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  1. I notice the hotels close buy hsve started using the magic mirror under taxi and vans. I guess to make the guests feel all warm and fuzzy..
  2. The guards at the Bts stations have stepped up bag checks. That is good...ummm My station is Saphan Taksin when i enter the station..no check..just a smile...when i return if i go out the same way..no check..if i exit the other end as i did today...a random check wad in place..i wonder how long this will be on place.
  3. Never take your eyes off your drink...watch the drink being made...u shoukd be fine. Only heard of one friend getting a spiked drink..in Cowboy 2 years ago.
  4. Yes had mybeauty sleep ..now ready for action..
  5. On the way to MBK on BTS to have a look at the Mob...they were blocking the walkway bridge accross to Siam Paragon at 8pm last night and camping around thebase..will
  6. Hi have five within walking distance and several small mini marts as well...they all appear busy...
  7. We still enjoy Patpong ..we take our friends that visit us in Bangkok there to have a look ..some great bands in the area as well ...a fun night out . Enjoyed the girls video.
  8. Thanks i would have forgotten ...
  9. Sirocco my choice ...great views and the food is very good .
  10. Your attachment is not working...
  11. Ha ha ...yes we go to Bkk four times a year we own a condo on the Chao Phraya river..we just love it ....back May 12 for eight weeks or so.
  12. Me as well ...plan around it every year....
  13. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/03/26/05/34/prostitute-thought-dead-resurrected-in-coffin And the guy slipped undetected out of the Hotel..
  14. I prefer two gals as well ... frede?
  15. I will buy you a bottle for January..
  16. You can get a Taxi for under 2000 one way ....
  17. We just saw the new MI4... Tom Cruise at his best ..Non stop action lost of gadgets and great stunts ...go see it .
  18. Drink young wine ...yep i can not keep wine ..it must be drunk i have had some really good wine over the years that would be worth a lot of money now ..but all gone
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