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  1. the media way way over rates soccer as an " american " sport. for anyone in this country that can read or write english knows that soccer is a 3rd world sport for 3rd world cuntries... each year there are designated dates for these 3rd worlders to forget about their poverty and despair and focus on a silly game that in their minds makes them feel relevent in the " real world "
  2. Notice!! There will be no parking at the site. Free shuttle provided every 5 minutes from Huai Khwang MRT Station Exit 1 to KIS (round trip) - running all day! a free shuttle ride from the best MP area in bkk.... I may be going as a single...
  3. Sadly it's time to say farewell to Pete ( columbo ) Falk... RIP Dude
  4. i'll text ya when i'm in town for the details....
  5. Hey' date=' W Bush had his eight years. He can't run again! :nahnah: :grin: [/quote'] for christ fuking sakes , the bush regime has so butt-fucked the usa it will never recover for any of us to see any type of recovery. HH can rant all he wants about obama , but his tea-baggers will only sink the usa and the world into deeper shit....
  6. ok cool , but where at ?
  7. gonna be in town ( bkk ) , yuz guys get together for anything special ?
  8. gotta be a member , she can add this article to her added experienced of bangkok traveling and bulldozing the various soi's from reading here about bangkok and pretending to have been there.
  9. Sam's is just an extension of the WalMart circuit , named after Sam Walton , selling food and other crap the Walmarts don't stock...
  10. only in america..... pull up your shorts or die
  11. ask and ye shall receive dude..... FYfVz-w32Os&feature=player_embedded
  12. and an end to the farang surcharge ??? If so , i'll be making a bee line to Nataree ....
  13. from the thread title , i was expecting to see this.... xlIrI80og8c
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