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  1. No idea whatsoever. Just passing on chatter from an alternate frequency
  2. from another forum: Word on the soi: he was having a drink in the early hours with a lady at or near Bar 4. Her boyfriend took exception. Backed with 3 buddies the fight began and continued at Nana Hotel. It was 4 on 1. One man is dead and Bar 4 is closed for a week. From another post: You've missed out the bit about him refusing to pay his bill which is apparently what started it. It ended when he received some assistance to fall from the 5th floor. Those who killed him are known in the area to the locals. Â
  3. "Meet the family" with de niro?? Do you mean "meet the parents" or the sequel "meet the fockers"? which I've just watched again and they're great. Next year is part 3 "little Fockers" Can't wait.
  4. Quote from a moderator on another thai forum. I spoke with two eyewitnesses on the scene in Pai, including the owner of the roadside restaurant. Both said the couple were definitely fighting and that Daeng (restaurant owner) asked the policeman to try and stop the fight. Both descriptions of events matched the latest Bangkok Post report, below. Reisig is allegedly known in Pai for aggressive behaviour towards both resident farangs and Thais, had struck a policeman (the same policeman?) in Be-Bop Bar a few weeks earlier, and was seen fighting with her Thai boyfriend at the most recent Pittalew party. Another related point -- Feun, the Thai boyfriend, had been arrested for drug possession in front of the polica station a few months ago. This isn't to say the shootings were in any way deserved, just that there may have been personal history issues involved. Policeman faces murder charge CHEEWIN SATTHA Chiang Mai _ A policeman who shot dead a Canadian tourist and wounded his girlfriend in Mae Hong Son's Pai district was yesterday charged with premeditated murder and attempted murder. Pol Sgt-Maj Uthai Dechawiwat was released on bail, said the chief of the Provincial Police Region 5, Pol Lt-Gen Theerasak Chookitkhun. The shooting occurred on Sunday when Pol Sgt-Maj Uthai tried to break up an argument between the couple, Leo John Del Pinto and Carly Reisig, outside a restaurant after the man accused his girlfriend of having an affair with a Thai man. The off-duty police officer said he was asked by the restaurant owner to help stop the argument. Pol Sgt-Maj Uthai fled into hiding before turning himself in yesterday to fight the charges in court. He maintained it was an accident, telling investigators he was attacked during the scuffle and drew his gun to fire a warning shot. He claimed the tourists tried to snatch the weapon from him and it accidentally went off. Del Pinto was hit twice and his girlfriend once. She was rushed to a hospital in Chiang Mai and treated for a wound to the right hip. Pol Lt-Gen Theerasak said Ms Reisig was still in shock and not ready for questioning. No order to suspend Pol Sgt-Maj Uthai from work has been issued so far.
  5. My experiences with the local constabulary. A very drunk off duty cop in plain clothes showing off his loaded gun and bullets in a Bkk bar. His girlfriend's sister worked there as a waitress and I had bought her a coke. Later that night I ended up in a nightclub talking with another girl, the now totally drunk cop just happens to be there with some staff and kicks a chair into me accusing me of cheating. Crikey. Another proud cop in plain clothes passing his gun around a bar for the customers to look at in Jomtien. 2 cops in Khon Khaen turn up at a Thai friend's farm demanding large amounts of cash to avoid going outside and executing her dealer son. Wife's 20 yr old female cousin just got home from a short stay in the police station. Face all swollen after having the names of her suppliers beaten out of her.
  6. I speak Welsh to them. It intrigues them though and one started replying in Russian.
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