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  1. Thaksin has totally miscalculated his chances of getting a reconciliation (read: amnesty) bill passed in the current state of affairs in Thailand, and it nearly backfired to the point of severely destabilizing, if not bringing down Yingluck's cabinet. Thailand is on the verge of a certain unspeakable transition and some very powerful people do not want Thaksin's presence in the country to interfere with that when the time is on. It is now clear for everyone that Thaksin's return is not going to happen in the foreseeable future, and this has a political consequence that perhaps neither Thaksin nor the PTP big guns expected: Yingluck is going to run for re-election and that will be a totally different setting than her first run when she was basically unknown. In my view, everything indicates that, unless something goes badly wrong in Thailand, Yingluck will likely be re-elected and it will be on her own merits, this time around. Her standing as the true leader of the PTP will have to be not only accepted, but promoted by the other top party members in order to win such election; then Thaksin's political relevance would be somewhat reduced. So perhaps, Voranai's scenario is not as unlikely as he writes. It all depends on the timing, the proceedings and the outcome of that 'unspeakable transition'.
  2. Thaksin as trade envoy rumour denied Published on July 6, 2011 The rumour about ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra tipped for the position of Thailand trade envoy was groudless, legal adviser Noppadon Pattama said on Wednesday. "Rumour mongers wanted to cause confustion and divisiveness," he said, insisting Pheu Thai Party had not planned for a Thaksin appointment. The Nation
  3. Uhm, rumor has it that your butt might be the first material to excite the other cons. Bottomline: avoid jail at all costs.
  4. Oh, well, how about just judging Khun Yingluck on her future actions as a head of Government instead of criticizing her by principle because she's T's sister? It's clear enough that as of yet she's T's political creature and as the media like to call her, 'a political rookie'; however she managed to turn the Pheua Thai campaign from a quite unsafe bet into a massive victory. She's a courageous lady, and courage is quite in short supply in LOS. Who knows? Perhaps she's the best thing that has happened in Thai Politics since... many decades. And - sorry for the tired cliché - anyway, it's about the Thai people and their choice. None of our business.
  5. George: "Dad, Dad! I had my first blow job today!" G's Dad: "Hey, that's great, son! Way to go!" George: "Hey, Dad, d'ya know where the Listerine bottle is?"
  6. Don't mind me, I just want to try the new Youtube embed feature!
  7. Thanks. You're not too bad yourself :thumbup:
  8. you have an unusual concept of "cute", I think :nahnah: (I can't believe it: TB has made a post without " " . This day has to be marked in the annals of Thai360 forum {please note that two "n"'s is not a typo})
  9. Not really a joke but a cartoon that, perhaps, many here can relate to.
  10. Are you barfining Faustian?
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