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  1. The Murdoch press in Australia managed to include the word Obama in headlines for this story. Just in case any Americans in the country missed the connection I suppose. Obama Secret Service sent home in disgrace after Colombia sex scandal http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/obama-secret-service-sent-home-in-disgarace-after-colombia-sex-scandal/story-e6frg6so-1226326834255
  2. You think opium has the same effect on people as ya-ba? They had it lying around for teenagers to smoke? Right.
  3. I tried to make nitroglycerin once when I was a kid. When I added the acids the glycerin caught on fire and smoked the house out. Not a bad result I suppose when you consider what else may have happened, there must have been potentially half a pint.
  4. I think what TTM says, it's still the same culture with a few Western gadgets. Culture is in the home, the way the family is structured, they way their religion works, the respect system within their society... If anything is damaging it I'd say it is the effect of Western style drugs like ya-ba on the youth.
  5. I think the recruiting system has changed, as more Thais approach middle class status young women don't have the same need to turn to prostitution. Subsequently the bars and brothels are fed by girls who are brought in from poorer ethnic communities; if you go north you find many hills tribes lasses, in the north east I see a lot of genuine Lao girls. Burmese and Cambodian girls are everywhere. It maybe different in the big tourist areas where there are still some serious baht to be made on you back (or on your knees), but I'd say the production line sex has lost much of it's financial appeal to Thais now.
  6. I belong to ThaiVisa's as well as TeakDoor closed sections. Entry was achieved by accumulating a certain number of posts, much like a loyalty or frequent flier program. A Pattaya Secrets member once told me that there were many layers of secret subforums, most invitation only. But how many monger boards can you contribute to when you've virtually given up the life?
  7. So, can you think of anything more reliable? Honestly now...
  8. How dare you make me open a political website with the word "Free" in the title.
  9. It must be, single mothers are unknown in Australia as well.
  10. Most people realise that it doesn't really matter where their elected representative lives. I wouldn't vote for a locally based Conservative candidate even if his opposition came from Mars. At national level it's national policies that count not local. The strong men vote Conservative article is typical of the constant corporate media brainwashing people are subject to, the actors mentioned just happen to be rich so tax cuts may just affect their choice of political candidate.
  11. I've fond memories of a Miss Carlsberg, a beer girl from a restaurant in Siam Reap. She hopped out of bed and leaned back against the wall and said "look I am Cambodia girl" and she looked exactly like the bare breasted girls carved into the temple walls at Angkor Wat.
  12. A few years I was coming into town from DM airport and noted the taxi driver's license showed him in uniform. I asked if he had been in the army and he told me it was his police graduation photo. Assured me he had given up police work for the big bucks of cab driving. Local village copper... constable... told me he makes about 10K a month.
  13. I certainly wouldn't become involved in anything likely to attract the attention of the Lao police. Their pay scale makes their Thai counterparts look positively wealthy.
  14. You've obviously never watched any Chinese porn.
  15. He has one of those nice ones with a plastic loop that goes around your neck and is the perfect length ALL the time.
  16. *Phone rings, woman answers.* A pervert, with heavy breathing, says, "Have you got a tight, unshaven twat?" Woman replies, "Yes, he's playing on his computer - who shall I say is calling?"
  17. He relocated up country because of shit that happened on a forum??????
  18. I suppose the term trash could be used to describe anyone who takes sexual advantage of the less fortunate. Many white men in the early days took aboriginal wives purely because that was all their was, similar to the "squaw men" in the early days of the American West. They were, of course, despised by those who turned up complete with wives of their own ethnic group after the real pioneering work was done. I've known aboriginal girls and women who have broken the cycle and educated themselves into decent jobs, albeit, many with government departments. I'll freely admit I found many of them sexually attractive and obviously other white men did as some married them.
  19. Not necessarily restricted to Americans. It amuses me the way some people go endlessly on about their salaries, their jobs, the quality of their wives, the brilliance of their educational qualifications... the love and respect of all that really know and truly understand them. I detect a common thread though these paeans of self praise though and that is a genuine lack of true happiness and even a possible discontent with their lives. Others with lesser toy collections seem happier, a modest home and income and the love of their wife and family is all that it takes.
  20. I lived in the Philippines a few years back and most people who hung around the bars ended up marrying a bar girl. Depending on the guy involved, rather than the girl, this worked out more often than not. My mate married a waitress who had probably been on the game for 20 years and they seem very happy coming up to their tenth anniversary. I can't see the point in getting into a "think too much" situation over it anymore than trying to rationalise broken marriages to western women... (why the fuck did I ever marry that bitch???) If it works it works and never, ever, try to fix it if it ain't broke.
  21. It's getting a young wife or girlfriend. They consider that anyone clever enough to get a bird half his age must be smart in every other field as well... Even if she is charging him 2000B a short time.
  22. I'll miss it for the second year in a row. If think being in Thailand during Songkran is bad try NOT being there for it. :sad:
  23. Probably the same board that posted a photo of a ThaiVisa moderator's wife with 'obvious bargirl linage' comments.
  24. If I was a tourist and given a choice of seasons when visiting Thailand I'd certainly arrive in the wet, or right at the end of it.
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