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  1. Well and truly caught with his pants down..
  2. Which one of them owns the red dress?
  3. We can all do that one
  4. Just come on down ..we will show you a real good time.
  5. On our News last night ...scary..
  6. Maybe teach self defence class as well?
  7. Torneyboy

    Aussie meat pies

    Better heat up in the oven ..not a micro not go all limp then
  8. Of the guys as well as the girls..?? oh Dear
  9. Ok ..will try ...you want the names of ALL guests in these restaurants...?..
  10. Ok ..sorry ..we are going back Sunday night i will do a back shot for you...
  11. The View ...Revisited 2525 Charoenkrung Bangkorlam On the Chao Phraya River. 02 689 1393 Byo JW 1 Cocktail 160tb Total for two 1300tb (tips extra) One of my favorites ..this place is very comfortable ..the staff do their job with little fuss...you can dine indoors or in A/c .. Wonderful assortment of dishes on the menus (3) and the food is excellent ..a great place to take a group of friends for a really good night out. A few pics Green curry chicken Chu Chi Prawns Grilled pork chop with Som Tum Spicy salad
  12. That would mean posting pics ..of you!! We couldn't do that now could we?
  13. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Mandarin Oriental last night ( The Terrace ) Chao Phraya River 48 Oriental Avenue Bangkok 2 653 9000 A shuttle boat service runs every five minutes from Sathorn Pier (Taksin Bridge)and then a short walk to the BTS This is the Terrace buffet ..a very lovely setting lots of pretty lights ..a great location for that special dinner or just a nice dinner and enjoy the river view.. The buffet is smaller than the famous lunch one ..but it is first class..and the staff are very professional.. Cost Buffet 2350 per person 4700 3 Jw and diet coke 780 1 cocktail 300 with taxes 6890.00 tb
  14. Fantasies are a wonderful thing....
  15. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Yep JW and diet coke..
  16. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Last night .. Millenium Hilton Bangkok 123 Charoen Nakorn Road Klongsan Bangkok Opp side of the river to the Sheraton and Shangri La 02 442 2000 Total for two 4560 (tax included..not tips) Includes two JW at 210tb each My wife's cocktail 400 tb
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