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  1. the media way way over rates soccer as an " american " sport. for anyone in this country that can read or write english knows that soccer is a 3rd world sport for 3rd world cuntries... each year there are designated dates for these 3rd worlders to forget about their poverty and despair and focus on a silly game that in their minds makes them feel relevent in the " real world "
  2. Sadly it's time to say farewell to Pete ( columbo ) Falk... RIP Dude
  3. Hey' date=' W Bush had his eight years. He can't run again! :nahnah: :grin: [/quote'] for christ fuking sakes , the bush regime has so butt-fucked the usa it will never recover for any of us to see any type of recovery. HH can rant all he wants about obama , but his tea-baggers will only sink the usa and the world into deeper shit....
  4. only in america..... pull up your shorts or die
  5. ask and ye shall receive dude..... FYfVz-w32Os&feature=player_embedded
  6. haha... i'll be on my usual perch wednesday nite...
  7. those look like Palin thighs...
  8. prolly my first and still today my fav song.... uAsV5-Hv-7U&feature=player_embedded :content:
  9. dunno bout tha points , i think the under is a good call.... :content:
  10. just saw the line for the game , AU -3 and the O/U 74 1/2 , crazy .... more than a point a minute...
  11. Motor City Kitty's watching hockey now....
  12. c'mon dude , the MCK's have the hottest " unemployed " cheerleaders in the NFL... :content:
  13. the christians cheerleader ladies are hotter than the cheesebellies fron wiscuntsin...
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