I have known Steve for years, consider him a friend, and can vouch for his integrity and professionalism.
  8. So somehow, someway I did not see a Motorhead gig in 2010. Not necessarily news that would stop the presses, shut down this board or cause four nuclear reactors to melt but given I caught up with Lemmy and the boys in 2006 (Philadelphia), 2007 (Osaka), 2008 (Springsteen’s Asbury Park) and 2009 (Calgary) something needed to be done. And oh wow did I do it. A fortnight ago the Motorheads cut through the eastern seaboard of the States and I intercepted them in lovely Sayreville, NJ and then, the next night, at the ever-popular slot machine capital, Atlantic City. Sayreville, for those reading but never been, is the epicenter of everything that the stinkpit New Jersey represents. Smelly smokestacks, prisons, 10 lane motorways filled with semis, overly industrialized – you get the picture. Promoting The World is Yours to about 1,000 metalheads still stuck in the 80’s the band plowed through their classics – No Class, Shoot You in the Back, Killed by Death, Metropolis, Going to Brazil, In the Name of Tragedy…. You know the deal. The best part was the volume – louder than loud. A wall of sound that you feel, not hear. Enough to make the ears ring at work the entire next day. And a great crowd. Those hicks in Sayreville may have no lives outside of seeing Lemmy – but for the 80 minutes of Rock & Roll they were a crazy bunch of fuckers. In fact some nutty bitch threw my wonderful Motorhead cap on stage – normally that would lead to punches but she was so hammered and, and – haha – so entertaining that she was given a pass. Too bad she was such a piggy in appearance (what would one expect in Jersey anyway?) cause she was up for something as her hands were on my ass the whole night. You never know what you will find at a Motorhead gig. Like a walk through the moors on a moonless night. Unfortunately Atlantic City was not as wild, sad to say. The venue – The House of Blues – was designed more for The Blues Brothers than a band that opens up with Iron Fist. I did not lose any head gear. No skelly girls grabbing my cock. It was not even loud. Fuck me. But the Motorheads delivered despite the challenges – Rock & Roll at its best. Capped with 3 minutes of feedback after Overkill! Take that House of Blues! Now kiddies, looking at the official website (www.iMotorhead.com) I understand they will be in Australia next week – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. I can not make those gigs – too fucking far. But I know a few of you live Down Under and are going to respond with a concert report, right? Lemmy was looking somewhat ancient up there so I suggest you put your kangaroo burger and Fosters down and reserve your ticket pronto. My gut tells me he will not be able to hit the road like he has been doing the past decade that much longer. You heard it from Uncle UAL first. [color:blue]Love me like a reptile![/color]
  9. Really good stuff, enough to even wake me up. Wish I had all this knowledge when my employer sent me out to China now and then... Xian really is a neat place, I have fond memories of riding a tandem bicycle (with my wife) on top of the wall surrounding the city, seeing the terracotta warriors, eating in the old Muslim section of town, et al... but fucking eh I feel like such a loser to miss out on what you experienced. As far as Shanghai, that card has Japanese characters on it so I suspect you will get the occasional honkie passing through, certainly a few of us from this board should make an attempt
  10. I thought I was THE bloke from Japan...
  11. This is a reply I wrote on a similar thread a while back? I moved to Japan in 2001. I am asked many questions but the one I do not have an easy answer for is ?When are you going to move back to the States??. I simply do not know. If I were forced to leave Japan I hope my next stop would be somewhere in Asia ? particularly China. It?s not that I dislike the West, it?s just so many little things add up to make Asia a better place for me in almost every aspect. And, quite frankly, I am more attracted to Asian women and their outlook on life. These days I am more comfortable being a ?visitor? to my home country. In a weird twist, I enjoy showing Westerners the sites and lifestyle of Asia more than I do showing Asian friends what the States have to offer. I don?t know what that means just a random thought I find interesting. Different folks adjust in different ways, reading through this thread confirms that. But it seems like a lot of guys fall into the category that they like residing in Asia but make the most of their ability to have a connection with the West, enjoying the positives their former homelands have to offer. Particularly when visiting. I know that is how I view my situation. But I also know well of the disgust you felt when that twat gave you the finger or after the driving incident. The last time I was in my homeland, while heading home from the airport, my taxi was almost broadsided by a complete idiot who decided to exit the highway from three lanes over. Then, later on in the day - this time with me at the wheel - I found myself in an intense shouting match with another driver who basically was wrong, rude and initiated barking at me. Who needs that shit? Not I. I experienced more angst in my first 12 hours back than I did in all my years in Japan? fuck that.
  12. Tragic indeed. And to pass on in his native Spain. If writing his life's story I would have imagined his waning moments occurring in Bangkok where he would have been mysteriously buried leaving those who followed his preaching to wonder if he was gone at all. Very much like Elvis or Jim Morrison? Well, this explains the weird and fuzzy feeling I had standing outside the entrance of NEP at closing time two weeks ago. I know for sure his spirit channeled itself into me that faithful evening. I will always treasure. I know Mao?s disciples still roam amongst us whether it be at the Kasbahs of Fez, the cobblestone-paved alleys of old Sevilla, the wispy fields of Hokkaido?. DrunkenPuta, so dear to Mao, has appeared here on occasion to resound the Philosophy. Maybe this disciple will post now and then to help us in pensive moments, our deepest lulls, when the only bone being tossed to the dogs is another banal poll about the life of an expat. Jimmie B, this is newsbreaking information indeed. I will initiate my Golden Week here in Japan tomorrow at dawn by walking through the silent, sacred grounds of Meiji Temple reminiscing, contemplating and offering my prayers for Mao. More drunbk and it is daylight Drunk, they drink to Me Again again and I am writing here because the boredom feels in me like a fog. I am heavy, heavy in my heart, my body and my breathing.
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